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This article is about the smithing skill. For information on training smithing, see Smithing training (F2P) (P2P).

Smithing is an artisan skill through which players may create a wide variety of items from ore and metal bars. It is the companion skill of Mining, which generates raw material that are used in Smithing. Ores acquired from Mining are smelted into metal bars at furnaces, and then hammered into items at anvils. Many smithable items are useful in combat, quests, and the training of a number of other skills such as Crafting and Fletching.

The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at approximately rank 1,268,274) on the hiscores for Smithing is level 15. As of 24 January 2019, there are 143,327 current members that have achieved level 99 in Smithing. There are 4,580 current members that have achieved level 120 in Smithing.

Smithing is divided into two distinct processes: smelting ores into bars, and working those bars into various items. Both processes give Smithing experience. The metal bank is used to store up to a max stack of each type of ore and bar. Regular and noted items can be deposited into the metal bank. When smelting or smithing ores and bars are used directly from the metal bank.

Smelting ores[edit | edit source]


Ores obtained from the Mining skill can be refined into metal bars at any furnace in RuneScape. The extreme heat exposure and pressure of a furnace is enough to melt the valuable metals contained within the various ores, separate them from the rock, and pool them into bars, which are extracted from the furnace as the final product. Each bar is created from at least two ores.

Product Level Primary ore Secondary ore Tertiary ore
Bronze bar.pngBronze bar 1 1 x Copper ore.pngCopper ore 1 x Tin ore.pngTin ore
Iron bar.pngIron bar 10 2 x Iron ore.pngIron ore
Steel bar.pngSteel bar 20 1 x Iron ore.pngIron ore 1 x Coal.pngCoal
Mithril bar.pngMithril bar 30 1 x Mithril ore.pngMithril ore 1 x Coal.pngCoal
Adamant bar.pngAdamant bar 40 1 x Adamantite ore.pngAdamantite ore 1 x Luminite.pngLuminite
Rune bar.pngRune bar 50 1 x Runite ore.pngRunite ore 1 x Luminite.pngLuminite
Orikalkum bar.pngOrikalkum bar 60 1 x Orichalcite ore.pngOrichalcite ore 1 x Drakolith.pngDrakolith
Necronium bar.pngNecronium bar 70 1 x Necrite ore.pngNecrite ore 1 x Phasmatite.pngPhasmatite
Bane bar.pngBane bar 80 2 x Banite ore.pngBanite ore
Elder rune bar.pngElder rune bar 90 1 x Rune bar.pngRune bar 1 x Light animica.pngLight animica 1 x Dark animica.pngDark animica
A player smelting ore in a furnace.

Smelting gives a small amount of Smithing experience. The base smelting rate is one bar per four ticks/2.4 seconds; however at higher Smithing levels players unlock a 50 and then 100% chance of smelting bars in 3 ticks. Superheat Form can further reduce the time taken to smelt a bar by one tick.

Upon achieving certain Smithing levels players unlock a 10% chance of smelting double bars. Additional bars grant Smithing experience as normal. If the player's inventory does not have space to hold additional bars generated then they will go directly into the ore bank.

Chance Bars
10% 2
1% 4
0.1% 8
0.01% 16
0.001% 32

Forging items[edit | edit source]

A player forging metal bars into items at an anvil.
For a comprehensive list of smithable items, see this article.

Any of the many anvils scattered across RuneScape can be used to work bars into a variety of items. A hammer is required; one stored in the tool belt will work. While using an anvil players will make progress towards creating an item; indicated via a blue progress bar above their character. A base of 10 progress is awarded per strike of the anvil; with an item being created once the player has made sufficient progress to fill their progress bar. At certain levels the base progress per strike increases from 10 to 11 for some types of bar. A luminite injector can further increase this to 12.

Different types of items require different numbers of bars to make; the amount of time taken to smith an item and the experience gained from doing so scales with the number of bars required. For example, a longsword, which requires 2 bars, takes twice as long as to create as boots, which require 1 bar, but gives double the experience. Therefore, no matter which type of item you create from a type of bar, the experience per hour should remain around the same.

Heat[edit | edit source]

At level 10 Smithing players unlock the heat mechanic. A yellow bar above the character displays how much heat is stored in the item being smithed. Heat decreases as the player works on an item, but can be refilled at the forges which are located near to each anvil. In-progress items usually begin on 0 heat, but players with high enough Smithing levels will create items with the highest possible heat instead. The level required for each metal is shown in the following table.

Metal Level to create items at full heat
Bronze bar.pngBronze 6 Smithing[heat 1]
Iron bar.pngIron 16 Smithing
Steel bar.pngSteel 28 Smithing
Mithril bar.pngMithril 36 Smithing
Adamant bar.pngAdamant 41 Smithing
Rune bar.pngRune 59 Smithing
Orikalkum bar.pngOrikalkum 63 Smithing
Necronium bar.pngNecronium 76 Smithing
Bane bar.pngBane 87 Smithing
Elder rune bar.pngElder rune 98 Smithing
  1. ^ The heat mechanic does not become available until level 15 Smithing, at which point this has already been unlocked.

Every time the anvil is struck, which happens every two game ticks, 10 heat is lost and some amount of progress is made. Maintaining a high heat increases the amount of progress made per strike.

Heat Progress Multiplier Progress Made Per Strike
High 67%-100% 20
Medium 34%-66% 15
Low 1%-33% 10
Zero 0% 5

Refilling from 0-100% heat takes 6 ticks. For each type of bar, this decreases to 4 ticks and then 2 ticks, dependent on Smithing level.

Metal Level to work Level for faster heating Level for fastest heating
Bronze bar.pngBronze 1 Smithing 3 Smithing[heat 1] 7 Smithing[heat 1]
Iron bar.pngIron 10 Smithing 12 Smithing[heat 1] 18 Smithing
Steel bar.pngSteel 20 Smithing 22 Smithing 26 Smithing
Mithril bar.pngMithril 30 Smithing 35 Smithing 39 Smithing
Adamant bar.pngAdamant 40 Smithing 42 Smithing 44 Smithing
Rune bar.pngRune 50 Smithing 54 Smithing 58 Smithing
Orikalkum bar.pngOrikalkum 60 Smithing 67 Smithing 69 Smithing
Necronium bar.pngNecronium 70 Smithing 73 Smithing 78 Smithing
Bane bar.pngBane 80 Smithing 82 Smithing 85 Smithing
Elder rune bar.pngElder rune 90 Smithing 93 Smithing 96 Smithing
  1. ^ a b c The heat mechanic does not become available until level 15 Smithing, at which point this has already been unlocked.

Heat is capped at a certain amount, which differes from player to player. Its base value depends on a player's Firemaking and Smithing levels, and varies between 306, with level 1 Firemaking and Smithing, and 894, with level 99 Firemaking and Smithing. % for heat scales off the player's maximum heat value.

Maximum Heat Calculator
Smithing level name=skillstat_Smithing_level|type=int|value=1|range=1,99|size=4|sublist=init
Firemaking level name=skillstat_Firemaking_level|type=int|value=1|range=1,99|size=4|sublist=init

The smithing auto-heater can be used to help maintain low levels of heat; as it automatically refills 1/3 of a player's maximum heat every that time that heat is depleted. This uses five coal per refill, which is taken from the player's inventory or ore box. Superheat Form can be used in conjunction with this to maintain medium heat.

Upgrading smithed equipment[edit | edit source]

Regular items created through Smithing are "base items". Base items can then be upgraded a number of times, the number of times is dependent on metal tier/type.

Level Metal Number of upgrades
1 Bronze bar.pngBronze bar 0
10 Iron bar.pngIron bar 1
20 Steel bar.pngSteel bar 1
30 Mithril bar.pngMithril bar 2
40 Adamant bar.pngAdamant bar 2
50 Rune bar.pngRune bar 3
60 Orikalkum bar.pngOrikalkum bar 3
70 Necronium bar.pngNecronium bar 4
80 Bane bar.pngBane bar 4
90 Elder rune bar.pngElder rune bar 5

Each upgraded item is created from the previous version and a number of bars. The number of bars required is dependent on the type of item being upgraded. Upgraded items' tier is increased by 1, but the levels required to use them remain the same.

Bars Required Cumulative Bar Cost for +5
Base +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Gauntlets, boots 1 1 2 4 8 16 32
Longsword, mace, sword, scimitar, warhammer, battleaxe, claw, hatchet, pickaxe, helm, full helm 2 2 4 8 16 32 64
Platelegs, plateskirt, square shield, kiteshield 3 3 6 12 24 48 96
2H sword 4 4 8 16 32 64 128
Platebody, chainbody 5 5 10 20 40 80 160

Upgrading equipment requires a differing amount of progress from the base item, while requiring more bars, meaning more xp/hr.

Base +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Percentage of progress required 100% 80% 100% 120% 140% 160%
Percentage of xp/hit 100% 125% 200% 250% 285.7% 312.5%

Experience and progress values[edit | edit source]

As mentioned previously, the bar cost for an item has a direct effect on the total progress that the player is required to make, and the experience that is gained from doing so. While smithing an item the anvil is struck every 2 ticks, and each strike grants progress based on the player's current heat. Upon each strike 10 heat is lost and experience is gained. The amount of experience gained is uniform throughout the process. Once the required amount of progress has been made, the finished item is created.

Level Metal Experience gained per bar Progress required per bar
1 Bronze bar.pngBronze 15 100
10 Iron bar.pngIron 40 200
20 Steel bar.pngSteel 75 300
30 Mithril bar.pngMithril 120 400
40 Adamant bar.pngAdamant 170 500
50 Rune bar.pngRune 240 600
60 Orikalkum bar.pngOrikalkum 350 700
70 Necronium bar.pngNecronium 500 800
80 Bane bar.pngBane 700 900
90 Elder rune bar.pngElder rune 1,000 1,000

Masterwork armour[edit | edit source]

With level 99 Smithing and completion of While Guthix Sleeps, players can create tier 90 power armour called masterwork armour. The process of creating the armour is complicated and time consuming, and gives only token experience as it is not intended to be a training method for the skill. The ability to smith it is unlocked after the player has smithed each elder rune armour piece from scratch, from a regular version through to a +5 version. Masterwork armour can then be created through a long process of upgrading different materials:

  1. Combining a variety of regular bars to smelt concentrated alloy bars, which can then be smelted together to form enriched alloy bars.
  2. Enriched alloy bars can be combined to immaculate alloy bars, which are then folded to make glorious bars.
  3. Glorious bars can be smithed to make untempered masterwork armour pieces. Untempered masterwork pieces can be combined with leather to make lined masterwork armour pieces.
  4. Lined masterwork armour pieces are combined with leather to create unfinished masterwork armour pieces
  5. Masterwork rivets, unfinished masterwork pieces, and lined masterwork pieces can be smithed to create a piece of masterwork armour.

Masterwork armour can be upgraded to tier 92 trimmed masterwork equipment. This is done by adding masterwork trim; which is created from components obtained from melting down torva and malevolent armour pieces. The process is simpler and quicker than creating masterwork armour, but still requires level 99 Smithing.

Armour spikes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Armour spike

At level 90 Smithing players can create armour spikes from elder rune bars. Armour spikes are consumable items that can be stored in the ammo slot or inventory. Each time that the player is attacked by an enemy on an adjacent square, damage is dealt. The amount of damage dealt is dependent on the player's Smithing level.

Smithing equipment[edit | edit source]

The following items provide additional experience or other beneficial effects when smithing:

  • Blacksmith's outfit - up to 5% additional Smithing experience, dependent on the number of outfit pieces equipped.
  • Brawling gloves (Smithing) - give bonus experience; up to 300% while in the Deep Wilderness, from a minimum of 50% outside of the Wilderness.
  • Ring of forging - reduces the number of iron ores needed to make a bar from 2 to 1.
  • Modified blacksmith's helmet - +1% double bar chance when smelting.
  • Smelting gauntlets - when equipped smelted bars are automatically deposited into the metal bank and up to 60 bars can be smelted at a time in the Make-X interface, instead of 28.
  • Smelting urns fill up as the player smelts bars; they can then be teleported away to receive additional experience.
  • Superheat Form - reduces the time it takes to smelt a bar by one tick. The player also gets increased progress multipliers at low and medium heat thresholds.
  • Varrock armour - increased chance of smelting double bars and chance of a strike granting double progress when smithing.
  • Smithing auto-heater - consumes coal to maintain higher levels of heat automatically.
  • Scroll of efficiency - upon finishing smithing an item, there is 2% chance for every bar required to make the item of that bar being refunded.
  • Perfect juju smithing potion - +5% chance of double progress when smithing.
  • Crystal hammer - +1% chance for double progress when smithing any core metal.
  • Smithing cape perk - whenever reheating an unfinished smithing item, the next strike generates +5 base progress
  • Invention perks:
    • Rapid - heat is lost twice as fast, but progress is earned 5-15% faster.
    • Tinker - 2-6% chance of making double progress.
    • Breakdown - When smithing the player has a 0.8-4% chance (depending on the number of bars required to make the item) of obtaining the same components that would be gained if the item were disassembled, whilst keeping the item.

Blast Furnace[edit | edit source]

Main article: Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace is a minigame located in Keldagrim that closely involves the Smithing skill. Players operate a large furnace with which to smelt ores. Its benefit is the ability to smelt bars from iron to rune without using secondary ores such as coal or luminite.

Artisans Workshop[edit | edit source]

Main article: Artisans Workshop

The Artisans Workshop is a social hub and guild for the Smithing skill. It contains conveniently located anvils and forges and a bank for Smithing training. the eastern part of the building forms the guild, which has a level 40 Smithing requirement to access. Here players can make burial equipment on the burial anvils. Fully upgraded armour items are worked using no additional materials in a process that requires half the progress of creating the maximum tier item, while also giving the same amount of experience as is given by creating that item. The item is then destroyed. The best use of this is to create burial armour sets; this is the best Smithing training method available.

Other uses of Smithing[edit | edit source]

A player using the Smithing skill to forge a dragon platebody.

Cape of Accomplishment[edit | edit source]

A player wearing a Smithing cape (t) and performing the Skillcape emote.

Upon reaching 99 Smithing, players may buy the Smithing Cape of Accomplishment from Thurgo in his house near Mudskipper Point for 99,000 coins.

Smithing is currently ranked #17 out of 26 among skills in which players have level 99. This makes it somewhat rare, possibly due to the large investment of time and/or money required to train the skill.

Skilling pet[edit | edit source]

Smithy chathead.png
Main article: Smithy

Like all skills, there is a skilling pet obtainable from training this skill. The pet for the Smithing skill is called Smithy.

Money making[edit | edit source]

Also, for a table showing profits made smithing certain items, see Smithing/Smithing tables

Temporary boosts[edit | edit source]

Main article: Temporary skill boost
  • A dwarven stout will raise Mining and Smithing by 1 level.
  • A mature dwarven stout will raise Mining and Smithing by 2 levels.
  • A god banner will raise Smithing by 2 levels.
  • An orange spicy stew can temporarily raise Smithing by up to 5; however, it can also decrease it by up to 5.
  • Using the 'Boost' option on a Smithing cape will boost Smithing by 1 level, although 99 Smithing is required.

See also[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the early days, Smithing was considered one of the best skills for making money. As such, Jagex deliberately kept anvils and furnaces far away from each other in an attempt to prevent people from levelling Smithing too quickly.
  • For a time after the release of RuneScape 2 through around 2006, the in-game skill guide for Smithing had a tab for smithing black equipment, although this is not possible.
  • On 5 November 2007, the Smith-X option was released. This allowed more than 10 items to be forged on an anvil at a time.
Audio options icon.png
Smithing Level up
The sound that plays after gaining a Smithing level.
  • On 8 March 2011, Smithing had a large update which presented ceremonial swords, burial armour, cannon repair and track making.[1]
  • During the January 2011 RuneFest meet, Mod Mark stated that the long-awaited Smithing skill revamp had not been started, and most probably would not start development for quite some time due to the busy schedules of the development team. Smithing did have a large update on 8 March 2011, but it was not the expected revamp. An update was started in 2016, but was delayed until 2017 to account for some new designs and player feedback. It was pushed back even further, but was eventually released on 7 January 2019.

Update history[edit | edit source]

  • patch 20 January 2009 (Update): A level-up message for Smithing was informing players the incorrect location for the Smithing Tutor.
  • patch 7 January 2019 (Update): Smithing and Mining Rework

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Mod Mark H. "Smithing skill revamp!." 1 February 2010. RuneScape Forums.