Cryptic Clue Fest II

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The original forum post

The Cryptic Clue Fest II was a puzzle-solving event held in a similar nature to the original Cryptic Clue Fest. It was released on 20 August 2010 and closed on 3 September 2010. Clues were revealed on the Cryptic Clue Fest II thread on the RuneScape Official Forums and image hints were revealed on the RuneScape Facebook Page.

  • An NPC clue points to the NPC players need to talk to.
    • These are revealed by the NPCs that take part in the event.
  • An item clue reveals the items needed to bring to the NPC.
    • These clues are released on the official RuneScape Forums by Jagex Moderators.
    • Noted items can not be used.
    • Exact number of items has to be in the inventory. Any more or less will not work.
    • Players may also have other items in their inventory alongside with the required ones.
    • The NPC does not take the items, only look at them.

Players could proceed one stage of the event once a day, as soon as the new clues were released. They could choose to do all the clues on the final day. Players wishing to complete this task, however, must had to visit each of the NPCs in this mini-quest in the order that the clues were given. Attempting to skip ahead and talk to the NPCs out of order would simply give the player the normal dialogue, as if there were no event.

Quick guide[edit | edit source]

For those players interested in a compiled list of items and locations to complete this event without having to solve the riddles, this list is provided below:

Click for items you need and NPCs you need to talk to
Talk to Items needed
Clue 1 Roddeck, Lumbridge 3 pikes (cooked), 2 buckets, 10 feathers
Clue 2 Lowe, Lowe's Archery Emporium, Varrock 2 gold amulets (strung), 5 leather boots, 8 balls of wool
Clue 3 Megan, Party Room, Falador 6 fire runes, 3 bones
Clue 4 Hairdresser, Falador 3 planks, 4 earth runes, 7 iron daggers
Clue 5 Ranael, Ranael's Super Skirt Store, Al Kharid 2 uncut rubies, 6 bronze maces, 4 fire runes
Clue 6 Duke Horacio, Lumbridge Castle, Lumbridge 2 pikes (cooked), 6 earth runes, 1 bronze mace

Clue 1: 20 August[edit | edit source]

Clue 1: 20 August

Forum clue[edit | edit source]

The forum post containing the first clue

The sun had begun to dip slowly beneath the horizon, bringing another quiet day in Lumbridge to a close.

I was making some final adjustments to a log I was writing when I heard the sound of somebody knocking on the oak, front door of my humble home.

Cautiously, I approached and opened it slightly to peek outside. To my surprise however whoever had knocked had vanished, leaving only a single, large, envelope sticking out of a crack in my door.

The envelope’s large, red; wax seal was emblazoned with a strange symbol. I carefully plucked it free and headed back inside to open it.

Within the envelope, I found a piece of folded parchment and a hastily written note. Placing the folded paper aside, I began to read the note;

I was told that if I ever felt I was in danger, you were the one person I could trust.

Something of great value is threatened by greed and those of ill will; I assure you this is no joke, but a very serious cry for aid.

I have included a clue that you must solve. This clue will reveal my identity and a selection of items you should carry with you so I know you have solved my challenge. I must be certain of your skill and your identity, you see.

I will explain everything when we can speak safely in person.

Trust no-one!

I knew that whatever I was being dragged into was trouble, but curiosity pulled at my hands, urging them towards the so-called ’clue’ and I found myself unfolding it...

I had expected some sort of anagram, a riddle or code to break. I found myself a little shocked by what I discovered...

my shopping list

Remember tO Deliver Documents on thE way to the ClerK.
RING mould
3 PIeces of caKE
2 ruBber tUbes
Concentrated KhalphitE spiTS
10 FingErs from A newT
HERbal teaS

Mod Mark H, RuneScape Forums

The bizarre shopping list was written in the same script as the note, but the grammar was incredibly poor. This didn’t seem like any clue or puzzle I had come across in my life, but there had to be something more to it.

The person who had written this clue and the letter were the same person, I was sure. So why was this one written so strangely when the other had been written normally?

An idea struck me and I took my notebook out and I began to write down all the things that stood out in the list and soon an answer began to emerge.

Twitter hint[edit | edit source]

Look at what's obviously out of place and see what happens when you add them together!

Image hint[edit | edit source]

The image hint for the first clue

Solution[edit | edit source]

The mysterious book after completion of the first clue

This can easily be solved by only reading the capital letters and the numbers, leaving:


All the items can be easily obtained in Lumbridge. It costs 78 coins to buy two buckets from the General store and 3 fishing bait, a fishing rod (not fly) and 10 feathers from Hank's Fishing Shop. Pikes can be fished from the fishing spots near the canoe station with 25 Fishing and cooked at 25 Cooking. More bait might be needed if you are below 64 Cooking in case you burn any of the pikes.
Alternatively, you could just buy all the items on the Grand Exchange.
  • Result: After showing the required items to Roddeck, he gives the player an incomplete Mysterious book.png Mysterious book, along with the hint that the next person to talk to is a trader in Varrock, wearing an eyepatch and selling bows and arrows.
  • Note: You 'must' have the correct number of items in your inventory to receive the book. If you have 4 pike instead of 3 it won't work.

Clue 2: 21 August[edit | edit source]

Forum clue[edit | edit source]

...As I approached Varrock the sun was just beginning to set in the west.

The city was a strange place for me, half a run-down slum and the other half a rich, wealthy place of commerce. As I moved down the main street leading to the centre I noticed the homeless hunched in side streets whilst nobles tried to ignore them as they walked past.

The previous contact had informed me of a secret group protecting an ancient treasure horde, they used clues and puzzles to hide the location of such a treasure from another organisation who sought to steal it. I wasn’t sure why I was getting wrapped up in this mess but they needed my help.

I had been sent to meet with another member of this secret society. I found myself outside his shop and whilst other merchants were beginning to pack up their wares I found the store before me empty.

Off to the side I noticed a side room, the door slightly ajar... and a small pool of red liquid leaking out from underneath.

I pressed myself against the wall and opened the side room door slightly, peaking in. Inside, near a large table, a man was laying face down with his outstretched hand clutching a strange statue, the other clutching a crossbow, the pool of red from the door leading underneath the man’s chest. The room had been thrown into disarray, with chests and drawers all flung open; somebody had obviously been searching for something.

I bent down, grimacing as I pulled the statue from the man’s hand. It was cheap stone, a rather ugly and crude figure of a hooded figure clutching a book. On the underside some ancient writing was marked, it read “The secret lies within”. I felt the statue again and had an idea...

With a swift and strong motion I threw the statue against the hard flooring and the statue shattered as expected. Amongst the broken stone fragments I spotted two scraps of parchment, tightly folded.

Scrap 1

..also features more displays on our rich history. Resident art critic Jacques is particularly proud of our rare painting of King Lathas of Ardougne! So whether it is part of an educational visit, a daytrip around the City of Varrock, or to make substantial donations, please don’t hesitate to visit us!

The first parchment seems to have been torn out of some form of advertisement for something.

Scrap 2

Copper ore.png Empty pot.png Leather boots.png
Rope.png Iron mace.png Cowhide.png
Thread.png Needle.png
Gold amulet.png Steel full helm.png Ball of wool.png

Skyward hall of forgotten ages,
11 treasures stand in barless cages.
Find included some calculus expounded,
Compare conclusions with tables founded.

Two of Treasure 1: X + (6x6) = 48
Five of Treasure 2: Y + (65/5) = 60
Eight of Treasure 3: 3Z + 51 = 150

The second parchment was another grid, this time full of common items found throughout RuneScape. Below it was an odd riddle that seemed to explain what I would need to do, and a series of math equations. Perhaps the missing number in the equation was the key to the grid.

The grid with the items seemed familiar, like the layout of something I had seen somewhere, perhaps a layout of somewhere in the museum?

Note: Due to a slight oversight, non-members cannot access the location to solve this clue. However, Mod Mark H has posted a numbered layout to help solve this clue on the forum.

48 9 47
3 10 18
35 26
12 14 33

Twitter hint[edit | edit source]

Try re-writing some of the math problems! X + (6x6) = 48 can be rewritten as 48 - (6x6) = X

Image hint[edit | edit source]

The image hint for the second clue

Solution[edit | edit source]

The mysterious book after completion of the second clue.
The table of items represents 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] of museum in Varrock. Each of the displays has a number assigned to it.
In the first equation X = 12
  • Case 12 is in the same position as the gold amulet.
In the second equation Y = 47
  • Case 47 is in the same position as the leather boots.
In the third equation Z = 33
  • Case 33 is in the same position as the ball of wool.
The leather boots can be bought from Lowe or Thessalia's Fine Clothes in Varrock Square, both have a stock of 10. You can also gain leather boots whilst you are in Lumbridge after doing the first clue. There is a spawn point of leather boots in the cellar of the Lumbridge Cook's kitchen.
If you are F2P and want to make the amulets, buy 10 balls of wool on the Grand Exchange, 8 for the event and 2 for the amulets, grab a pickaxe, a brown apron (you can buy it from Thessalia) and head for the Crafting Guild. There is an amulet mould spawn on the table to the right when you enter and you can also mine the gold ore here. Smelt the bars at any furnace, make the amulets and string them. Now teleport back to Varrock and talk to Lowe to finish this part.
  • Result: Lowe adds more pages to the Mysterious book and hints that the next person to talk to is a dark haired young woman in a red partyhat, who kept going on about some guy with an afro.

Clue 3: 22 August[edit | edit source]

Forum clue[edit | edit source]

...The Museum felt like a different place at night, the suits of armour stood like silent guardians warding against trespassers like myself and the full moon outside cast long shadows from the various display cases creating a labyrinth of shadows.

The clues in the statuette my contact as fiercely protected had led me here, and soon I had found what I was looking for; two tiles hidden in different places.

As I moved to a window to get some proper light, I heard footsteps from the nearby stairs. I leaped behind a display case to hide, peeking out slightly to see who was there. A figure in a dark cloak and hood appeared, I could see that they had a wicked looking dagger in their hand and they were scanning the room looking for, not something, someone.

The figure moved closer and closer, I knew if I moved they would hear me and weaponless I wouldn’t make it to the exit, I was trapped. Then I heard another set of footsteps enter the room.

A flash of green light, a cry of shock and somebody falling down echoed in the room, leaping from my hiding place for the door I saw the hooded figure snared on the floor, a young girl with a handful of runes and a red hat stood by the door.

“Come on!” she shouted at me “We’ve got to get out of here before that spell wears off!”

We ran, bursting through the back door of the museum and making our way through the alleyways of Varrock till we reached a half-built house.

“We should be safe here for a moment, you need to figure out the next puzzle quickly!” the girl told me in gasped breaths.

I pulled the tiles out from my pouch and examined them;

Each tile featured a separate logic puzzle.

Tile 1:

Sir Tiffy, Sir Amik, Sir Renittee, Sir Vant and Sir Gerry have each borrowed money from one of the others, and each has lent money to one of the others as well.

You know that none of them has lent money to more than one person and none of them has borrowed money from someone they have lent money to. You also know that:
  1. Sir Tiffy borrowed money from Sir Amik
  2. Sir Gerry did not lend money to Sir Amik
  3. Sir Renitee lent money to Sir Vant
  4. Sir Tiffy did not lend money to Sir Renitee

Who lent money to Sir Amik?

When you know the answer, consult below for the item you need.

Sir Tiffy = 4 Pots
Sir Gerry = 1 Body Rune
Sir Vant = 3 Bones
Sir Renitee = 2 Ropes
Tile 2:

General Wartface, General Bentnose, Mudknuckles and Grubfoot have all been playing Gnomeball near the monastery. The ball smashed one of the precious stained-glass windows and a furious Monk demanded the goblins tell him which one had done it.

Wartface: “Not me! Me didn’t break anything!. It was Grubfoot!”
Bentnose: “It was me, me broke it! Stupid human!”
Mudknuckles: “Don’t be mad at Wartface, he no break nothing!”
Grubfoot: “Bentnose no break window! He is liar!!”

You know for a fact that the one who broke the window is lying, but any number of the others *could* be lying.

Whoever broke the window holds the answer you need.

General Wartface = 6 Fire Runes
General Bentnose = 3 Unstrung Holy Symbols
Mudknuckles = 5 Ashes
Grubfoot = 2 Shrimp

Twitter hint[edit | edit source]

For Tile 1 try drawing a diagram of the knights, for Tile 2 start with who *must* be lying and work back

Image hint[edit | edit source]

The image hint for the third clue.

Solution[edit | edit source]

Tile 1

Below is a table of who borrowed and lent money from whom.

The mysterious book after completion of the third clue.
Person Borrowed from Lent to
Sir Tiffy Sir Amik Sir Gerry
Sir Renitee Sir Gerry Sir Vant
Sir Gerry Sir Tiffy Sir Renitee
Sir Vant Sir Renitee Sir Amik
Sir Amik Sir Vant Sir Tiffy

To figure out the problem, the first thing to do is to assess what is given. Then, assess the problem: Who lent to Sir Amik? There are four possible choices: Tiffy, Renitee, Vant, and Gerry. From what is given, we know that Sir Gerry did not lend to Sir Amik, so we can cross out his name from the list. Also, since we know that everyone only lent to one person, we can rule out the possibility of Sir Renitee because he has already lent money to Sir Vant. In addition, we know that no one lent to the same person from whom he borrowed, so Sir Tiffy cannot be the lender because he has borrowed money from Sir Amik already. The only remaining name is Sir Vant.

Tile 2

We know that the culprit must be lying. So, to find out who broke the window, we need to find who must be lying because any of the others could be lying as well, but they do not necessarily have to be.

  • If Wartface speaks the truth, then he is saying that he did not break the window and it was Grubfoot. This could be true, but it would mean that Grubfoot must be lying (see the last point).
  • If Wartface is lying, then he is hiding that he did break the window and it was not Grubfoot. This statement can be true.
  • If Bentnose speaks the truth, then it was he who broke the window. However, this cannot be possible because the culprit must be lying.
  • If Bentnose is lying, then he is hiding that he did not break the window; however, he cannot be the culprit because the culprit would hide that he broke the window. Therefore, Bentnose is innocent, but he is lying.
  • If Mudknuckles speaks the truth, then he is saying Wartface is not the culprit. Mudknuckles could be speaking the truth.
  • If Mudknuckles is lying, then he is saying Wartface broke the window. So, Mudknuckles also might be lying (remember, innocents can lie as well).
  • If Grubfoot speaks the truth, then Bentnose did not break the window, but we have already deduced that he did not, so Grubfoot speaks the truth.
  • If Grubfoot is lying, then Bentnose broke the window. However, we know Bentnose did not. From the first statement, if Grubfoot must be lying, then Grubfoot must be the culprit, and he could not be saying that Bentnose did it.

Therefore, the first statement must be false, and Wartface must be the culprit. Bentnose and Mudknuckles are lying but innocent, and Grubfoot is telling the truth.

  • It is possible to complete the third day's clue while carrying other items from the wrong solution. For example, you could carry 5 ashes and 6 fire runes at the same time while talking to Megan. So it is possible to complete the clue by carrying the correct amount of all the items listed in the clue without solving it.

Clue 4: 23 August[edit | edit source]

Forum clue[edit | edit source]

...After solving the clues on the tiles I knew I would need to do some research in the city of Falador and Megan told me that she had hidden another clue in Falador castle.

I had discovered that Megan was the granddaughter of one of the secret society members and the task of protecting “the great secret” had fallen to her. She seemed trustworthy and I needed the help.

She led me to the majestic Falador castle and to the top of one of the towers. There a statue of a knight looked out over the city.

“Here, help me with this” Megan asked, a cheeky smile spread across her face.

She began pulling at a stone engraving on the base of the statue, as I helped we pulled it away to reveal a thin sheet of bronze hidden beneath the engraving.

However, as I started to investigate the relief, the trapdoor leading to the tower flung open and emerging from it was a rather mild-mannered man in a hideously coloured shirt.

“The secret will be ours” he hissed, pulling out the wicked looking dagger from a hidden sheath. He was the same man who had tried to kill us in Varrock, somehow he had found us.

We were trapped again, with nowhere to run. As the killer advanced on us, I glanced over the edge of the tower and thought of a daring escape plan.

“Do you trust me?” I bellowed at Megan, her faint nod was enough to encourage my actions.

Grabbing her arm I jumped off the side of the tower, the rush of air from falling was shocking, but nowhere near as shocking as the cold water of the moat surrounding the castle. I pulled Megan with me, desperately swimming to reach the side and clambered out.

When we finally reached safety, I examined the bronze sheet we had discovered;

The secret writ, the tomes protected.

In Wise Man’s library they sit undetected.
Each line, word, and letter in ciphers pen,
The mystery’s end you can apprehend.

The first is found in Fowlest text,
1,3,1/ 1,3,2/ 1,2,2/ 1,2,3/ 1,2,3/ 8,3,6/ 2,2,3/ 1,1,2/ 2,3,7/ 5,4,4/ 1,4,7 /

The second in Folklore’s Myth is next,
6,2,3/ 3,1,2/ 1,1,6/ 1,3,5/ 6,1,3/ 4,5,1/ 4,1,4/ 5,2,1/ 3,5,4/ 1,3,5 / 1,1,6 / 4,5,2 / 7,2,4 /

The final sought in opus strange, perception is key for answers exchange
1,2,5/ 3,1,9/ 9,4,7/ 9,1,3/ 4,4,3/ 4,1,1/ 6,1,3/ 1,4,2/ 2,1,1/ 7,2,5/ 8,2,1/ 4,4,1/ 3,1,8/ 8,4,2/ 10,2,7/ 6,2,1 /

Twitter hint[edit | edit source]

Try reading the riddle carefully, everything you need to know is there!

Image hint[edit | edit source]

The image hint for the fourth clue.

Solution[edit | edit source]

The mysterious book after completion of the fourth clue.
The player must use the code to find the line, word, and letter on the first page of each book mentioned. Listing the letters in order gives the solution. All three books can be found on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] of the Wise Old Man's house.

The secret writ, the tomes protected.
In Wise Man’s library they sit undetected.
Each line, word, and letter in ciphers pen,
The mystery’s end you can apprehend.

The first is found in Fowlest text (Book on chickens):

t / h / r / e / e / p / l / a / n / k / s /

The second in Folklore’s Myth is next (Book on folklore):

f / o / u / r / e / a / r / t / h / r / u / n / e / s /

The final sought in opus strange, perception is key for answers exchange (Strange book, Perception and Reality section):

s / e / v / e / n / i / r / o / n / d / a / g / g / e / r / s /

Clue 5: 24 August[edit | edit source]

Forum clue[edit | edit source]

...The sun warmed my exposed skin as we made our way into Al-Kharid.

We had been traveling[sic] for a few days, pondering over the numerous clues and puzzles that had led us to this point. Megan and I were close to unlocking what this whole affair was about and we had escaped the man who had chased us through Falador and Varrock.

Megan told me we had to meet a contact here, somebody her grandfather had known. She pushed aside the curtain door of a nearby building and entered. Inside, a woman sat holding an ornate box.

“You have arrived at last” she said warmly.

“For too long, a group of us have protected an ancient treasure... a treasure so huge it would change the power structure throughout all of Gielinor. Its location has been kept a secret but now that secret is threatened by the people chasing you” as she spoke she handed the ornate box to me.

“You were chosen for your skills in unraveling these cryptic messages and puzzles. We need you to figure out the location of this ancient treasure, destroy the clues you have found and write new ones. We cannot allow this group to get a hold of any the clues leading to the treasure. You have proven yourself as a trustworthy and reliable person in your adventures and only you can be trusted with this.” When she finished she nodded towards the box, hinting for me to open it.

I opened it and inside I found an ancient looking tablet...

In magic’s square all paths connected, numbers 1 to 49 must be respected.

Crossed lines are the key, their total you must see.

What is hidden must be detected.

Magic Squares

In this final hour I shall speak to you plainly.

When Magician’s Square and Scientist’s Mysteries are brought together, an answer you shall find in treasured grid below.When all keys are found seek me out and your journey shall be at an end.

CCF2 Chapter Five.png

Key 1 = M – (N+P)
Where M is the number of Gems on display in the Falador Gem store
Where N is the number of *living* Trees in the grounds of Varrock Palace (not including ones planted by players or from Quests)
Where P is the number of blue plants in the Monastery
Bring two of these

Key 2 = Q - S
Where Q is the number of statues and suits of armour within the Varrock Palace grounds (Not including any from Quests)
Where S is the number of broken statues at the front of Falador Castle.
(Those who have Completed Whilst Guthix Sleeps may need to remember what was there before... Or ask a friend who hasn't done the quest)
Bring six of these

Key 3 = X – (Z + Y)
Where X is the number of candles in Count Draynor’s Tomb
Where Z is the number of cabbages in the Falador cabbage field
Where Y is the number of weapons on display in Varrock’s Sword Shop.
Bring four of these

Image hint[edit | edit source]

The image hint for the fifth clue.

Twitter hint[edit | edit source]

Try using an Orb of Oculus to count the objects!

Solution[edit | edit source]

22 47 16 41 10 35 4
5 23 48 17 42 11 29
30 6 24 49 18 36 12
13 31 7 25 43 19 37
38 14 32 1 26 44 20
21 39 8 33 2 27 45
46 15 40 9 34 3 28

M=46 N=20 P=18 Q=45 S=5 X=160 Z=83 Y=41

Correct Key 1=8
Correct Key 2=40
Correct Key 3=36
M: 6 gems are shown on the table near the door (the left has 2), 7 are in a case hung on the wall, 8 are in the cabinet (the bottom right has 2), 16 gems are on the counter box, 6 are in separate boxes on the table and 3 are just lying on the table.
N: 19 trees are around the castle, and there is one in the central courtyard. Mod MMH has confirmed that only the living trees count, so the dying tree is excluded.
P: 18 (there are 8 left and 10 right)
Q: 4 statues(3 outside, the 2 at the fountain don't count) and 26 suits of armour are on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US], 9 suits are on 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US], and 6 suits are on the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US]
S: 3 broken statues on right side and 2 on left side
X: 119 candles are on the floor and 41 candles are not on the floor (candlesticks and wall candles).
Z: The cabbage is planted in a 7x12 rectangle, but one cabbage from one corner is missing.
Y: There are 33 weapons on display downstairs and another 6 weapons upstairs. 2 swords behind shields are mounted on the wall, and Mod MMH has confirmed that posters do not count while swords behind shields do.
22 47 A 41 B 35 4
5 23 C 17 D 11 29
E F 24 49 18 G H
13 31 7 25 43 19 37
I J 32 1 26 K L
21 39 M 33 N 27 45
46 15 O 9 P 3 28

All the rows and columns must add to 175. The missing numbers are 2,6,8,10,12,14,16,20,30,34,36,38,40,42,44,48

C+D must equal 90 to make 175 in their row, and the only make 90 with 2 of the remaining numbers adding 42 and 48 so C and D are 42 and 48. Similarly, M and N must add to 10, so must be 2 and 8. G and K must add to 80, which can be made by using 38 and 42, or 36 and 44, but one of C and D is 42, so G and K must be 36 and 44. H+L=32, which can be made by using 2 and 30, or 12 and 20, but one of C and D is 2, so H and L must be 12 and 20. E+I=68, which can be made by using 30 and 38, or 20 and 38, but one of H and L is 20, so E and I must be 30 and 38. O+P=74, which can be made by using 30 and 44, or 34 and 40, but one of E and I is 30, so O and P must be 34 and 40. A+B=26, which can be made by using 10 and 16, or 6 and 20, but one of H and L is 20, so A and B must be 10 and 16. F+J=20, which can be made by using 12 and 8, or 14 and 6, but one of H and L is 12, so F and J must be 14 and 6.

For E+F+G+H to equal 84, they have to take their lowest values, so E=30, F=6, G=36 and H=12. To finish their columns, I=38, J=14, K=44 and L=20 Similarly, for B+D+N+P to equal 88, B,D,N and P must take their lowest values, so B=10, D=42, N=2 and P=34. Finishing off the rows (and the puzzles): A=16 C=48 M=8 and O=40

A simpler pattern in the square is that the number in the box down and to the right diagonally from any other box is 7 more than the number in the original box. Most of the numbers also decrease in series down the left diagonal

The mysterious book after completion of the fifth clue.

Clue 6: 25 August[edit | edit source]

In-game clue[edit | edit source]

When you have completed the fifth clue, Ranael tells you to visit the author and bring:
  • two of the first item from the first clue
  • six of the second item from the fourth clue
  • one of the second item from the fifth clue

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Investigator's outfit equipped (male).png
Investigator's outfit equipped (female).png

The rewards are:

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • patch 9 November 2010 (Update):
    • The mysterious book from Cryptic Clue Fest 2 now tells players where they can reclaim it correctly upon destruction.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At the end of this miniquest, Duke Horacio makes references to several well-known books including
  • On most days, the forum post (chapter) has a title referencing various crime fiction novels. The name of the first chapter was "Lumbridge Confidential", referencing the novel "L.A. Confidential" by James Ellroy, the second chapter, "Broken Arrow" references the film of the same name which was also published in book form. The third chapter, "The Girl who played with fire runes" is an adaptation on the name of the novel by Stieg Larsson, "The Girl Who Played with Fire". The fourth chapter, "Between a Rock Crab and a hard place" is a reference to the phrase and possibly movie "Between a rock and a hard place". Several non-crime novels exist with that name. Chapter 5, "The Promethium Deception" is a play on "The Prometheus Deception" by Robert Ludlum. The final chapter refers to Dan Brown's "Angels and demons."
  • The fourth clue sounds like the rhyme that had to be deciphered in the film National Treasure with Nicholas Cage which went: "The legend writ, the stain affected, the key in Silence undetected, fifty-five in iron pen, Mr. Matlack can't offend."
  • The speeches of Megan, Ranael and Duke Horacio have several grammatical mistakes and appear to be missing several apostrophes.