2009 April Fools

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A player in a cabbage field.

The 2009 April Fools event was released on 1 April 2009. If a player tried to pick a cabbage from the Falador cabbage patch, the cabbage would come to life, say a random phrase (such as "All hail Brassica Prime!") and hop around, or the player would pick a cabbage seed. The players could tap, kick, or catch cabbages. Once they were caught, they could be used as a weapon, thrown to other players, or be eaten. Players needed to have Accept Aid on and both hands free to toss a cabbage. However, all cabbages, with the exception of Draynor Manor cabbages, could be wielded. The "wield" option for cabbages was apparently removed when the Easter event began.


There was talk of a hidden message. Mid-afternoon, a Jagex Mod confirmed it was this: Those who were bored enough to kick one of the bouncing cabbages from the cabbage patch north-west of Draynor Village all the way to Oo'glog were thanked and rewarded with a cabbage by the one and only Brassica Prime!

Another joke appeared on the official forums when Mod Emilee said the seagull was added to the Hunter skill and that you could catch it with a butterfly net.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When trying to enter the Soul Wars lobby with a cabbage equipped, a message appeared saying "Cabbages are not trusted in this arena".
  • When this event was released, all cabbages received a graphical update.
  • You could enter Fist of Guthix with a cabbage, presumably due to Brassica Prime being affiliated with Guthix, and the fact that cabbages are Guthix's favoured vegetables.
  • Since 8 April 2009, all April Fools cabbages have been removed and those in players' inventories/banks became normal cabbages.
  • Brassica Prime is a reference to the 2007 April Fools joke when he was mentioned and was an enemy for the fake update.