Nomad's Elegy

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Nomad's Elegy (#206)
Nomad's Elegy.png
Also calledNE
Release date15 February 2016 (Update)
Voice OverNo
Official seriesSliske's Game #11
Quest seriesSliske
AgeSixth Age
TimelineWorld Guardian
Start areaEdgeville
CombatNPC combat level 200+
Entity iconNomad's Elegy entity icon.png
Advanced data
Quest ID382
Quest create ID219
Official difficultyMaster

Nomad's Elegy is the sequel to Nomad's Requiem and revolves around the return of the scourge of souls following his earlier defeat. It features Nomad and his plan to siphon every soul from all over Gielinor and its underworlds into the Soul obelisk. The player teams up with Death, Icthlarin, Zanik, and several dead characters to lay siege to Icthlarin's fortress, which was taken by Nomad, and stop his plans. It involves a fight against Nomad, which has multiple stages and checkpoints.

Official description[edit | edit source]

Whenever Nomad is around, the very fabric of Gielinor is sure to be in peril. This time, he's trying to harness energy from all the deceased souls in Gielinor. In this new quest, travel to the afterlife, ally with the dead, lay siege to his fortress in the Underworld and stop this madness in its tracks!

But your path will not be a set one. Do you have what it takes to make some difficult choices? And what connection will your decisions have on Sliske's Scoreboard and that nefarious Mahjarrat's mad game? There's only one way to find out…

Overview[edit | edit source]

Trouble brewing[edit | edit source]

Zimberfizz (freed) chathead.png

To start the quest, speak to Zimberfizz, the small red imp located in the Soul Wars lobby, which can be accessed through the portal in Edgeville.

Zimberfizz explains that the Soul obelisk is being a little strange, so you are asked to look around the throne room by investigating the tent to the north-east of the lobby.

You and Zimberfizz are hit by an explosion.

Inside the room, there are several different points of interest that can be investigated. The progress of finding the clues you need are indicated to you as you find them. The room contains strange emissions, crystals, fading footprints, and the Nomad's throne that need investigating.

Upon investigating the fourth clue, you make a realisation about the events that transpired, and you and Zimberfizz are killed via an explosion and transported to Death's office. At this point, if you return to the Soul Wars lobby, you will find Zimberfizz replaced by his remains (a pile of ashes), which can still be interacted with as if it is the minigame host, except that there is no response dialogue, and the player continues the conversation as if nothing has changed.

Nomad's plan[edit | edit source]

Icthlarin chathead.png
Meeting with Icthlarin and Death

Inside the office, you find both Icthlarin and Death discussing Nomad. Death explains that Nomad has created an army and brought it and the soul obelisk to the Underworld, in an attempt to seize Icthlarin's fortress. Nomad is absorbing all of the souls in the underworld of anyone who has died on Gielinor. In an attempt to stop it, Icthlarin is trying to shield as many souls as possible.

However, Icthlarin cannot do enough to stop Nomad and requires the player's help in defeating Nomad, by taking back Icthlarin's fortress and killing him for the final time. You will require an army, as Nomad has members of the Order of Ascension fighting by his side, described as "religious fanatics".

Icthlarin states that he has set up a headquarters over the River Noumenon, accessible through the door in Death's office, and will ask you to go through there to begin preparations for the fight against Nomad. If you are disconnected and need to return to this location, just select the teleport portal that leads to Death's Office (this does not work from War's Retreat).

Gathering allies[edit | edit source]

When you enter the area, speak to Death again who will provide information about what exactly you need to do. He explains that the river allows souls to be transported to Icthlarin's fortress. As Nomad has taken control of the fortress, you will need to collect allies by taking them (through lost souls that haven't made it across the river) from their afterlives.

There are 2 choices which can be picked in any order:

  • Limbo - take the Dusty Jetty on north-west pier. Examine: The boat seems dusty and almost forgotten. Allies are Korasi, Jessika, Xenia, and Hazelmere.
  • Bandosian afterlife - take the Bloodstained Jetty on north-east pier. Examine: The boat seems strangely angry, as though it leads to a place of war. Ally is Zanik.

Limbo[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Combat equipment and food

Go northwest to the dock. Select "embark" on the dock itself and set sail to the afterlife in order to be transported to an alternate version of Lumbridge Castle and the surrounding area, known as Limbo.

The "embark" option is difficult to see and is not on the boat; it is a click-space that appears to be on the tiles that are on the dock. Low-detail users might experience difficulty when attempting to progress.

After arriving in Limbo, go north into the castle area and speak to Astrid or Brand (depending on who you married during Throne of Miscellania). They have "crossed afterlives" to find the player and help fight Nomad. They ask you to speak to three souls and help them remember various information about themselves, in order to recruit them as an ally to your cause.

The three people you need to talk to within this area are Jessika or Korasi (depending on the outcome of The Void Stares Back), Xenia, and Hazelmere.

Void memories[edit | edit source]

Void knight seal (8) detail.png

Speak to Jessika/Korasi, located in the alternate version of Bob's Brilliant Axes. She will have no motivation to do anything any more, so you need to find something that is worth fighting for. In order to help her, you will need to recover her memory fragments.

Head south-west of the Lumbridge Castle grounds and find Wizard Grayzag.

The following sections are based on which character you have spoken to:

Korasi's memories[edit | edit source]

Korasi chathead.png

Confront Grayzag on behalf of Korasi by stating that he is a mere image of danger and fear in Korasi's mind. He will then raise doubt by reminding you of all innocents who died because of the Void Knight's failure. As Korasi, you respond by mentioning all the people than can be saved and are worth fighting for. Accepting that truth then causes Grayzag image to morph to Korasi herself, symbolising her acceptance. You receive the first half of her memory.

The other half of Korasi's memory is being held by an incarnation of Jessika, who can be found in the castle's main gate southern tower, on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US]. Speaking to her will reveal that Korasi has not forgotten Jessika, and still deeply cares about her. She will then give you the second half of Korasi's memory.

Use the two memory halves together, which creates her whole memory and return to Korasi.

Jessika's memories[edit | edit source]

Jessika chathead.png

Confront Grayzag on behalf of Jessika by stating that he is a mere image of danger and fear in Jessika's mind. He will then raise doubt by reminding you of all innocents who died because of the Void Knight's failure. As Jessika, you respond by mentioning all the people than can be saved and are worth fighting for. Accepting that truth then causes Grayzag image to morph to Jessika herself, symbolising her acceptance. You receive the first half of her memory.

The other half of Jessika's memory is being held by an incarnation of Korasi, who can be found in the castle's main gate southern tower, on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US]. Speaking to her will reveal that Jessika has not forgotten Korasi, and still deeply cares about her. She will then give you the second half of Jessika's memory.

Use the two memory halves together, which creates her whole memory and return to Jessika.

Xenia's memories[edit | edit source]

Xenia chathead.png

Speak to Xenia, located inside the dining room of the Lumbridge Castle (prominently used in Recipe for Disaster). She seems to have forgotten her name and the "stories" of her adventures. In order to help Xenia, you will need to recover memory fragments belonging to her.

Fighting Xenia's shame

Go upstairs to the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] and attempt to open the chest in Duke Horacio's room. You will be attacked by Xenia's Guilt. After you defeat it, pick up the Guilt ridden key it drops, open and search the chest. You will find the first half of Xenia's memories. If you attempt to open the chest without the key in your inventory, the guilt will attack again. With the key in your inventory, open the chest to recover the first memory fragment belonging to Xenia.

Go upstairs to the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] to where the bank would be and attempt to open the chest. You will be attacked by Xenia's Shame. After you defeat it, pick up the Shame filled key it drops, open and search the chest. If you attempt to open the chest without the key in your inventory, Shame will attack again. Use the two memory halves on each other and talk to Xenia again.

Hazelmere's memories[edit | edit source]

Hazelmere chathead.png

Hazelmere is located on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Lumbridge Castle. He asks you to find the different instances of him in the world in order to help recover his memories.

After talking to him, another instance is located elsewhere on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US], whom you can speak to, allowing Hazelmere to start regaining the memories he had previously lost. After you speak to him, he will teleport away, with an energy glob indicating which direction to look for him next.

Speaking with a young incarnation of Hazelmere

Climb the stairs to the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US], and he'll be on the east side of the ramparts, near the cannons. After speaking with him, he will teleport to the 3rd floor[UK]4th floor[US] (above where the bank would normally be, climb the ladder to the side to reach him). Then he'll teleport to the top of the castle gate (go back to where you found Jessika/Korasi and keep going up the ladders to the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US]). Next he'll teleport behind Bob's Brilliant Axes. He'll then teleport behind the castle. Speak with Hazelmere again, and he'll teleport to the final location beside Astrid/Brand. Ask him to help you fight Nomad, and he will agree.

After aiding each recruit, speak to Astrid/Brand again, and Nomad will appear and kill Astrid/Brand (again). You may then leave through the portal.

Bandosian afterlife[edit | edit source]

Area of effect abilities work well here, as well as various different boosts and Prayers. It is recommended to stock up on food, weapons and armour before starting this section. This is not a safe death. If you die, you will be transported to Death's office and will either have to buy your items back or fetch them from your gravestone, which will be located just outside the office.

Protecting the cave goblins with Zanik

Recommended items: aggression potion, combat gear, such as Magic. Familiars are not allowed. Ice Barrage is highly recommended, but other Barrage spells work fine. If you are not quick with abilities, Legacy Mode is also a huge help, which is especially effective with dual wielding magic weapons that have the highest attack speed. If using dual wielding magic weapons with Legacy Mode/Momentum, remember to set the auto-cast spell to both main hand and off-hand weapon, otherwise you'll just use the main hand, not dealing damage as fast as you could. Alternatively you can also set your mode to Revolution in the EoC mode so you can automatically use abilities.

Go northeast to the other dock, which will take you to a new area.

The "embark" option is difficult to see and is not on the boat; it is a click-space that appears to be on the tiles that are on the dock. Low-detail users might experience difficulty when attempting to progress.

In this area, there are waves of opponents engaging cave goblins. You must protect the cave goblins by using various different abilities and attacks.

Three waves must be passed for you to continue the quest, and your progress is saved after each. Additionally, if you fail a phase, but you did not die, the goblins will be at "10/10 goblins" upon returning.

Each wave gets progressively more difficult and, if all of the goblins die, you will be transported back to the dock and will have to start that wave over again. You will also not regain any health if you fail to save the goblins.

In order to complete this part of the quest, it is recommended to stay in front of the tower where the cave goblins are hiding. Each wave also has a "final" unit that signifies the end of that round, so be on the lookout for them when they spawn:

Each round also has normal and sprinting enemies. Normal enemies walk towards the tower while sprinting ones make a dash for it. The sprinting enemies have less health than the normal ones, but should be killed first as they will reach the tower faster. Kill enemies as fast as you can, as they will lose interest in you if there are too many enemies attacking you at once. Area-of-effect abilities and auto-casts will easily destroy the incoming Bandosians while protecting the cave goblins from them. The Constitution ability Incite is also very helpful if you are having trouble keeping the Bandosians from killing the cave goblins.

If you still have trouble with round 1, 2 or 3, using an aggression potion might help.

Once you fend off three rounds of Bandosian attacks, Zanik will join your party.

Interrogation of Legio Septimus[edit | edit source]

Interrogating Septimus with Zanik and Xenia

After Death confirms you've gathered your allies, use the War table to interrogate Legio Septimus. In order to do this, you must get ready to manipulate, torture, or charm your way to get enough out of him. Septimus has three stats: health, sanity and willpower. They must be decreased by using various interrogation methods to force him to speak, although if you drain his health completely he will die and you will end up having to restart the interrogation. You want to bring his willpower down to 50% and sanity down to 80%, then run through the interrogation topics. If the stats drop too low, Legio Septimus may not answer the questions, so it is recommended to attempt all the questions frequently. If you stop the interrogation, all your progress is reset and must be done again. Septimus will give information when his willpower and sanity are near half drained. Once the necessary information has been obtained from Septimus, you will be prompted with the option to either kill him or let him go.

The order the options are used in can vary their effectiveness (for example: charming at max sanity will have no effect).

Action Result
Threaten Lowers Sanity
Charm Lowers Willpower
Zanik (Good Cop) Lowers Sanity
Zanik (Bad Cop) Increases Sanity
Xenia (Bad Cop) Lowers Sanity
Xenia (Good Cop) Increases Sanity
Let him recuperate a bit Recovers some of all stats
Soothe Lowers Willpower, Increases Sanity
Remove crystals Lowers some of all stats

Building the battering ram[edit | edit source]

Gathering underworld metal and wood with your allies.

Using the war table, choose two characters and help them collect metal from the Underworld rocks and wood from the Underworld root to build the battering ram. While collecting metal and wood, Nomad will talk directly to you.

Next, go to the hotspot at the front of the bridge and build the ram. Nomad will continue speaking to you as you build the ram. This will give 250 Construction experience 100 times for a total of 25,000 Construction experience. Bonus experience will work here.

Siege on Icthlarin's Fortress[edit | edit source]

Defeating the ascended on the way to Icthlarin's fortress

Plan on the War table once more. You will fight large waves of Order of Ascension and strategically place allies to fend off opposing threats.

Lead the battering ram to the first gate at Icthlarin's fortress. On the way, Nomad will taunt you and your makeshift team while Ascension members will attack the ram. If you stray too far from the ram, it will stop moving. If the ram is destroyed, you will return to the start. These Ascension members do not need 81 Slayer to kill, do not use their special abilities and even magic and melee can be used without accuracy penalties. It is still advised to use ranged or magic to clear out large mobs quickly before they can pile damage onto the ram. Once the ram reaches the outskirts of the fortress, it will smash the doors and the team will automatically move in.

If you were told about the shortcut during the interrogation with Legio Septimus, you can skip the second phase of the battering ram fight. Otherwise, you will need to continue and escort the battering ram to the portcullis a short distance away. The shortcut is accessible by going into the eastern cave where you gathered metal and wood earlier. On the northern side of this room is a small rock that will have the option to "Use Shortcut". If Legio Septimus did not tell you about this shortcut, you will not be able to interact with the rock.

Defending the battering ram from ascended while it breaks down the door into Icthlarin's fortress.

During the next phase of escorting the ram you will need to face off a large horde of Ascension members who will try to attack the ram. Ascension members will start spawning in front of you once you proceed a short distance across the bridge. Kill them and keep walking the ram towards the doors on the other side of the bridge. Once through the doors, take the ram to the portcullis a short distance away. More Ascension members will spawn when the ram reaches the portcullis. Ascension members spawn from both the sides and behind the ram, so hold them off until the ram breaks the portcullis. One way to protect the ram is by sending Death and Icthlarin to each side of the ram, and by sending the other four adventurers to the bridge. Icthlarin will use a one-hit magic attack, while Death will use a one-hit melee attack. Death will not automatically attack if he is out of melee range of a target. Position him on top of the area where the members spawn to get him to auto attack.

Another suggestion (requires level 82 Herblore) is to use an aggression potion to protect the ram. Stand on the edge of the bridge to block off all the Ascension members, and place three of your companions on each side of the ram. Either withstand or fight the attacks until the ram is finished breaking down the door.

Once the battering ram successfully batters down the door, the team automatically moves in. Zanik, Jessika/Korasi and Hazelmere stay behind to prevent the Ascended from getting in and interfering in the fight. You, Death, Icthlarin and Xenia proceed to find the abomination.

Fighting Nomad and Gielinor[edit | edit source]

Nomad chathead.png

-The fights involving you and Nomad are NOT safe deaths. In order to bank, quickly log out to the lobby and you will appear outside Death's hourglass when you log in. If you die, your gravestone will appear just outside Death's hourglass. The fights where you take control of Xenia, Death, and Icthlarin are safe and you will respawn immediately.-

You start each interim fight outside the range of Gielinor's attacks. To leave, exit through the wall portal behind you. The quest can be continued from Death's portal in Draynor Village. If you are killed by Nomad, you will continue at whichever phase you have progressed to, with Nomad at full health. After you complete the phases that require the NPCs, the player automatically resumes the fight with Nomad. You cannot teleport out when fighting Nomad, but if you can get out of combat and go to the lobby, you will appear outside death's office. If you happen to die during any Nomad phase, the player can restock on supplies. Familiars are allowed during the fights with Nomad. It might help to turn down your graphics settings for this fight, as it may cause FPS (frames per second) issues.

Nomad reveals his creation, Gielinor

It's time to stop the construct. You will fight Nomad in four matches (he has 100,000 life points in each phase), with the time between each fight leading an ally against Gielinor. To begin, run to the centre bridge to challenge Nomad. The fights with Nomad and Gielinor are not safe deaths; the ones with the allies, however, are safe.

Tips for the first three phases:

  • Bring lots of good food and perhaps a Beast of Burden filled with more food.
  • Drink combat stat boosting potions such as overloads before entering the fight to give higher damage and thus a quicker kill.
  • Nomad deals typeless damage, so protection prayers are not too useful. Soul Split helps a little bit, and you can switch to appropriate protection prayers for Gielinor's attacks, though it's recommended you just try to get out of the way.
  • Nomad hits pretty hard; for many setups the best way to reduce damage is to try and kill him as fast as possible. Because of this, using an off-hand weapon might be preferable to a shield.
  • In Phase 2 and 3, Nomad has a strong Soul Blast attack that is best dealt with using Resonance. You will need a shield for this, so it is ideal to carry both a shield and an off-hand weapon, assign hotkeys to the shield and Resonance, and switch to the shield and trigger Resonance whenever he is gearing up for his Soul Blast. He takes a while to do so, so this does not require too much speed.
  • Guthix's Blessing is a potentially useful ultimate for this fight, however the rapid consumption of food will likely keep adrenaline far below threshold unless you're using Blue blubber jellyfish or Saradomin Brew.

First combat phase[edit | edit source]

Nomad calls Gielinor to attack you.

Nomad himself uses a typeless attack that cannot be protected against via protection or deflection prayers, but its accuracy is determined by the player's magical defence rating and can be reduced using defensive abilities. Bringing a shield as a switch will save the player food.

In the first 3 Nomad battles, Nomad uses Gielinor to attack you with 2 different attacks. In the first attack Nomad will slam his hand down in the centre of the arena and shadows will appear at your destination. Shortly after, Gielinor will use a rapid-fire magic attack that deals a constant stream of 850 damage, 450 per hitsplat with Protect/Deflect Magic. In addition, Nomad will say "Feel the power of Gielinor!", teleporting the player to the middle of the bridge. Gielinor will then smash its hand at your spot, dealing around 2600-2700 melee damage. This can be avoided by moving away from the centre of the bridge (if using melee, barge or Bladed Dive can immediately bring the player into melee distance, otherwise Surge can reduce damage considerably by moving quickly) or it can be reduced through Protect/Deflect Melee, Debilitate (it must hit Nomad) or Devotion. Resonance can heal from this attack. This attack can easily be avoided when using melee, since your character will automatically run to Nomad. Once Nomad's health is reduced to 0, you take control of Xenia.

Xenia[edit | edit source]

Xenia fights the ascended at Gielinor's base

Exit through door behind to restock if needed before fighting the Ascension. You will not have access to food, prayer, weapons or armour during this battle. However, it is possible to heal Xenia (alongside Death and Icthlarin in their phases) back to full health if the Regenerate ability is used alongside the Persistent Rage relic. You have only the three specials in the box in the upper part of your window.

Xenia's responsibility is to clear the Ascended creatures at the lower floor before they realise what is going on and assist Nomad and the construct. She has three abilities, in addition to her standard magic attack:

  • Fire Blast: Hits nearby Rorarii for magic damage.
  • Shield Dome: Lowers all damage and reflects a heavy amount back to Gladii.
  • Shadow Stalk: Creates a clone of you behind a Scutarius and deals massive damage.

The arena is a square with Ascension members littering three sides of the area. To take out the members quickly and efficiently, run into the centre of the mass on each side, using each ability as soon as it is off cooldown. The Capsarii will heal their wounded members now, so get rid of their other members quickly. When Xenia attacks a Capsarii, half of the damage she inflicts on them will instead heal her. While taking out the members, Gielinor will launch red bombs near Xenia's location for 1000 damage; run out of the shaded area before it explodes. Staying farther away from the centre will give you more time to avoid the red bombs.

Once all Ascension members are killed, Xenia's role ends.

Second combat phase[edit | edit source]

Exit through door to restock if needed.

In addition to the first phase attacks, he will now also have access to his Soul Blast attack from Nomad's Requiem.

Hiding behind one of the pillars to dodge Nomad's wrath.

When Nomad says "Can you handle my wrath!", he will teleport to one of the ends of the bridge, charge an attack, and eventually use his Soul Blast projectile, which will follow and wound you for 7500 life points of typeless damage. The damage from the projectile increases to 9000 if you allowed Nomad to take a chunk off the Stone of Jas during Dishonour Among Thieves. The damage from this attack can be greatly reduced or avoided entirely by hiding behind one of the pillars at the ends of the bridge, which causes Nomad to say "Stop hiding you worm". Alternatively, you can bring a shield and use Resonance, which blocks (but does not heal from) the full hit. If Resonance is on cooldown for whatever reason, Debilitate and Reflect can reduce the damage by half, with Reflect being the preferred option as Nomad possesses high defence, making Debilitate missing quite likely.

Once Nomad reaches 0 health, you take control of Death. If you kill Nomad after he orders you to face his wrath, you will still take the full damage from his attack.

Death[edit | edit source]

Death attacks Gielinor's hand
As Death, you can only attack by pressing the displayed attack buttons, with cycling cooldowns.

Death's responsibility is to cripple the construct. He has three attacks:

  • Provoke - grabs the attention of the construct when standing precisely due north, west, south, or east on the platform.
  • Scythe Swipe - while near the hand, Death will tear out a spirit.
  • Soul Reap - Claims released spirit.

Stand directly north, west, south, and east of Gielinor to provoke the construct, then immediately move a few spaces away. If Gielinor's fist smashes Death, it can kill him if his life points are low enough and force you to start the phase over again. Once Gielinor's hand is stuck, go directly on it and use Death's scythe to tear out a spirit. Immediately claim the released spirit as Gielinor will cause the incoming area to become unstable, resulting in rubble from the floor above falling for massive, rapid damage. Once four souls have been claimed by Death, his role ends.

Third combat phase[edit | edit source]

Nomad unleashes a clone.

In addition to the previous phases' attacks, Nomad will create a clone of himself once he reaches 50,000 life points. If you kill the clone first, you will still need to defeat Nomad. If you manage to defeat Nomad first instead of the clone, the next phase begins.

This is a dangerous phase, as the player effectively takes double damage from the two Nomads attacking at once. While the clone is alive, Nomad will not teleport you to the centre of the bridge, meaning you can leave through the staircases if you are out of supplies. He will also not use his Soul Blast attack, although Gielinor will still use its area of effect Magic attack.

If you're having a tough time with taking double damage from both clones, it helps to bring the best shield you can buy and rotate Immortality, Debilitate, Resonance, and Sacrifice when not on cool-down. Cycle with Punish and Slice to build your adrenaline up for the defensive abilities.

Once Nomad reaches 0 health, you take control of Icthlarin.

Icthlarin[edit | edit source]

Icthlarin siphons souls and deflects Gielinor's attacks

As Icthlarin, you do not directly attack; instead you run around, claiming spirits and avoiding the rapidly lethal beam emitted by Gielinor. Icthlarin has two abilities:

  • Release spirits – rescues nearby spirits from Gielinor and absorbs them for personal strength
  • Shield – blocks damage from Gielinor's final attack based on the amount of spirits absorbed

Forty-nine spirits are scattered along Icthlarin's floor in groups of seven while Gielinor attempts to absorb them. Gielinor will create an absorption beam to grab nearby souls; Icthlarin can claim them by releasing the spirits. If Icthlarin is hit by Gielinor's beam, he will die and the phase will be restarted. Run around in a anti-clockwise direction from Gielinor's beam, claiming the groups of spirits while as you go. It is advised to go along the inner area so you will have to click fewer tiles, especially if you are struggling against Gielinor's beam. Once all 49 spirits are absorbed by either Icthlarin or Gielinor, Gielinor will unleash a powerful attack on you. When prompted, use his shield to block and reflect his attack. If you managed to get all 49 spirits in one go, the next phase will begin automatically as all damage is reflected back at it.

It may take more than one round, but once enough damage and spirits are absorbed, Icthlarin's role ends.

Final combat phase[edit | edit source]

The final phase consists of Nomad using only very rapid but inaccurate melee attacks, which deal up to 3000 damage each. Use Protect/Deflect Melee as Nomad can hit rather hard and fast during this phase. He will not use any more moves from his previous phases, but Gielinor will still use its magic attack. Stay on the bridge so you know when Gielinor will use his rapid-fire attack. If you struggle to defeat Nomad, Resonance, Debilitate, Reflect and Devotion can reduce the damage of his attacks. Once Nomad reaches 0 health, both of you are teleported to the centre of the bridge where Nomad collapses. If the cutscene does not occur, click on Nomad to start it.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Sliske TWW chathead.png

The player can choose to have either Death or Icthlarin kill Gielinor. Sliske will arrive and invite the player, along with Gielinor's killer (as he views the construct as a god). You are given an option to let Nomad live or die; regardless of your choice, Sliske will bring Nomad along with him, angering both Death and Icthlarin.

Once the dialogue is over, you may optionally speak with your allies before speaking with Death. Before leaving, Icthlarin will say that because Zanik was forcefully taken from the world due to Bandos' actions, he offers you the choice of allowing her a short reprieve as the Soul Obelisk caretaker due to Zimberfizz's death. If you accept, Icthlarin will allow Zanik to stay in Gielinor for a few years as the caretaker of the Soul Obelisk and as Soul Wars host, while Zimberfizz's remains are removed from the site. If you refuse, his ashes remain as the Soul Wars host.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Nomad's Elegy reward.png
Music unlocked

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Nomad's Elegy is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

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Credits[edit | edit source]

Nomad's Elegy
DeveloperMod Raven, Mod Wilson

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • patch 7 December 2020 (Update):
    • The fade out transition that plays while viewing Xenia's memory during Nomad's Elegy no longer loops infinitely after pressing 'Continue'.
  • patch 3 October 2016 (Update):
    • Corrected some minor text formatting issues with Korasi and Xenia after Nomad's Elegy.
  • patch 25 April 2016 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue during the quest that was causing the NXT client to remain on a black screen.
  • patch 7 March 2016 (Update):
    • Fixed an incorrect spelling of "Fanatics" in Nomad's Elegy.
    • Fixed a grammatical error on the options when interacting with Death's hourglass during Nomad's Elegy.
    • Fixed a typo in the interrogation sequence for Nomad's Elegy.
  • patch 22 February 2016 (Update):
    • Dying on Death's floor in Nomad's Elegy no longer causes more bombs to spawn.
    • It is no longer possible to obtain Xenia's memory after finishing Xenia's section of the quest in Nomad's Elegy.
    • Leaving a cutscene in Nomad's Elegy now correctly returns the player to Death's hourglass.
    • Corrected some poor house foundations on a Lumbridge house in Limbo in Nomad's Elegy.
    • Corrected a quest journal error in Nomad's Elegy when completing Xenia's section in Limbo in a particular order.
    • Fixed a spelling error in Jessika's chat at the end of Nomad's Elegy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Nomad's Elegy head banner.jpg
  • After completing the quest, the Adventurer's Log reads "I saved the souls of the dead and prevented the ultimate completion of Nomad's scheme."
  • This quest is rated master difficulty, while one of its requirements is Nomad's Requiem, a grandmaster level quest.
  • Whilst talking with Hazelmere just before he agrees to help you, he mentions that he does not like non-Euclidean realities and that he swore there were dogs looking at him. This is a reference to the hounds of Tindalos, creature of the Cthulhu mythos, that exist outside our universe and time. This is in turn a loose reference to Xau-Tak, which is largely based on Lovecraft's creatures.
  • The attack Nomad uses to kill Astrid in Limbo uses the same animation as the Aftershock perk.
  • When interrogating Legio Septimus, if his sanity is drained completely, he may say "How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?" which is a quote from Jaden Smith, actor Will Smith's son, on his Twitter account.
  • There is an extra option when interrogating Legio Septimus: [Use secret ravensworn handshake], to which Legio Septimus will reply, "Yes, the thirteenth moon stands ascendant. It is the shadow glass that starts the call."
  • Loot beams will activate on the shame filled and guilt ridden keys.
  • A quick examine on the various wandering souls throughout the underworld will reveal that they are the souls of NPCs whom you have done quests for in the past.
  • The quest's concept art featured Nomad, Vanstrom Klause, Colonel Grimsson, a troll, a human, and a goblin, although none of these characters, other than Nomad, appeared in the quest.
  • Icthlarin's description of the Saradominist afterlife appears to be based on a literal Biblical interpretation of the Christian heaven: a place of "endless bliss" without any conflict. It is the only afterlife description wherein the player can choose how to comment, with either "That sounds wonderful." or "That sounds horrible.". Regardless of choice, Icthlarin will offer a counterpoint to give them a balanced perspective.
  • Against the player-controlled NPC allies and in the Memory of Nomad, Gielinor uses many of the same bomb attacks as Vorago.
  • Xenia's Shadow Stalk attack is identical in name and usage to one of Vanescula Drakan's attacks during The Branches of Darkmeyer.
  • If, during the second phase of your battle with Nomad, you kill him while he is charging his Soul Blast attack, the blast will hit Death instead for 7500 or 9000 damage (as the case may be).