Falador Massacre (10th anniversary event)

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Falador Massacre (10th anniversary event) was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

The 10th anniversary of the Falador Massacre was an event that began on 6 June 2016, 10 years after the original Falador Massacre. Shortly after that day's system update, news events were displayed that stated: Cursed You is having a 99 construction house party in Rimmington on world 111. He will level in 30 minutes. The message was repeated for values of 20, 10 and 2 minutes.

Event[edit | edit source]

There was a faux house party as the message promised hosted by Cursed You after which the participating players were teleported to Falador.

The event had two stages that rotated in a cycle for a limited time after a Jagex Moderator activated it.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

Players in the massacre area were possessed randomly by the ghost of Durial321 and gained the ability to attack other players using either abyssal whip, ancient staff or dragon dagger. The message News: Player is in Falador on a Massacre! was displayed to the world. Victims could not fight back, but did not lose anything upon death. The possession switched players periodically or if the player didn't attack others for a while and ended when Durial321 spawned.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

After enough players were possessed, a giant "boss" version of Durial321 would appear, with a combat level of 321 and one million life points. The message Durial321 has returned to Falador! was displayed when this happened. Player-killing was enabled in Falador for everyone while Durial321 was alive. Deaths in this phase of the event were safe, whether caused by other players or Durial321.

After Durial was killed, a green partyhat sometimes appeared nearby, but it could not be picked up, and attempting to do so resulted in humorous messages:

  • As you touch the partyhat you think to your self...red would suit me better.
  • If you jig three times, go north, go south, tell the player to the left of you that you love them and click on the partyhat again you might be able to pick it up.
  • Keep trying, maybe, just maybe, eventually...it might work.
  • Nope!
  • Not only did he commit a massacre, he littered aswell!
  • Picking up fake partyhats is XP waste.
  • The partyhat slips from your hands, better try again!
  • You firmly grasp the partyhat before falling over and dropping it.
  • You know what, I just don't believe you want this enough...come back when you really want it!
  • You wish!

After Durial321's death, one random player in the area was possessed by his ghost and the event reverted back to stage 1.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

A player spoof being killed by the ghost of Durial321
  • There are two possible random events that can activate when going through the north gate in Falador: a ghost of Durial321 can be seen killing a person wearing steel armour or the text "Woooo wooo wooooo woooo" can appear in the chatbox. Wearing a Ghostspeak amulet or Cramulet, or having the ability to speak with ghosts without those items will make the text say "Bank all your items!!"
  • World 111 was made available at the start of the event with "Falador Massacre Event" activity theme.
  • A Memorial Plaque can be found in Falador park after the event.