2021 Christmas event

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The 2021 Christmas event is the Christmas event for 2021.

When logging in during 25 December 2021, players were greeted with the following message:

Merry Wintumber from the RuneScape team!

Presents from the Sledge[edit | edit source]

Presents from the Sledge was added to the Christmas event on 13 December 2021. Postie Pete and Parcel Pete have accidentally wrapped normal parcels in wrapping paper and need help with getting wrapping paper for the presents. They can be found at the north-eastern section of the Grand Exchange where the giant cracker from past years used to be.

Players earn 15–25 Christmas wrapping paper every three minutes while skilling or killing most monsters. Players can also earn 40 Christmas wrapping paper for each key used on Treasure Hunter. These act like other event currencies and may be added to currency pouch. If there is no space in the backpack, they will be automatically transported to the bank, or stored in the currency pouch if there is already some there. Following Christmas, the amount of paper players could obtain was tripled.[1]

Some activities do not give wrapping paper. Known activities include using elite training dummies, training in Daemonheim, and fighting TzKal-Zuk's waves of enemies. Squishing primal fruit pulp into vials to make Primal Extracts do not give wrapping paper also.

Players can give Postie Pete 200 pieces of the wrapping paper in exchange for a random present - this may be repeated. These presents may contain the green Santa hat.

Christmas wrapping paper was obtainable until the end of 2 January 2022, and any previously collected paper can be handed in until 17 January 2022.[2]

Decorations[edit | edit source]

Several features from previous Christmas events were active, such as the ground in Prifddinas and normal trees and oaks having snow and being decorated. Evergreens were also covered in snow.

Furthermore, the following bosses and other monsters were seen with Santa hats and other decorations this year:

Furthermore, some goebies, including players transmogrified into them, were wearing Santa hats during the event, although these didn't show with their chatheads.

Unlike in some previous years, Nex's Ice Prison attack was not altered in any way.

The decorations, except for Arch-Glacor's form outside the combat encounter, Prifddinas, and TzKal-Zuk's seated form outside the combat encounter, were removed on the game update on 4 January 2022. Prifddinas' decorations were removed on the game update on 24 January 2022, and Arch-Glacor's and TzKal-Zuk's non-combat encounter decorations on 7 March 2022.

Related events[edit | edit source]

The following events overlapped the Christmas event:

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 24 January 2022 (Update):
    • Christmas Decorations in Prifddinas and the Grand Exchange have now been removed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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