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Game Jam is a community event hosted by Jagex that showcases potential upcoming content, made by Jagex Moderators in a weekend-long hackathon. Jagex Moderators show early stage development of their ideas for content during livestreams, as well as taking player feedback and suggestions for future updates.

Game Jams[edit | edit source]

Event Start End Notes
Game Jam (2019) 10 October 2019 24 October 2019 N/A
Game Jam (October 2018) 18 October 2018 22 October 2018 Main focus was on "dailyscape", increasing combat diversity, and tidying up various game areas[1]
Game Jam (April 2018) 14 April 2018 18 April 2018 [2][3][4]
Game Jam (2017) 17 February 2017 20 February 2017 Coincided with a Double XP Weekend

References[edit | edit source]