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Golden mattock can no longer be obtained in RuneScape after an update but still exists in-game for those who had done so.
This article is about for the item. For the override, see Golden Mattock (override).
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The golden mattock is an item reward for either watching the RuneFest 2019 streams on Twitch or redeeming a code given to attendees.

Right-clicking it has a teleport option which teleports the player to the RuneFest Treasure Island.

It can be excavated with for a Mining animation and in most locations a message "You can't find anything here. But you have a feeling something is out there..." Excavating at each of the following locations produces a medium smouldering lamp:


Obtaining a lamp produces the message: You have found a smouldering lamp! You have a feeling there are other locations you should excavate... for the first five lamps, and the sixth unlocks the Golden Mattock override with the following message: You have uncovered all of the clues! You have unlocked the Golden Mattock weapon override.

While ironmen can obtain the override, they will not get the lamp rewards.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The golden mattock was named "dummy pickaxe" and the "excavate" option used to be called "swing" prior to a hidden update on 7 October 2019.
  • At the time when the golden mattock was released, the locations at which the lamps were found were future locations of dig sites for the Archaeology skill.