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The 2016 Christmas event is an event consisting of many different activities. It was released on 1 December 2016 with the Christmas Advent Calendar and reindeer-terrorbird racing.

The Christmas Quest Episodes called Frostworld is a four-part holiday quest that revisits previous Christmas events, starting with the 2007 Christmas event. The first three episodes of the quest, entitled "a blast from the past (Part 1)", were released on 5 December; the fourth episode, "Christmas never dies! (Part 2)", was released on 19 December, adding some more repeatable skilling activities.

The Winter Weekends and Sliske's Christmas Adventure are also a part of the event.

Players who logged in on 25 December were greeted with the following chatbox message:
Merry Wintumber from the RuneScape team!

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A blast from the past (Part 1)[edit | edit source]

Located in Varrock, Burthorpe, and Lumbridge are Christmas cupboards, as well as the holiday portal in Prifddinas, which will teleport you to Santa's Christmas neighbourhood. Here, you will need to speak to Santa Claus. He will ask you to speak to his wife. Go through the open cupboard to the east, and you will be teleported to the Land of Snow.

Land of Snow (2007)[edit | edit source]

Players building and fighting snowmen.

Speak to the Queen of Snow. She will give you a snow globe (if you didn't get one in the 2007 Christmas event), and ask you to build a snowman with a hat and a weapon. Fill your inventory with snowballs by either shaking the snow globe or gathering snow from the piles scattered around the area. Select the 'build' option on a snowball (the default action is 'wield', so you'll need to use the right-click menu), and you will begin building a snowman. Click the resulting snow pile to add more snow to the snowman, using another snowball from the inventory each time. It takes 10 snowballs to build a lower torso, then 6 for the upper torso, followed by 4 snowballs for arms and another 10 for a head, totalling 30 snowballs to make a full snowman.

Once you've finished with the snowman, speak to any of the ice imps nearby for the accessories. They will refuse to help, claiming to be on strike. Speak to the Queen again. She will suggest you do something to get back at them, but your attempt will fail, regardless of the chosen method. Speak to the Queen again, and she will let you choose an accessory.

The accessories produce the snowmen in the following fashion:

Accessory Type of snowman
Barbarian snowman hat Barbarian snowman
Dragon snowman hat Dragon snowman
Dwarf snowman hat Dwarf snowman
Pirate snowman hat Pirate snowman
Snowman top hat Snowman
Holly bow Snow ranger
Winter staff Snow mage
Ice sword Snow warrior

After adding your chosen accessory to the snowman, speak to the Queen, and go back to Santa's Christmas neighbourhood through the cupboard. Speak to Santa Claus to open the cupboard to the next event.

O Little Town of Daemonheim (2010)[edit | edit source]

You can start this event by talking to Thorvar Crittersmash in the Land of Snow after completing the 2007 event.

He will hand you Thorvar's bag, but he refuses to tell you what it might be used for. You will then step through the Christmas cupboard next to Thorvar to be teleported to a Dungeoneering cave, where you can begin the event. Make sure to store any summoning familiar pouches that you may have and to dismiss any familiar that is following you. Although this is a Dungeoneering activity, you are permitted to carry items in your inventory, and are not required to bank before entering.

First room[edit | edit source]
Remember the order of the lighted icicles

The first room has three icicles blocking the door, several large icicles protruding from the floor, and a switch on a pedestal in the centre. There are snowman accessories as you walk into the room on your left, that you must pick up before leaving the room. First, you must tap the switch. After you tap the switch, all the large icicles will light up at the same time. After this, they will light up in an order. You must remember which icicles light up in which order, then tap the icicles in that specific order. When tapped in the correct order, one of the icicles blocking the door will vanish. Repeat this process a further two times to remove the other two icicles from the door, and you will be able to go into the second room.

If you forget the order, tap the switch in the centre to create a new order.

Second room[edit | edit source]
The statue needs to be reached and touched using stealth.

In the second room, there is a snow angel statue. When the angel turns around, the player must be behind one of the snow drifts, or they will be teleported back to the start of the room.

In the upper left part of the screen, there will be a little light. When the light turns green (which is while the snow angel is turned around), players are free to move about. However, if the light turns red while they are not behind a snow bank, they will be teleported. At the end, touch the snow angel statue to move on. There are no Fremennik items to collect from this room.

On lower graphics settings, the snow mounds may not be very visible.

There is no set cycle of turning, the angel turns when another player touches it, so only move if no other player is about to touch the statue. Advice would be to start moving just before the snow angel turns its back.

Bring an explorer's ring or an energy potion if possible. It makes it so you crawl quickly which makes the activity easier to accomplish.

If your computer can be either resizeable or fullscreen, switch to one of these so you can see the snow angel much better. When you see it start to turn its back towards you, click to start moving towards the next snow drift so no time is wasted.

Third room[edit | edit source]
You need to transform into a seal and slide on the ice.

When you enter the room, grab the trinket of sealification. Then, right click the bag and choose "use trinket" to find the trinket returned into its original position. Pick it up and use the bag again to turn into a seal. Click on the sides of the ice to start sliding. To turn click the arrows in the bottom middle of the screen. This room takes a little bit of practice to perfect, seeing as the turning controls have a slow reaction time. The objective is to go onto one of the green portals at the end of the room, while avoiding the various blue portals scattered throughout the ice.

Click to turn when you are one square before the square at which you wish to turn. Depending on latency, you may need to click when you are two squares before the square in which you wish to turn.

Fourth room[edit | edit source]
You need to go through doors to the end.

The fourth room has five small rooms and portals. Some portals teleport you randomly within the room, and one in each set teleports you forward to the next set. There are 2 items you will need to pick up here; a snowmaker and some ice skates, prior to moving on to the next room.

It is impossible to know which portal to go in where without trying them, as the solution is different for each player. It is important to note that, unlike the 2010 version of the event, the portals change each time and are therefore completely random every time.

Fifth room[edit | edit source]
You need to scoop up Salty Claws (the one circled in red) with a bucket five times to complete the level.

The fifth room has a large sheet of ice, along with some small holes in the ice. When the player enters the room, they will see Salty Claws, which is actually a heim crab wearing a Santa hat. Check the bag to find Thorvar's bucket. To get through this room, the player must click on Salty Claws when he pops up from the ice. The player will slide along the ice, attempting to grab him. Do not attempt to catch any of the other crabs as this will allow Salty Claws to rest and it will take more tries to catch him. It is recommended that the player rotates the camera so as to place the side of the ice they are adjacent to perpendicular (west / east pointing up) to their monitor instead of parallel (north / south pointing up). Sliding is permitted either from south to north or north to south. You do not actually have to "use" the bucket to catch Salty Claws; simply click on him.

After five successful attempts (more if one of the other crabs was caught), the player will catch him and will be teleported outside, next to Thorvar. Talk to Santa Claus to open the next Christmas cupboard.

A Towering Feast (2011)[edit | edit source]

A Christmas banquet[edit | edit source]
Sedridor chathead (Xmas).png
Wizard Sinterklaas.png

To start this event, talk to Wizard Sinterklaas in Santa's Christmas neighbourhood after completing the 2007 and 2010 events and agree to visit the annual Wizard Christmas Banquet, then go through the cupboard next to him.

The cupboard teleports you to a version of the Wizards' Tower before its graphical rework. Enter the door of the second tower and talk to Sedridor. He will ask you to wait in the library because you're early. Tell Sedridor you're there to help and he will explain what he needs help with, because all the other early arrivals (wizards from the Wizards' Guild) are only there to criticise. He will tell you who needs help and where. And indeed, the small library contains Wizard Distentor, Zavistic Rarve and Wizard Frumscone who do nothing but negatively speak of the Tower wizards and the banquet, although they are quite friendly to you. You can help the wizards in any order.

During the quest if you talk to Sedridor, he will explain the reason why there is a second tower, e.g. that the wizards are lazy and didn't want to both set up and tidy away, so they're going to set up in a pocket dimension for the feast and then destroy the dimension afterwards.

Helping Isidor[edit | edit source]
Isidor chathead (Christmas).png
The Snow Emitters placed in correct positions.
The snow-covered banquet hall.

Isidor, the forgetful portal wizard, can be found in the basement of the tower. He needs help covering the floor of the banquet area in snow by placing snow emitters, in a similar fashion to vinesweeper.

When placed, the emitters shoot snow in four directions, blocked by furniture and bricked edges. Removing an emitter also removes the snow it placed. You can also click next to the snow it emitted for it to be removed, but as before, do not click directly on it. Emitters must not be placed where they can fire at each other.

Isidor will enchant the player to see the weak spots in the inter-dimensional rifts. The weak spots are shown as numbers. The larger the number, the more emitters can be placed near them. Emitters can only be placed near these rifts.

You are informed with a dialogue box when you have covered the floor with snow. If you think you have finished and do not get the dialogue then look carefully for a square that does not have snow on it. Speak to Isidor when done or this part of the event will not count as finished.

Helping Wizard Grayzag[edit | edit source]
Wizard Grayzag (A Towering Feast, no hat) chathead.png

Wizard Grayzag, or Wizard Whitezag for those players who have completed the Void Knight quest series, is on the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] standing near Wizard Mizgog. He's standing in a corner and wearing a black robe. He's supposedly summoning some waiters. He needs help finding imps that escaped from him and (to Mizgog's great amusement) took his hat. There are four imps (two outside the tower, and two inside). They are not very good at hiding though and as such easy to locate.

  • On the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] under the bed closest to the staircase.
  • On the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] of the tower hiding inside the bookcase in the south-west corner (near Frumscone).
  • Frozen in the fountain just outside the tower.
  • In the oak tree around the back of the tower. This one will be wearing the wizard's hat too, which you will take from him.

When you have sent all the imps home, go back and report to Grayzag/Whitezag. You will suggest using Snow Imps as waiters, to which he will exclaim that it is a great idea. Then he will suddenly claim that he already was going to use snow imps and will say that it was his idea all along. Once the dialogue is over, you will receive credit for helping Grayzag/Whitezag with the waiting.

Helping Wizard Sioncorn[edit | edit source]
Wizard Sioncorn chathead.png
Catching the decorations

Wizard Sioncorn, located on the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US], is a fairy wizard who needs you to help her get some decorations out of the attic. It seems that the decorations have come alive due to leaked magic from being in an attic full of powerful magic artefacts, and they keep trying to escape from her. While she carries a box to the portal, grab the decorations that jump out. They include balloon animals, baubles and Tinsel Snakes. The baubles are the hardest to catch, being small and bouncing up and down rapidly. If six or more decorations escape, Wizard Sioncorn will teleport away, saying that they are everywhere. You must go through the portal to return to the Wizards' Tower, and talk to her to try again. If you fail, the decorations can still be grabbed, but this does not help in any way.

Do not stand in her way. She can't walk through you, so you'll need to keep the decorations in check for longer.

Once you are done grabbing the decorations, she will tell you it's okay to exit through the portal. When you attempt to do this, you'll get a message telling you if you leave anything on the floor, it will be lost forever. Exit anyway (unless you dropped something you need in there). Sioncorn will thank you for your help and her section of the event will be finished.

Helping Kris and Kringle[edit | edit source]
Kringle chathead.png
A player attempting to catch a Christmas pudding

Return to the basement. Kris - a troll - and Kringle - a goblin - are chefs hired to handle the catering. Speak to Kringle, near the cooking device (which suspiciously looks a lot like a dwarf multicannon), and he will tell you to speak to Kris to find out what to do, after having complained about the smelliness of a human, of course. They need help finding the ingredients for the Christmas pudding. Players will need to find the following: five enchanted christmas puddings, a pair of eyes of a dragon, a pair of lesser demon claws, sparks from a wand (of which Mizgog apparently has a broken one), and some Christmas spirit.

  • 5 enchanted christmas puddings: Watch for them to jump out of barrels, cauldrons, pots, and sacks. then "check". It is possible to get all the puddings from the same location.
  • Speak to Traiborn about dragon eyes. He is located on the first floor. He will refuse to give you the eyes from his dragon bust, so must be distracted by selecting the "thingummywut" option, at which point you will distract him, saying that there is a thingummywut behind him, and automatically take the dragon's eyes.
Timmy's Anger level.png
Timmy's toy chest.
  • On the second floor, Grayzag's pet demon Timmy must be angered to obtain the claws. Attempting to converse will yield the first claw. Speak to Timmy again. An anger meter appears at the top of the screen. In order to fill the meter, you could:
  • Ask Wizard Mizgog, located near Timmy, if he has a broken wand to obtain one.
  • Use the Christmas spirit jar, given to you by Kris, on players or different characters in the area three times. Kris, Kingle, and Isidor are the closest.

Once you have retrieved all the items, head back down and talk to Kris to hand in the items. He will then tell you to go talk to Kringle. Kringle will tell you to add the ingredients to the cooking device. Add the ingredients to the "cooking device" in the order: Christmas puddings, Timmy's claws, dragon eyes, dwarven spice (found in barrel to the north of the cooking device), and Christmas spirit. Kringle would stop you if you try to add them in any wrong order.

Kris (muddy) chathead.png

Talk to Kringle and watch him cook. A short cutscene will play in which the "cooking device" shoots pudding all around the kitchen. It knocks Kris and Kringle down, but you quickly manage to dodge the pudding by letting it fly over your head, similar to evading darts in the Brimhaven Agility Arena.

After the cutscene, talk to Kringle again or it won't count as completed. He will say that he is a better cook than humans and that his pudding is delicious, despite the "accident".

The banquet can begin![edit | edit source]
Grayzag and Frumscone having an argument over who the best summoner is

Go speak to Sedridor again to tell him you've finished. A cutscene will start, showing the wizards gathered around the table. Other guests, such as Bogrog from Gu'Tanoth, Sanfew from Taverley, Aubury from Varrock and Zimberfizz from Soul Wars are also attending the banquet.

An argument will break out between Grayzag/Whitezag and Frumscone, but Sedridor will teleport them to a separate room to fight it out using snowmen. The banquet will commence and Sedridor will thank you. After the quest is complete, if you have your ice amulet from Chasing Jack Frost, you can summon your Snow imp from the Land of Snow to join you at the banquet dinner. You can also participate in the snowman fight between the wizards, and continue helping Kris with the pudding for some experience.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

Talk with Santa Claus to finish the first part of the Christmas quest and receive the rewards.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A blast from the past (Part 1).png

Christmas never dies! (Part 2)[edit | edit source]

Diango's stolen items.
Challenging Diango to a marionette battle.

Start part 2 by returning through a cupboard and talking to Santa Claus. He will tell you to go to the Land of Snow, through the eastern cupboard and talk to the Queen of Snow again. She will tell you that the imps have received baubles as a gift from someone. Report this information to Santa Claus and he will ask you to confirm his suspicions by checking the wardobe next to Thorvar Crittersmash again. Talk to Thorvar or enter the wardrobe to teleport to the dungeons. Once there, look for Thorvar's bag. Searching it will cause you to fall into the bag, where you will find a store room. Search one of the puppet boxes, exit through the door, and report back to Santa Claus.

Santa will say that this confirms that Diango is the one causing problems, and will open the cupboard to his toy workshop. Once inside, talk to Rosie, the pixie by the entrance. She will inform you that Diango has become obsessed with greed and has forced them to work nonstop. She will also say that Diango will only respond to you if you bring him a box of marionettes and a box of baubles.

Request both boxes from Rosie, then walk over to the decoration boxes, and get five baubles; it doesn't matter what shape they are. Head over to the paint cans on the other side of the room, and paint one bauble each colour, then add all of them to the bauble box. Next, head down the ladder. Get two marionette torsos of each colour (six torsos total) from the boxes on the east. First add the heads from the boxes to the west, then the arms, and finally the legs. Once all six marionettes are complete, talk to any of the pixies around the workshop to add strings to the marionettes. Put them in the marionette box, and talk to Diango.

Diango will explain his plan, and challenge to a marionette battle. You will lose the battle twice before being given a battle marionette called Stringy and ejected from the workshop. Talk to Santa Claus, and he will tell you to go to the wardrobe next to Wizard Sinterklaas to get the battle marionette enchanted.

The people you need to talk to are:

Santa confronts Diango in his workshop.

After getting all six charges on enhanced battle marionette, go back outside to the Santa's Christmas neighbourhood, and speak to Santa Claus who will then allow you to access Diango's workshop. Head back to Diango's workshop, and confront Diango again. This time you will win, and Santa Claus will come in to show Diango the error of his ways. You don't need to fill another set of boxes.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A blast from the past (Part 2).png

Post-Quest Episode activities[edit | edit source]

Snowman building[edit | edit source]

Snowmen could be built in the Land of Snow for Construction and combat experience. Combat experience was gained based on the combat XP selections of the Powers interface. This activity was unlocked after completing the first three Quest Episodes.

Even though the snowmen could be built like in the Quest Episode, these ones couldn't be completed after the Quest Episodes and don't give experience. For experience, one of the 24 pre-built snowmen spots in the southern part of Land of Snow must be used. All gave experience that was split half between Construction and combat. Using one of the eight western spots resulted in melee combat experience and a snow warrior. The middle eight spots resulted in Ranged combat experience and snow rangers. The eastern eight spots gave Magic combat experience and produced snow mages. These snowmen didn't fight each other and couldn't be pelted with snowballs.

Snowballs were not required to build these snowmen. Each snowman required 100 additions before it was finished and became alive before disappearing after a while. Each addition took 3 seconds and gave 44 Construction experience and 44 combat experience at 99 skill levels in the respective skills for the first 600 additions. After the 600 additions the experience was reduced by 60% for the rest of the day.

Seal sliding[edit | edit source]

This activity was a version of the similar one in Heimland Games, rewarding Dungeoneering and Agility experience for every successful run. Players could access the activity by stepping through the Christmas cupboard next to Thorvar Crittersmash after completing the first three Quest Episodes.

There were three courses that the player could slide on, with only difference between the courses being their layout. When slid on, the player transmogrified into a random seal with a number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. The northern and middle courses had 16 blue holes, and the southern one had 19. Sliding into a blue hole caused the current run to fail and the player respawned at the middle course. At the end of each course were five green holes worth 10, 20, 30 or 50 points, with each course having two 10-point holes. Sliding into these rewarded the player with experience and also made the player respawn at the middle course.

Each slide took a minimum of 30 seconds from start to starting again and at 120 Dungeoneering and 99 Agility scoring 50 points gave 644.4 Agility and 2,982.2 Dungeoneering experience for the first 1,750 points. Scoring 30, 20 or 10 points gave 60%, 40% or 20% of this, respectively. The first 59 slides in a day where the player managed to score yielded full experience, and the 60th slide gave full Agility and 40% Dungeoneering experience. After that all the experience was reduced by 60% for the rest of the day.

The player's current score was tallied on a layout. This could be reset at will, and sliding into a blue hole reduced the score by 10. Logging out also reset the score.

Pudding catching[edit | edit source]

Players could continue to catch enchanted christmas pudding in A Towering Feast for Cooking experience after completing the first three Quest Episodes.

The pudding continued to appear in the barrel, cauldron, four pots, and two sets of sacks around the room every 6 seconds like during the Quest Episode. The pudding stacked in the inventory and this time one wasn't limited to only getting five at a time. The first 299 times that pudding were given to Kris by talking to him yielded 438.3 Cooking experience each at level 99, and this was reduced by 60% for the rest of the day after it had been handed 299 times. If you leave the area with puddings in your inventory, they will be removed and you cannot reclaim them.

There was a glitch where the pudding handed in after the daily 299 hand-ins continued to reward the full experience.

Snowman fighting[edit | edit source]

The snowman fighting from the 2011 Christmas event could be partaken after completing the first three Quest Episodes.

Bauble painting[edit | edit source]

Players could continue to paint baubles in Diango's Workshop just like during the quest episode after completing it.

The bauble boxes could be handed in to Diango for 396 Crafting experience each at level 99. The first 109 boxes of the day yielded full experience, the 110th box and the boxes handed in at the same time after that yielded 140% experience (rounded down to the nearest integer), and any further boxes handed in gave 40% experience for the rest of the day (also rounded down to the nearest integer).

An inventory could hold the ingredients for four full boxes at once. Taking decorations filled the inventory automatically, but re-clicking manually made it a bit quicker. When painting the baubles, the cans could be right-clicked to paint two or four at once.

Diango kept track of the total number of boxes handed in and told the number every time after handing in boxes.

Marionette making[edit | edit source]

Players could continue to construct marionettes in Diango's Workshop just like during the quest episode after completing it.

The marionette boxes could be handed in to Diango for 633 Fletching experience each at level 99. The first 109 boxes of the day yielded full experience, the 110th box yielded 140% experience (rounded down to the nearest integer), and any further boxes handed in gave 40% experience for the rest of the day (also rounded down to the nearest integer).

An inventory could hold the ingredients for four full boxes at once. When taking the torsos, the boxes could be right-clicked to take four at once.

Diango kept track of the total number of boxes handed in and told the number every time after handing in boxes, and hitting the threshold for the day sometimes made a box not count for the total.

Other activities[edit | edit source]

Winter Weekends[edit | edit source]

Christmas Advent Calendar[edit | edit source]

Sliske's Christmas Adventure[edit | edit source]

Throughout the month of December, forum posts will be made by Mod Sliske, with a different competition and reward available each day.

Reindeer-terrorbird racing[edit | edit source]

A checkpoint in the reindeer-terrorbird race
The route for Terrorbird Racing

The reindeer-terrorbird racing was overlooked by Santa's head elf south of Falador. The activity was similar to Terrordbird Racing from Summer Beach Party, with seven checkpoints scattered around the southern Asgarnia. It got removed after 31 December 2016 with the snowy path remaining for the rest of the event.

Finishing the course awarded an amount of Agility experience dependent on how quickly the course was completed. There were global and world hiscores for race completion times that could be checked on the first racing checkpoint. The global hiscores could take some time to update.

Players could participate in reindeer-terrorbird racing once an hour, during the first 30 minutes past the hour. To participate in the race players had to have a terrorbird mount. Previously obtained terrorbird mounts, a new reindeer-terrorbird mount or a bright reindeer-terrorbird mount could be used.

The race route was indicated by sign posts and checkpoints (Terrorbird gate map icon.png) through which the player had to pass. Teleporting and other means of getting around the course faster were permitted; all that counted was passing the gates. If the time ran out in the middle of the race, the race had failed and no experience was awarded. The experience that was rewarded was based on time:

Time Experience[1]
100–119 8,000
120–139 7,400
140–159 7,200
160–179 6,800
180–199 6,400
200–219 6,000
220–239 5,400
240–259 5,000
260+ 4,000
  1. ^ The experience is halved below level 50 Agility.

The gates along the route could be found:

  1. To the south of Falador.
  2. To the north of Port Sarim.
  3. To the south of Port Sarim.
  4. At Mudskipper Point.
  5. To the east of Rimmington.
  6. To the west of Rimmington.
  7. By the Crafting Guild.
  8. Back to the the start/finish line below Falador.

Since experience was solely based on time, it was recommended to use teleports to clear the course as quick as possible. For the high scores, having other people place Prisms of Salvation along the route helped to shave off many seconds. Surging past the gates did not count as going through them since it is technically a teleport. The following technique could be used for the best possible times, with as many as possible Prisms of Salvation scattered along the route.

  1. Go through the first gate near Falador .
  2. Teleport to Port Sarim with the Arc Journal and pass the second gate to the northwest. Alternatively use cabbageport with the explorer's ring 3 or higher, which is faster when not using prisms.
  3. Quick lodestone teleport to Port Sarim and run south to pass the third gate.
  4. Run south to Mudskipper Point and pass the fourth gate.
  5. Quick lodestone teleport to Port Sarim and pass the fifth gate to the southwest.
  6. Use a Rimmington tablet and pass the sixth gate to the west.
  7. Use a skills necklace to teleport to the crafting guild and pass the seventh gate.
  8. Cast South Falador Teleport and finish the course to the south.

Finishing the race in 199.2 seconds or under rewarded the player a bright reindeer-terrorbird mount.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • hotfix 9 January 2017 (Update):
    • Bosses have now lost their festive spirit.
  • hotfix 28 December 2017 (Update):
    • The daily cap for Diango's workshop post-quest skilling activities is now always reset daily.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The snow for the course of reindeer-terrorbird racing was released as a hidden update before the start of the event on 28 November 2016.
  • Although portions of the event take place in the Land of Snow, the ice amulet does not recognise this and thus players are unable to summon their snow imp there. However your snow imp can be summoned at the banquet dinner in the Towering Feast's area. It will just follow you to Santa's neighbourhood if you leave the banquet area afterwards but you will be unable to talk to him.
  • The snowballs you can collect in A Towering Feast, unlike snowballs from previous years, can be stacked with the original snowballs from the 2011 event when you put them in the bank.
  • Various bosses and other characters received cosmetic Santa hats and other decorations like the previous two years on 19 December 2016. New additions for this year were the Barrows bosses outside Rise of the Six (including Akrisae the Doomed and Linza the Disgraced), Beastmaster Durzag (including the chargers, Krar and Tuz), exiled Kalphite Queen, Gregorovic, some of the goebies (both on Mazcab and near Heart of Gielinor), Gorvek, Helwyr, Telos, the Warden, Twin Furies, Vindicta and Yakamaru (including the six types of jellyfish). Nex's ice prison attack was also replaced with an attack featuring Christmas presents like before.
  • Lament for the Hallowed plays when Diango is shown the error of his ways.