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The 2019 Christmas event is the Christmas event for 2019. It consists of different activities, including finding lost Christmas presents for rewards and a giant Christmas cracker at Varrock's Grand Exchange.

When logging in during 25 December, players would be greeted with the following message:
Merry Wintumber from the RuneScape team!

Activities[edit | edit source]

Present Hide and Seek[edit | edit source]

Every day during the event, a pile of presents appears somewhere in the world. Taking the pile and talking to Santa Claus afterwards in Varrock's Grand Exchange gives a daily reward. Presents from previous days are still available for the duration of the event.

The reward for finding each present is 80 Christmas Cracker papers. Finding and handing in the 5th and 10th presents granted players additional rewards, which are listed below.

5. [Name] the Merry title.

10. Christmas jumper (Rudolph)

The presents have a bigger red dot than normal loot on the mini-map and a loot beam when the player moves closer. The presents must be found and clicked to transport them to Santa, and then the player must talk to him directly at the Grand Exchange to claim their prize. Once the prize is clicked, the red dot on the mini-map does not disappear.

Day Location Image
1 Near the memorial fountain north of Lumbridge Castle. Present Hide and Seek 1.png
2 By the west entrance of Al Kharid, north of the bank. Present Hide and Seek 2.png
3 Outside the Lumbridge east farm on the east side of the River Lum. Present Hide and Seek 3.png
4 Inside the Jolly Boar Inn north-east of Varrock. Present Hide and Seek 4.png
5 On the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of Varrock Palace above the entrance. Present Hide and Seek 5.png
6 Inside the Wise Old Man's house in Draynor Village. Present Hide and Seek 6.png
7 Gate entrance south of Draynor Manor. Present Hide and Seek 7.png
8 Inside the Falador cabbage patch south of Falador. Present Hide and Seek 8.png
9 East of the player-owned port portal in Port Sarim. Present Hide and Seek 9.png
10 Rimmington centre, outside of the general store. Present Hide and Seek 10.png
11 Falador Park, south-east of the tree patch. Present Hide and Seek 11.png
12 Inside Falador Castle, north of the ranges on the ground floor. Present Hide and Seek 12.png
13 On top of Ice Mountain at the southern end (west of Edgeville teleport or Lassar Teleport). Present Hide and Seek 13.png
14 By Bandos's remains, south-east of Goblin Village. Present Hide and Seek 14.png
15 Next to The Lady of the Lake, south-east of Taverley. Present Hide and Seek 15.png
16 Next to the range in Burthorpe, south-east of the lodestone and east of Mistress Fara. Present Hide and Seek 16.png
17 Burthorpe mine, inside entrance. Present Hide and Seek 17.png
18 Top floor of the Wizards' Tower. Present Hide and Seek 18.png
19 Duke Horacio's Bedroom, 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Lumbridge Castle. Present Hide and Seek 19.png
20 Outside of Gertrude's house in Varrock. Present Hide and Seek 20.png
21 Outside of Citharede Abbey's gate. Present Hide and Seek 21.png

Giant Christmas cracker[edit | edit source]

A giant Christmas cracker can be found at the north-eastern section of the Grand Exchange.

The following message is shown upon login during the duration of the Christmas event:
Game announcement.png Help Santa build his giant Christmas cracker at the Grand Exchange so that it can be opened for rewards!

Heralds promote the event around some of the lodestones.

While skilling, every approximately two to three minutes, players will earn 20-30 Christmas cracker paper. These act like other event currencies and can be added to currency pouch. If there is no space in the inventory, they will be automatically transported to the bank.

Adding paper to the cracker will grant Construction experience. At level 99 Construction, the player will earn 10 experience per paper added without bonuses.

100 Christmas cracker paper must be added to be eligible for a Christmas cracker crate from the Christmas cracker. The Christmas cracker crate contains rewards rolled three times from the loot table and will be retained until it is claimed by revisiting the Christmas cracker. The crate must be claimed before paper can be added again.

The Christmas cracker text will display a range to give a rough estimate to how much has been contributed to the cracker. The Christmas cracker paper can be inspected to see the exact percentage complete in the current Christmas cracker. The inspect option can also be used to teleport directly to the Christmas cracker for free.

The interface that appears when pulling a Christmas cracker.

Once the cracker reaches 100%, a small event occurs at its location. It is possible to pull from either side of the cracker. There is an overlay to show the number of players on each end of the cracker actively pulling. This typically takes three to five minutes to complete and grants Construction experience for the duration. Experience rates are dependent on level and how evenly dispersed the players are on each side of the cracker. At level 99 Construction with a near-even dispersion, the player will gain 300 Construction experience per tick not including bonuses. The fuse on the overlay will burn down, and at the expiration of the fuse, the cracker will pop open, presenting a chest that can be looted.

Snowboards[edit | edit source]

Snowboards can be worn during the event.

Other[edit | edit source]

Several features from previous Christmas events were active, such as certain NPCs wearing Santa hats and other Christmas decorations, normal and oak trees having snow and being decorated, and the developer console having snow fall in the background.

The following NPCs received the decorations:

Unlike during the previous year's event, Nex's Ice Prison attack or the ice demons' stalagmite attacks weren't replaced with presents, and Prifddinas didn't receive the festive decorations.

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