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RuneFest 2016 was the 6th annual RuneScape convention, and was held on 17 September 2016 at Battersea Evolution in London. It was announced on 8 July 2016 and had an Eastern Lands theme.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The in game popup advertising the event

Venue[edit | edit source]

RuneFest 2016 was held for the first time at Battersea Evolution (Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ). The Night Before RuneFest party was again held at Namco Funscape (Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB).

Tickets[edit | edit source]

Tickets to RuneFest cost £99 per person,[1] and tickets to the Night Before RuneFest party cost £25.[2] A combined ticket to both events cost £120. In contrast to previous events, tickets, hotel rooms, and flights to London could not be bought with bonds,[3] a change neither financially motivated[4] nor related to Shandong Hongda's potential acquisition of Jagex.

The Night Before[edit | edit source]

The Night Before RuneFest party was held at Namco Funscape, London (Riverside Buildings, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB), on Friday 16th September 19:00 - Saturday 17th September 00:00 (BST).

Attendees received a free drink, and had unlimited access to the bowling, dodgems, table tennis, pool tables, and arcade machines in the venue.

Main event[edit | edit source]

The event started at 10:00 on Saturday 17th September, and finished at 23:00 the same day. It was streamed live on RuneScape's Twitch channel, and recordings of the stage sessions were put up on RuneScape's YouTube channel after the event.

Livestream viewers could unlock the RuneFest Foo Lion pet by redeeming the code RFLiveStream2016 from Diango.

Food and drink could be purchased from various vendors inside the venue, and a cloakroom was available for attendees to store their items. There was free WiFi available throughout the venue, and gaming computers for attendees to use.

Goodie bag[edit | edit source]

The goodie bag contents.
Lanyard details.
Lanyard details.

Upon arrival, attendees received:

  • RuneFest 2016 lanyard
  • RuneFest 2016 wristband
  • Lei
  • RuneFest 2016 goodie bag

The goodie bag included:

Revealed future updates[edit | edit source]

Schedule[edit | edit source]

Main stage[edit | edit source]

Time (BST) Topic Mods
10:30 Introduction
11:00 Big Kick-Off
11:20 RuneScape's Rest of the Year
12:00 RuneScape Combat Showcase Mod Daze, Mod Deg, Mod Harrison, Mod Ollie, Mod Pi, Mod Ramen
13:00 Streamer & Video Maker Q&A
14:00 Old School reveals
15:30 RS3 reveals Mod Mark, Mod Osborne, Mod Conor
16:45 Last Man Standing tournament
17:30 Golden Gnome Awards

Secondary stage[edit | edit source]

Time (BST) Topic Mods
11:30 - 11:45 Idle Adventures
12:00 - 12:45 The Future of RuneScape Skilling Mod Deg, Mod Timbo, Mod Jack
13:00 - 13:45 Ask the Artists
14:00 - 14:45 RuneScape Lore Corner Mod Ollie, Mod Osborne, Mod Stu, Mod Raven, Mod Rowley, Mod Chaose
15:00 - 15:45 Chronicle Q&A and Card Painting

Skilling chips[edit | edit source]

As with previous RuneFests, skilling chips were awarded for completing various activities around the venue. This years chips represented The Arc islands.

Island Activity
Aminishi Hit your target

Using a bow and suction-cup arrow, hit the archery target.

Cyclosis Take a photo with the parrot

Get a photo taken with the parrot in the jungle area.

Goshima Collect JMods by completing their tasks

Collect 8 JMod signatures in the Hunt the JMod booklet, and hand in at Waiko Trading Post.

Island Search in the sand for lost treasures

Find a coin in the sand pits.

Tuai Leit Knock your enemies' skulls to the floor

Knock a skull off the stand with a ball.

Turtles Hunt the Penguins hiding from you

Find 7 penguins around RuneFest. Rearrange the letters on them into a word, then hand into Waiko Trading Post. The word was: FIFTEEN.

Waiko Catch a little fishie

Catch a fish using the magnetic fishing pole by the galleon.

Whale Capture a skull with your hoop

Hoopla a skull.

RuneFest 2016 logo Show the other eight skilling chips at the Waiko Trading Post.

Activities[edit | edit source]

A map of the venue.

There were various other activities and areas around the venue, including:

  • Photobooth
  • Art area
  • Burthorpe Games Room (Gaming area)
  • Virtual reality area
  • Chronicle: RuneScape Legends area
  • RuneScape: Idle Adventures area
    • RuneScape:Idle Adventures mobile beta sign-up
  • SpecialEffect
  • A large board for attendees to draw and write on

Entertainment acts, including actors dressed as fish on stilts, a troll, and a large One-Eyed Willy could also be found roaming the venue.

Merchandise[edit | edit source]

Players were able to purchase RuneScape-themed merchandise at the event.[5]

Item Price
Old School postcards (3 types) £1.00
RS3 postcards (3 types) £1.00
Chronicle postcards (3 types) £1.00
RuneScape: Idle Adventures postcards (1 type) £1.00
Monsters of RuneScape Top Trumps cards £1.00
RuneFest 2014 velvet pouch £1.00
RuneFest 2016 silicon wristband £2.00
Foam Party Hat £3.00
PK Skull keyring £3.00
Old School wristband £3.00
RS3 wristband £3.00
Gods badge set £4.00
Old school badge set £4.00
Runes badge set £4.00
RuneScape badge set £4.00
Skills badge set £4.00
Stadium cup £4.00
Art prints £5.00
RuneFest 2016 enamel keyring £5.00
RuneFest 2016 mug £5.00
RuneFest 2016 mousemat £7.00
RuneFest 2016 shot glass £7.00
RuneFest 2016 beanie £8.00
RuneFest 2016 skill chip presentation box £10.00
RuneFest 2016 slouch beanie £10.00
1v1 Me In The Wildy green t-shirt £10.00
Eat Sleep Scape Repeat t-shirt £10.00
Gnome child t-shirt £10.00
Level Up black t-shirt £10.00
PK Skull t-shirt £10.00
RuneScape t-shirt £10.00
Worst Update Ever t-shirt £10.00
RuneFest 2014 hat £15.00
RuneFest 2016 t-shirt £15.00
RuneScape glass tankard £15.00
RuneFest bobblehat £15.00
Old School t-shirt £15.00
Armadyl hat £16.00
Bandos hat £16.00
Saradomin hat £16.00
Seren hat £16.00
Zaros hat £16.00
Level Up hoodie £16.00
Foam sword £19.00
RuneFest 2016 snapback £20.00
Old School hoodie £24.00
Pack Yak plushie £24.00
RuneFest 2016 hoodie £24.00

After party[edit | edit source]

The after party featured fire dancers, a balloon drop, with prizes, and Beat A Maxx.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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