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River of Blood contains effects that can be hazardous to people with epilepsy or other vision problems.
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River of Blood is the ninth and final quest in the Myreque quest series. It was first announced at RuneFest 2015 and released on 25 April 2016.

The quest features Vanescula and the vampyres having discovered a way to cross the River Salve, and the player trying to find a way to stop a war occurring between Misthalin and the vampyres. The focal point of the quest is Paterdomus, which was graphically updated ahead of the quest's release.

The release of River of Blood was preceded by the release of other vampyre content, including The Lost Toys miniquest and the In Memory of the Myreque miniquest. As with the In Memory of the Myreque miniquest, River of Blood was subject to an Early Bird Bonus where players who completed the quest before 8 May 2016 received increased experience rewards from it.[1]

Official description[edit | edit source]

The epic Myreque quest series comes to a head in River of Blood. Vanescula has shown her true colours and is poised to invade Misthalin, crossing the River Salve with a newly immune army of vyres. Rush to King Roald and resolve a dangerous conflict that threatens all of Gielinor. Are you up to the task?

Overview[edit | edit source]

War[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Blisterwood weapon
The vyrewatch scouts
King Roald chathead.png

Speak with King Roald in the Varrock Palace about the situation in Morytania. He will dispatch you, Aeonisig, and the Varrock guard to Paterdomus. Head to Paterdomus' mausoleum and talk to Drezel.

After speaking with Drezel, Aeonisig and the guard will have arrived. Go to the Paterdomus beacon, which is south of the Paterdomus, and speak with Aeonisig who warns of the approaching Vyrewatch. Help the Varrock guard defeat the vampyres, then talk to Aeonisig again.

Preparations for Aeonisig[edit | edit source]

Clearing Paterdomus[edit | edit source]

Fighting the two conspirators
Items recommended: Combat equipment, food

Inside the church there will be 5 monks of Zamorak (level 23) and another 5 on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US]. After killing all 10 a dialogue option will appear suggesting you go to the top floor. After climbing the stairs to the top floor a cutscene will start where the player will interrupt and catch a Zamorakian leader and a Zamorakian bodyguard, both level 98. The bodyguard uses ranged and the leader uses magic and can use abilities for their respective styles. Once killed, they will drop a book, The Covenant of Perpetual Conflict. A dialogue option will appear saying that you should let Aeonisig know.

Arming the Varrock guards[edit | edit source]

Speak to Captain Rovin, situated just north-east of Aeonisig. He will suggest that his guards need to be armed with three sets of steel armour: each set of armour will consist of a steel med helm (not to be confused with the steel full helm), a steel platebody, and steel platelegs (not plateskirt). The player will suggest that the guards should be armed with blisterwood weaponry, for which the guard will also request two blisterwood sickles and a blisterwood polearm.

Thereafter, talking to Captain Rovin will prompt a dialogue box, showing each and every item needed, the quantity in the player's inventory and whether the player wants to hand over the items to him. Selecting "Yes" arms all of the guards and prompts the player to speak to Aeonisig.

Strengthening the Salve[edit | edit source]

Ivan Strom chathead.png
Items needed: Guthix balance, super restore (3), and a set of blisterwood logs, 3 free backpack spaces
Items recommended: Ectophial

Head to Ivan Strom in Paterdomus' mausoleum. After talking to Ivan, the player will be involved in a short dialogue with Drezel dismissing a plan because it was assumed to be Zamorakian propaganda. After the dialogue the player will be directed to search through the library to find a book on reversing vampyrism. Climb down the nearby trapdoor to get to the library.

The bookshelf solution

The bookcases must be interacted with in order for a total of 7 steps. If a bookcase is pulled out of order the sequence must be restarted.

The order of cities (in the titles of the books) is:

  1. Lumbridge
  2. Varrock
  3. Edgeville
  4. Falador
  5. Rimmington
  6. Taverley
  7. Draynor
  8. Finally, pick up and read the Blood of the Covenant.

Once the Blood of the Covenant has been obtained, the player has to return to Ivan.

Now the player is directed to find the tomb of Ivandis Seergaze to see if he left behind any clues or notes. It is important not to forget the Guthix balance potion here. The tomb is found in the secret Myreque Hideout tunnels underneath Canifis (accessed via the trapdoor behind the Hair of the Dog, then the first cave to the east). Players who have unlocked the trapdoor short-cut by levelling Zachory Bragg to level 99 will have to toggle this off at the Temple Trekking noticeboard (not the one in Burgh de Rott) to continue. Alternatively, the fairy ring DLS will take you to the tunnels, go through the cave with the spiders and rats, then enter the cave just north of you.

The tomb is located in the north-east cave entrance close to a wall that is searchable.

Pouring the Guthix balance onto the Ivandis's tomb

Once at the tomb, the Guthix balance potion should be used on the tomb to unlock it. Upon searching it the player receives a scroll case, a silvthril bar, Ivandis's serum, and some notes. The scroll case should be opened and the diary pages should be used on the Blood of the Covenant to complete the book. Then read the Scroll of Balance to reveal the recipe for the super Guthix balance potion.

Return to Ivan and he will instruct you to make the potion revealed in the recipe received from the scroll case. The silvthril bar should be ground down using the grinder on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Ectofuntus to make silvthril dust. Use the silvthril dust on the altar of nature in the Nature Grotto to bless it, obtaining silvthril dust (b). The fastest way to the nature grotto is unlocked from Temple Trekking: reach the swamp gate (fairy ring CKS) and use "quick travel" to instantly reach the grotto. The nature grotto can also be reached by using Drakan's medallion to teleport to Barrows or Burgh de Rott, and heading north-west. Blisterwood logs should be cut from the tree and burned. Blisterwood ashes should appear as soon as the fire is lit. Once all the ingredients have been gathered, use any of the required items on another one to make a super Guthix balance potion. Don't get rid of Ivandis's serum as you will need it later in the quest.

Return to Ivan. After a short dialogue, use the potion on the well. You will then be prompted to speak to Aeonisig.

Clash of armies[edit | edit source]

The Vampyre Juvinates become feral vampyres.
Vanescula Drakan (human) chathead.png
Items recommended: Combat equipment, blisterwood weaponry, food

After returning to Aeonisig with all three stages complete, you will be notified that Vanescula Drakan has arrived. Head there through either the mausoleum or the Agility shortcut, and try to convince her to call off the attack since the Salve was strengthened. However she does not believe it is enough and proceeds to send four Vampyre Juvinates to attack. The Juvinates will turn into feral vampyres once they step over the salve, one of which runs away leaving you to fight the other three. The feral Vampyres are fairly weak, possessing the same stats as those in the God Wars Dungeon, and can be defeated without the use of blisterwood weapons.

The wyrd attacks.

Once all the Feral vampyres are defeated, speak to Vanescula, and you will soon be interrupted by a giant Vyre known as a wyrd, wearing some familiar attire. Vanescula will demand it return to Castle Drakan, but she is seemingly unable to control it. It proceeds to attack Drezel, and will then attack you and Ivan. It has 100,000 life points, and has two special attacks, which are announced via a popup notification, a "sonic attack", which can be avoided by running away from it, and a blood attack, which can be avoided by running from the pool of blood that spawns. To avoid the sonic attack you must have at least two squares between you and the wyrd to avoid getting hit. If you do not avoid the sonic attack, it will deal 7,500 melee damage. Protect from Melee works against the sonic attack and when used with Devotion, can completely negate it. Resonance can also be quite useful for this fight as it will block the one hit kill from the sonic attack and will absorb the 3,000+ hit from the blood geyser if timed correctly. As with most vampyres, it is only vulnerable to the Ivandis flail and blisterwood. Because it mainly attacks with melee, it is recommended to use magic, though melee works well too. If you die your tombstone will be on the Paterdomus bridge.

If you run too far from the wyrd, it will teleport you next to it; note that while rare, it is possible to be teleported outside of the fight area, causing the instance to end and requiring the fight to be restarted. It may be helpful to pray melee and remain next to it until it uses one of its special attacks.

Once you have defeated it, Efaritay will appear and scare it off, with Vanescula and her army following soon after. Efaritay will explain that the creature was a wyrd, and that Drezel will soon die from his wound. He dies soon after, and entrusts Ivan with protecting the temple in his stead. Efaritay then heads off to the Icyene graveyard and tells you to meet her there if you wish.

Combating haemalchemy[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Blisterwood logs, Sunspear, Wolfbane
Items recommended: Drakan's medallion
Speaking to Efaritay at the icyenic graveyard

After Efaritay leaves, she can be found at the icyene graveyard which is accessed from the boat south-east of Burgh de Rott or over the agility shortcut from the Everlight Dig Site. After a short conversation in which you explain that her son Safalaan has died, she asks you to retrieve her pendant from the crypt, inspect Queen Efaritay on the crypt to retrieve the pendant. Speak to her again, and you will come to the conclusion that Safalaan did not die, and is in actuality the wyrd that you fought earlier, since he shouldn't have died from Vanescula biting him.

She will then ask you for help in reforging the Sunspear, which can be done by using a blisterwood shaft (made from a blisterwood log), the Wolfbane dagger, and the tip of the Sunspear on each other. Wolfbane may be obtained by right-clicking Ivan Strom and selecting "Reclaim" at no charge. Once reforged, the Sunspear becomes a level 78 two-handed weapon which can be switched between a melee spear, a ranged javelin, and a magic staff. Once the Sunspear is reforged, the Efaritay suggests that the player hunts down the wyrd to try and gather its blood to create the cure for vampyrism.

The refinery[edit | edit source]

Sarius in the Meiyerditch Laboratories
Items recommended: Drakan's medallion, House Drakan outfit, Combat equipment, food

You're directed to go to the Meiyerditch Laboratories; this can be done quickly using Drakan's medallion. Once there, talk to Sarius Guile and try to find her father's research. The hidden journal is found on an interactable research table in the north end of the cave with mutated bloodveld.

Once it is found, read, and returned to Sarius, she instructs you that refined daeyalt is needed. Enter the Meiyerditch mine, a short distance to the north-west of the laboratories, marked on the minimap by dungeon and mine icons.

Mine entrance

Talk to one of the juvinate guards and ask where the refinery is. If wearing the House Drakan outfit, the juvinate guard will inform you that a slave is about to fill a cart and you can push that in once it is full. If you do not have the outfit, you must mine 15 daeyalt ore to fill the mine cart. Once the cart is full, the guard will take you to the refinery where there will be 3 juvinate guards to defeat. It is possible to use Ranged or Magic and trap the juvinate guards behind the pool. After, the player should free the 5 Burgh de Rott prisoners who will proceed into the next room. Each lock will damage you for one-tenth of your maximum health, so make sure you have enough to survive.

In the next room, inspect each blood lock and talk to the prisoners, they will tell you which emotion the tithe should display.

Lock Prisoner Option
Drakan Florin "Cheer up. Don't give up hope."
Myrmel Razvan "You should be ashamed. Have you no remorse?"
Pyrah Ileana "I don't approve of this, and neither should you."
Vitur Sorin "Isn't this technology awesome?"
Ghrazi Emilia "Let the anger flow through you."

Once you've talked to all of them, go to the remaining Shadum blood lock and choose the "I accept my fate and put my hand in the machine" option. This will turn off the refinery so you can collect the refined daeyalt.

Curing vampyrism[edit | edit source]

Hellhounds[edit | edit source]

The hallucinatory skeletal hellhounds

Once the refined daeyalt has been gathered, inspect the rejuvenation tank and Safalaan will jump out and poisons you after refusing to help you. The rest of this section of the quest involves combat, and the final fight is quite difficult, involving several previous boss fights consecutively. You can attempt to use lodestones and you will be prompted whether you want to leave; you can use this to heal or restock, and pushing the cart in the daeyalt mine will take you back, with your progress saved.

Hallucinating[edit | edit source]

This section contains effects that can be hazardous to people with epilepsy or other vision problems.
Make sure to change your display settings if you suffer from these conditions.

You will then begin hallucinating, and can proceed to climb up the stairs in pursuit of Safalaan. Proceed through the room, and you will encounter hallucinations of seven Skeleton Hellhounds, like the ones Vanstrom Klause summoned during In Search of the Myreque. Defeat them in order to proceed.

Harold[edit | edit source]

Killing Harold with the bottle of holy water

Once the 7 Skeletal Hellhounds are defeated, the barrier over the exit fades and you can progress onward upstairs. Head through the warped rooms and their bizarre decorations, go to the library and pick up Vertida's bottle of holy water. Continue through the halls past the shattering windows, and you will encounter Harold, Vanstrom's pet bloodveld from The Branches of Darkmeyer. Dispatch him by throwing the holy water at him and continue onwards, past what appears to be the Grand Exchange.

The Stone of Jas[edit | edit source]

The Stone of Jas and a blisterwood tree

Climb to the next floor and you will find a Blisterwood Tree and the Stone of Jas. You may interact with the Stone of Jas to hear memories of Vanescula and Lowerniel talking about it, but nothing interesting happens when you touch it. Interact with the barrel of gunpowder to see hallucinations of Kael Forshaw and Andiess Juip telling you that you'll need something flammable first.

Cut one blisterwood log from the tree, and use it to light the fire pit in front of the Stone of Jas. Then push the keg of gunpowder over it to blow up the stone, causing debris to land everywhere. Walk past it and head into the room with the blood puzzle. Simply click the outer ring once to solve it, and then head up to the roof.

Wyrd's woe[edit | edit source]

Bandages (Fist of Guthix).png
This is a safe activity.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.
Items needed: Ivandis's serum
Items recommended: Combat equipment and food
The battle with Safalaan atop Castle Drakan

Note: Should you die during the final fight, you will safely respawn at the Darkmeyer Arboretum. You may return to the roof by using the front gate of Castle Drakan, or by going through the daeyalt mine and pushing the cart. You must defeat all stages of this fight without dying in order to progress.

Speak to Safalaan, and Efaritay will appear to try and help restore his sanity. He will exclaim his hatred and desire to kill both of you. Safalaan will then begin to attack her, and reduce her life points rather quickly. Take advantage of the time where he's not focused on you to get in some easy damage. This battle is safe; if you die, you will retain your items, but progress is not saved until all forms are defeated.

Once Safalaan has reduced Efaritay's life points, he will begin attacking you. As with before, you may only damage him with the Ivandis flail, blisterwood weapons, the standard Sunspear, or your reforged Sunspear. It is recommended to use the Sunspear, as it is extremely powerful against Vampyres, and hits of 10,000 or more are possible using ultimate abilities. Safalaan will attack with melee and none of the special abilities from the earlier fight, and is fairly simple to defeat.

The hallucination of Vanstrom

Once his life points are reduced to about 3/4, you will begin hallucinating that he is Vanstrom Klause. Vanstrom uses magical attacks, and will often teleport you and himself somewhere else in the arena, creating a blood pool that you must run away from unless you wish to receive a large hit of magic damage.

When you have "killed" Vanstrom, you will continue fighting Safalaan with the health he had remaining, and this time he will also use his blood geyser and sonic special attacks, both of which can be avoided by running away, as well as the ability to teleport you next to him frequently if you stay outside of melee range. If you are out of food and would prefer to not leave and restock, it is possible to safespot him, for example on the corner of the staircase, and use long-ranged attacks, simply running away again when he teleports you to him. He won't use his damaging special attacks while doing this.

The hallucination of Lowerniel Drakan

Once his life points are reduced again, you will begin hallucinating that he is Lowerniel Drakan. In this form, he will use powerful melee attacks and a special "blood mine" attack, which he signals by shouting "HA HA HA!". If the blood mines are not avoided by running away, they deal 1/4 of your maximum life points of damage each. Using a hit-and-run tactic combined with the Regenerate ability can again make this a safe fight.

Once Drakan is defeated, he will turn into Safalaan again, in the same way as the previous time. This is the final fight and when his health runs out, a dialogue will start with you and Efaritay convincing Safalaan to give you some of his wyrd blood. Adding the refined daeyalt and Ivandis's serum to this vial creates the extreme Guthix balance potion. Give a sip of it to Safalaan, and some of his sanity will be restored.

Blessing the Salve with the extreme Guthix balance potion

Take the potion back to Ivan in the Paterdomus mausoleum, and he will suggest it be used on the well to bless the Salve further. After a short ritual, the well will explode with magic lights and the Salve will be strengthened once more.

Vanescula's defeat for truce[edit | edit source]

After strengthening the Salve for the second time, return to Vanescula, at the eastern exit of the mausoleum, and tell her that her army cannot pass. Vanescula will say that the Juvinates were weak but her vyrewatch will manage to survive the Salve's effects. The four vyrewatch she sends at the player will be turned to humans much to Vanescula's chagrin. These humans were some of the missing persons from Burgh de Rott who went missing after The Branches of Darkmeyer; Teodor, Valeria, Luscion, and Nicoleta. Safalaan arrives in wyrd form and is ordered by Vanescula to attack but is instead reverted to his normal appearance. After a short dialogue the player, Aeonisig, Efaritay and Vanescula agree to a truce. Speak to Vanescula once everyone leaves, and she'll tell you a story of what this defeat reminds her of, before her nobility. After her tale, she leaves you to inform King Roald of the outcome.

Return to King Roald in Varrock Palace to complete the quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

River of Blood reward.png
Early bird bonus

Completing the quest between 25 April and 8 May 2016 awarded an additional chapter in the XP tome worth 75,000 experience.

Additional rewards/activities
  • One blood essence of your choice by talking to Vanescula Drakan after learning the ability to craft blood essences.
  • A bloodstone by talking to Vanescula Drakan on the roof of Castle Drakan.
Music unlocked

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

River of Blood is not currently required for any quests or miniquests.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Credits[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 3 May 2016 (Update):
    • The final boss in the quest River of Blood has had its combat stats buffed slightly and lifepoints increased too.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Upon completion of the quest, the adventurer's log states "I concluded the terrifying tale of the Myreque in Morytania."
  • In much of the promotional material for the quest prior to its release, it was stated that a new 'off-hand weapon' would be one of the quest's rewards. This, however, may have been changed to the reforged Sunspear, which is a 2-handed weapon.
  • Leaving Castle Drakan by attempting to use any form of teleportation gives you the chatbox message "Your body may have temporarily escaped Castle Drakan, but your mind remains trapped within..." This is a bug derived from coding for The Lord of Vampyrium. This may also happen after the quest.
  • The Falador book is titled "Falador: Only a Model," a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • The Rimmington book is titled "The Long Road to Rimmington", a reference to the book "The Long Road to Freedom".
  • After completing the quest and the In Memory of the Myreque miniquest, players can speak to Veliaf Hurtz to inform him that Safalaan is alive. After speaking to him he will teleport to the top of Castle Drakan.
  • Safalaan's attack where he pulls you to him and shouts "Get over here!" is a reference to Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.
  • When you tell Emilia "Let the anger flow through you," she responds by saying "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." This is most likely a reference to Marvel's character Bruce Banner aka The Hulk. The quote "Let the anger flow through you" may also be a reference to Star Wars.
  • Based on quest requirements and post-quest dialogue with Captain Rovin, River of Blood is set between Defender of Varrock and The Curse of Arrav.
  • There are two unused vampyrised Safalaan models in the game's cache (one with his wings deployed), which imply that Safalaan was originally going to be a vyrewatch instead of a wyrd.
  • An update a week after the quest's release increased the wyrd's life points from 50,000 to 100,000 and its sonic wave from 7500 to 15,390.
  • The music track you unlock when ascending to the roof is called "Wyrding Way". This is a reference to the "weirding way" from the sci-fi novel "Dune" which was a term for a form of combat used by the Bene Gesserit, a seclusive, all-female order.
  • The quest contains many similarities to the RuneScape novel Legacy of Blood by T. S. Church. Both act as finales to series, involve a battle between Misthalian and Morytanian forces at Paterdomus, involve the River Salve being strengthened which plays a key role in the Misthalian victory, involve werewolf rebellion, and have the Morytanian side being led by a powerful vampyre noble. Furthermore, both also have "of Blood" in their title.
  • If your suggestion was the humiliate the werewolf in the previous quest, one of the werewolves at the final confrontation will have a cone around his head.
  • The coffin on the top floor of Paterdomus has a piece of monologue when you try to open it, before the Super Guthix balance is used it will read: "It sounds like there's something alive inside it. I don't think it would be a very good idea to open it...". After using the Super Guthix balance it reads: "Whatever's in here is banging about a lot! Something has it riled up. I'm definetely not opening this coffin now." After using the Extreme Guthix balance on the well the monologue will state: "I can't hear anything. Whatever was in here isn't moving anymore. I think it might be dead."
  • Although the song "The Lord of Vampyrium" plays during the first fight with the wyrd, its title does not appear in the music player.

References[edit | edit source]