2011 Winter event

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The 2011 Winter event was an event where players had to kill the Hati. It was started by talking to Fremennik citizen. It was released on 17 January 2011. The reward for this event was a pair of Hati paws that, when worn, doubled combat experience in attack, strength, defence, range, and magic for ten hours. You would also get a Hati head which is for cosmetic purposes only.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

To start this event, go to the Fremennik citizen and talk to her. She will tell you that Hati is scaring everyone in the Fremennik Province. Hati makes the lands very cold in the winters, and his brother Sköll makes the lands burning hot in the summer. Their goal is to consume the moon and the sun, respectively. They can't be reasoned with, so the citizen asks you to fight with Hati.

Now you can search for and fight Hati. He spawns once roughly every 10 minutes (after being killed) in each world, and at one of three spawn points. They are located to the east of Rellekka, branching from the north to the south. It is not hard to find these spawn points as there will likely be many players waiting at each.

Hati is a level 654, and has an 80% chance of dropping gloves so long as you do damage. Many clans and groups gather all around the three locations to wait for him to spawn. A good tactic is to find a spawn, and wait until Hati spawns there. It is not recommended to run to another spawn when told that he has spawned, as the large amount of players there will probably have already killed him by the time you get there.

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