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Drinking horn (livestream) detail.png

Drinking horn is an item received by redeeming a code received from attending Runefest 2018. A variant of it was also obtainable in game by talking to Diango or Ianto starting from 6 October 2018.

When wielded, the player occasionally drinks out of it and burps.

The RuneFest attendance variant of drinking horn has an option to teleport to the RuneFest Treasure Island, and it has a unique teleport animation where the player blows the horn then is carried away by the RuneFest dragonling.

At approximately 13:16:13 game time on 6 October 2018, a system message was broadcast to all players: "Enjoying RuneFest? Talk to Diango or Ianto now to get yourself an exclusive item and join in with the festivities!". Selecting "retrieve" or "talk to" on Diango or Ianto provided the player with the horn, and gave them a tooltip and chatbox message: "You have received the RuneFest livestream Drinking Horn. It has been placed in your backpack. If destroyed it can be reclaimed from Diango."

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  • It is inspired by the drinking horn that Mod Mark traditionally brings with him to RuneFest.