Game Jam (2017)

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The 2017 Game Jam is a Game Jam event that coincided with the February 2017 Double XP Weekend. It featured Jagex Moderators designing and creating their own content, which may or may not end up being implemented into the live game. There were 2 livestreams, at 15:00 UTC on the 18 and 19 February. An official Game Jam Discord server was created for players to discuss content with developers.

Projects[edit | edit source]

Project Name Brief Information JMod/Team Released?
Buff Bar Improvements Improve details on buff icons, and add more organisation features. Mod Shauny Yes
Luck Rework Make Luck Great Again! Mod Timbo Yes
Arc Improvements Added some quality of life improvements to the Arc. Mod Orion
Mod Stu
Aura Bag Gather all auras into bag to allow for easy access, and more bank space. Mod Harrison Yes
Event/News Calendar Allow players to see upcoming activities in an in-game calendar. Mod Erator
Mod Chaplain
Quest Improvements Improve quests in areas that are requested.
To attract players to enjoy the quests.
Mod Stu Yes
Interface Pets Moving over some wanted pets to the Interface Mod Mohawk Yes
Skilling Outfits Obtain TH skilling outfits through in-game activities. Mod Ryan Yes
Lumbridge Crater Fill in the Lumbridge Crater and make the area more appealing. Mod Ramen
Mod Fenix
NXT - Legacy Features Option to turn Ground Decoration Down Mod Nin Yes
Log-in Screen Backgrounds Allow players to select the background image on the log-in screen. Mod Easty Yes
Murder Mystery Quest (Needle Skips) Use a search function to help solve a murder mystery story involving the Needle, 1 of the 12 Elder Artefacts. Mod Osborne
Mod Krista
More Abyssal Slayer creatures 3 New Slayer Creatures - Requiring 95-115 Slayer Mod Shogun Yes
Vorago Quest Explore the story and lore surrounding Vorago! Mod Ramen
Mod Ryan
Mod Ollie
Penguins in Space: The Musical Raids A musical raiding adventure in space with penguins...?
Yes, that's exactly what it is...
Mod Raven
Mod Deg
Games Room Games Allowing players to play Burthorpe Games Room games while skilling. Mod Tomb Cancelled
One Small Favour Sequel A sequel to the classic RuneScape quest, One Small Favour. Mod Lenny
Mod Campfire