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Gielinor Games/Preparation was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
The preparation station for the Gielinor Games.

The Gielinor Games Preparation was the event leading up to the Gielinor Games, taking place from 11 July 2012 up until the games were released on 24 July 2012. Each day, all players could assist foreman Oomad Arrow, located on Varrock square, in making food and medals for the games, and members could help make Construction materials.

Assisting in the preparation rewarded contribution points, which can be spent in the Gielinor Games Reward Shop. In addition, all players gain Mining and Smithing experience for making medals and cooking experience for catering dishes; members gain Mining and Construction experience for making construction materials.

Level 40 in Cooking, Mining, Smithing, and Construction allowed one to create the highest possible items for Oomad.

Catering[edit | edit source]

Speak to Oomad and ask to make food. He'll request a dish with a combination of three flavours. Go to the Gielinor Games kitchen and try to make the dish.

There are 18 types of food, which all give points in three of the six categories. Every ingredient has three flavours, the main flavour is worth 4 points, the secondary flavour is worth 2 points, and the tertiary flavour is worth 1 point.

There are a maximum of four slots to place ingredients into (there are two slots with cooking level 19 and lower, and three slots with cooking level 20-39), and the goal is to maximise the number of points for the dish by using ingredients that match the flavours the best.

Once cooked, hand the Gielinor games food to Oomad by using it on him, which awards some contribution points, up to 20 per dish (depending on his request), in addition to some Cooking experience. Up to three dishes can be made per day.

Ingredient 4 2 1
Raisins Raisins Fruity Spicy Sweet
Tupelo honey Tupelo honey Sweet Fruity Spicy
Bitter melon Bitter melon Bitter Fruity Sweet
Plum Plum Fruity Sweet Spicy
Cinnamon Cinnamon Spicy Sweet Bitter
Ginger Ginger Spicy Savoury Fruity
Paprika Paprika Savoury Spicy Fruity
Filo pastry Filo pastry Savoury Sweet Fruity
Sour cream Sour cream Sour Savoury Sweet
Yoghurt Yoghurt Sour Bitter Fruity
Rhubarb Rhubarb Sour Fruity Sweet
Burned toffee Burned toffee Sweet Sour Spicy
Mint Mint Sweet Bitter Savoury
Nutmeg Nutmeg Spicy Sour Savoury
Dandelion Dandelion Bitter Spicy Sour
Coffee beans Coffee beans Bitter Savoury Sweet
Raspberries Raspberries Fruity Sour Bitter
Pepper Pepper Savoury Bitter Sour

Best Combinations[edit | edit source]

The best method in order to obtain maximum points on the cooking portion is to select every food and only choose ones that give six or seven points. If there are only three or two six-pointed foods try to obtain ones that reward five points instead. Try to fill up all four/three/two slots and to get 23 points or above.

Dish 1 2 3 4 Points
Bitter, fruity, savoury Pepper Coffee beans Bitter melon Paprika 23
Bitter, fruity, sour Yoghurt Raspberries Bitter melon Rhubarb 26
Bitter, fruity, spicy Raisins Bitter melon Dandelion Plum 23
Bitter, fruity, sweet Bitter melon Tupelo honey Plum Mint 25
Bitter, savoury, sour Pepper Coffee beans Yoghurt Sour cream 25
Bitter, savoury, spicy Ginger Paprika Dandelion Pepper 24
Bitter, savoury, sweet Mint Coffee beans Pepper Filo pastry 26
Bitter, sour, spicy Dandelion Yoghurt Nutmeg Cinnamon 24
Bitter, sour, sweet Yoghurt Burned toffee Mint Sour cream 23
Bitter, spicy, sweet Cinnamon Mint Dandelion Tupelo honey 24
Fruity, savoury, sour Sour cream Rhubarb Raspberries Paprika 23
Fruity, savoury, spicy Ginger Paprika Raisins Filo pastry 25
Fruity, savoury, sweet Filo pastry Plum Tupelo honey Raisins 24
Fruity, sour, spicy Raisins Rhubarb Nutmeg Raspberries 24
Fruity, sour, sweet Rhubarb Raspberries Tupelo honey Plum 25
Fruity, spicy, sweet Raisins Tupelo honey Plum Cinnamon 27
Savoury, sour, spicy Nutmeg Ginger Paprika Sour cream 25
Savoury, sour, sweet Sour cream Burned toffee Filo pastry Rhubarb 24
Savoury, spicy, sweet Cinnamon Ginger Paprika Filo pastry 24
Sour, spicy, sweet Burned toffee Nutmeg Cinnamon Tupelo honey 24

Making Medals[edit | edit source]

Oomad requests 7 medals, with the metal type depending on your Smithing level. To make the medals, you'll first have to mine some nuggets from the Gielinor Games scrap pile near the forge. Use the best pickaxe available, as it takes a while. You need 2 nuggets to make 1 medal, so a total of 14 is required.

After you have all the scraps required, use them on the nearby Gielinor Games forge. Hand the medals to Oomad.

You can hand in more than 7 medals, up to 27 medals (maximum number of medals you can put in your inventory) but receive no extra contribution points for doing so.

Nuggets Medal
Bronze nuggets.png Bronze nuggets Bronze medal.png Bronze medal
Silver nuggets.png Silver nuggets Silver medal.png Silver medal
Gold nuggets.png Gold nuggets Gold medal.png Gold medal

You need 20 mining and 20 smithing for Oomad Arrow to ask you to make silver medals.

You need 40 mining and 40 smithing for Oomad Arrow to ask you to make gold medals.

Upon bringing Oomad gold medals, you will receive 60 contribution points.

Construction Components (m)[edit | edit source]

The same process is used for the construction materials as for making medals, although it is members-only. Oomad asks for seven of one of the materials. Mine nuggets from the scrap pile, and use two of them on the forge to make either bricks or metal girders.

Nuggets Resource
Clay nuggets.png Clay nuggets Bricks (Gielinor Games).png Bricks (Gielinor Games)
Iron nuggets.png Iron nuggets Iron girder.png Iron girders
Steel nuggets.png Steel nuggets Steel girder.png Steel girders

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Experience[edit | edit source]

Experience rewards are given for each activity:

  • Catering - Cooking - 17 xp per taste score (maximum ~1377 xp total)
  • Medal making - Smithing and Mining - maximum 1420 Smithing and 710 Mining xp
  • Construction components - Construction and Mining - maximum 1420 Construction and 710 Mining xp

Reward shop[edit | edit source]

Oomad has a shop interface that sells equipment in three tiers: bronze, silver and gold. The shop was unavailable until the Gielinor Games actually opened.

The currency in the shop is contribution points. Players gain contribution points for each of the preparation activities to which they contribute. A maximum of 174 to 180 points is available each day for members, 60 points from medals, 60 points from construction, and 54 to 60 (depending on luck) from catering. A maximum of 114 to 120 is available each day for non-members.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There was a bug which prevented people from helping Oomad Arrow on consecutive days. It was patched on 13 July 2012.