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Game Jam 2018 took place on the weekend beginning 14 April, with Jagex Moderators being given time on the Thursday to Sunday to develop their ideas. Livestreams were broadcast on 14 and 15 April. Game Jam project related channels were set up in the official Jagex Discord server.[1][2][3][4]

Projects[edit | edit source]

Team Project Ideas
Mod Timbo

Mod Erator

Alchemical onyx jewellery (Released)

New jewellery that is made from alchemical onyxes:

  • Ingenuity of Humans codex - combat ability: the next attack has 100% hit chance, cooldown 90 seconds. [5]
  • Grace of the Elves - skilling amulet: allows use of the Max Garden portal teleports from anywhere; Seren prayers (Light Form, Superheat Form etc) drain rates are halved whilst equipped; has a chance of spawning an item from the rare drop table.
  • Passage of the Abyss - pocket slot: consolidate compacted teleport jewellery; 6 different teleports can be stored; charged using fortunate components.
  • Ingenuity of the Icyene - skilling necklace: has unlimited teleports to the Invention Guild (inside); stores up to 500 charges of signs of the porter on the necklace; disassembly speed increased by 50% whilst wearing the necklace.
Mod Shogun New achievements (Released)
  • Player-owned port related achievements (for the titles, Cabin Boy through Portmaster)
  • All nomad soul capes
  • Visit all resource dungeons
  • "Stand and deliver" - deliver 100 banana pizzas to highwaymen
  • Visit all yak locations members
  • Visit all yak locations F2P
  • Ripper demon pet "Nipper demon"
Mod Shauny Clan improvements (Released)
  • You can now decide which ranks can now kick members from the Clan
  • The number of players in the Clan Chat now appear next to the Clan's name in Clan Chat.
  • You can now set a specific value for Colour on your Clan's Motif.
  • A clan broadcast message has been added (toggle-able) which will tell you when your clan has hit your target goals for your resources, as well as telling you when all clan resource goals have been met
  • The Woodcutting, Mining and Firemaking Skill Plots will now grant more clan resources when skilling on them.
  • To leave a clan, you must now talk to the Scribe in the Clan Camp, or click the Leave Clan button in the Citadel
  • When clicking the Leave Clan button in Clan Chat you will get an option to teleport to the Scribe directly (This can only be done once a day).
  • The active obelisk at the summoning skillplot will now switch every 30 seconds (previously 17 seconds)
  • You can now train at Citadel skillplots with skilling urns in the corresponding skill.
  • The chance to break a root while training at the Citadel woodcutting skillplot has been reduced
  • Your Adventure's Log will now have an entry added for when you reach clan fealty rank 1, 2, or 3
  • The Summoning Obelisk will now recharge your Summoning Points when using it
  • If your Clan successfully recruit a member, it will now broadcast to your clan (If toggled on via Clan Admin Broadcast Settings) which member recruited them
  • When skilling with clan members at the same time in the Citadel, the resource gain has been slightly increased, the more members you gather resources with the better the gain!
  • Players on your friends list in the Clan Chat will have a green colour applied to their name
  • The weekly member requirement to upgrade a Citadel has been decreased
  • The Citadel Build Tick now broadcasts to your clan to let them know when it's about to execute it's build orders
  • Add an indication stating that a Clan Ban List is full.
  • Add "Discord," "TeamSpeak," and "Skype" as possible Clan Keywords, so people viewing a vexillum can know if a clan uses any of these.
  • Add a separate, clearer option to mark a member as inactive in the clan list. Currently the only way is to change the member's job to inactive, but this removes the avatar warden function. This could be inconvenient if they decide to return.
  • You can now mute clan members (this is broadcasted when you do so)
  • When you recruit a clan member the name of the recruiter is added to the join message (easier to track who recruits who)
  • Clan Chat now shows total number of players in the chat
  • Clan Chat now shows the total number of members in your clan on hover over of your clan name
  • Clan Guest chat now shows total number of players in the chat
  • Ban List now shows number of players banned
  • Summoning energy restored when using Obelisks in Citadel
Improvements to boss practice modes
  • Changes to practice mode for Telos, the Warden and similar bosses
    • Allow setting the level of enrage to attempt the practice run
    • Allow skipping of phases during the practice run
Mod Doctor Steel key ring added to toolbelt (Released)
  • Enchanted key removed from key ring
  • Adding any "high use" keys to the ring.
Mod Osborne

Mod Raven

New quest designs
  • Needle Skips quest (from Game Jam 2017) (Released)
  • Design for a Desert Treasure successor in which you work with Asgarnia Jones to piece together pieces of historical puzzle and try and uncover the buried secret from the second age.
  • Design for Hunter skillcape quest where you can become a hunter skillcape tutor after hunting raharni wildcats, awarding no quest points (not required for Quest Cape).
  • Vorago origin quest (from Game Jam 2017)
  • Mod Osborne has written dialogue for the Nipper Demon pet.
Mod Tomb Cooking guild rework
  • Guild progression with unlocks at level 30, 70, 85 and 99
  • Miniquests
  • Long-term cooking
  • Cooking contracts that reward temporary cooking XP rate bonuses
  • Batch dough cooking as a "Broad arrows equivalent"
  • Doughballs used a currency within the guild.
Mod Pi

Mod Harrison

Combat improvements
Mod Mark Social Updates
  • Friends chat improvements - Ability to have a min level requirement on chat channels, can see more than just the last name a player played as, add a right click option to reply to a broadcast, options to extend duration of kick for certain ranks, Rank of typer displayed when typing in chat channels, Make the clan chat name list display alphabetically in the lobby.
  • Conga line costume event - Pay an entry fee and follow an NPC, the NPC and conga line will move to various locations and during the journey will stop at banks and the NPC will call a theme players go to their bank and get out the costume pieces they feel fit the themes.
  • Petcetera – a fun, social activity - Players love them pets, but what could be cooler than turning into one and eating other pets in a winner takes all safe battle? Rewards to include Summoning XP and new pets.
  • Hunting game - Players purchase and release special spirit animals anywhere in the gameworld, which are then captured again by other players for hunting rewards. Hunter XP is rewarded based on level and the capturing player will now have the spirit creature in their inventory.
Mod Mohawk Quality of life updates (Released)
  • Auto-redeem dungeoneering tokens when elf city pickpocketing.
  • Improving legendary pet scavenge to prioritise higher value items.
  • Cycling pets/pet overrides.
  • Legendary pet life saver offline cooldown.
  • Filter friend chat spam when hopping worlds.
  • Auto destroy weeds.
  • Tidy up preset withdraw spam when you don't have the item in multiple slots.
  • Add right click on combat training camp gate which bypasses dialogue.
  • Add "Convert X" on clue scroll downgrading.
  • Swap attuned crystal teleport seed left click action to teleport.
Mod Krista Skill guide rework
  • Adding information to the skill guide, such as where to find items and what they will give you similar to the standard of the divination skill guide.
Mod Kelpie Garden of Tranquillity sequel
  • The player takes on a building contract from the King to rebuild some parts of dilapidated Varrock.
  • This Quest would only be made if Varrock was graphically reworked.
  • The player would use some of their own resources and gather some special ones from around the world, similar to GoT, to build the structures.
  • The player will use their Construction skill to fix up Varrock inspired by a Reddit post
  • Once complete the King Roald shows the Queen around the new areas and she hates them, a reverse of the end of GoT. However some of what the player builds is of use to them and that is the main reward.
  • Act 1: Win the Construction Contract, maybe have to put a building crew together? i personally always love having to put a team together.
  • Act 2: Gather resources and Build it
  • Act 3: Opening ceremony in which King shows Queen around. She hates it, but whatever, you get your reward
Mod Ryan Construction Contracts (Released)
  • Contracts to build furniture and perform other activities in a POH
  • Allows players to start a contract by talking to an estate agent
  • The edges of a POH may be refined for both player housing and contract housing[7]
Mod Iago

Mod Edge

Skilling dungeons
  • Rare chance to get item to access a skilling dungeon while training non-combat skills.
  • Limited time to collect resources at increased success rate
  • May be able to invite other players
Mod Stu New player experience (Released)
Mod Deg Mod Deg trading sequence
  • Add an end to the trading sequence: a dollhouse that can be filled with 5 dolls.
  • Add method to skip the Telos kill requirement in the sequence.

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