2005 April Fools

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A player using a spinning plate.

The 2005 April Fools' Day event/joke was the second joke released on the 4 April 2005. In response to suggestions and calls from players for a "dragon platebody", Jagex stocked dragon plates at Diango's stall for 100 coins each. But rather than a platebody, they were instead spinning plates. Most players were expecting the joke due to its similarity to the previous year.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When the plates were released, if the player dropped them (which randomly happened, but frequency decreased on practice) they would break turning into broken plates. Therefore the player needed to buy another plate. In response to numerous complaints, Jagex made the plates unbreakable after 3 days of release. The broken plates players had kept were not destroyed or transformed though, turning them into a fairly rare item.
  • This is the only April Fools joke/event that wasn't released on 1 April. Instead it was released on 4 April, which overshot the real event by 3 days