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On 1 April 2010, an announcement was made via the RuneScape homepage about the Theme Park "Wet 'n' Wildy" they were releasing, along with a poll with four funny multi-choice questions and a developer's blog on the matter. The Developer Blog stated the park would be opened in '5th quarter of 2010'. Considering there is only 4 quarters in a year, this was meant to show it as a hoax.

Many players flooded into the forums, believing that it was true. Later on, one of the forum mods admitted it to be a joke and the article was edited telling everyone it was a joke, and that a "Wet 'n' Wildy" wallpaper would be released soon.

The next day, Jagex released an announcement stating that the theme park was just an April Fools joke, and there is not a Runescape-themed theme park.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the poll, you could choose in the question "Who would you like to see there?" and you could answer "Leeroy Jenkins", a reference to the World of Warcraft player who infamously got himself killed by charging into a fight while using his name as a battlecry.
  • In the poll, you could choose in the question "We have room for one more ride. Which of these would you most like to see in the park?" and you could answer "Roflcopters - Woot! LOL! I can see my house from here! WINZORZ!", which also is a reference to a popular internet meme.
  • In the developers blog, it was said that Mod MMG changed his RuneScape name to ThemePark2010. This is obviously fake since ThemePark2010 has 13 characters which does not suit the 12 character limit.
  • The name of the Moderator who wrote the blog, Mod Paupersen, is an anagram name which, when unscrambled, becomes 'Made-up Person.'
  • At the centre of the park you can see the stone of Jas. This could be a reference to the iconic geosphere at Walt Disney World's Epcot.
  • Wet n' Wildy is a spoof off the name of a Florida-based water theme park, Wet 'n Wild.
  • The magic hat on the left side of the map could be a reference to the then-erected Sorcerer's Hat at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios.