2008 Easter event

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The 2008 Easter event started on 18 March 2008 and ended on 31 March 2008. Players were rewarded a chocatrice cape, among other things, for completing it.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Starting[edit | edit source]

A player's head when talking in the shape of a bunny

Players had to make their way south of Falador, towards the Rimmington mine to the Easter Bunny's rabbit hole. To start the event, players had to investigate the hole.

Easter egg hunt[edit | edit source]

The Easter Bunny's bouncer asked the player to first run around Asgarnia to find 3 chocolate eggs. There were 9 altogether, but you only needed 3 to enter the hole.

There were five clues given by the bouncer to suggest locations for the eggs:

  • "One egg was for an extremely retired gentleman in Draynor Village, but nobody down in the warren seems to remember his name."
  • "One egg was to be delivered overseas. I doubt the ship has set sail yet."
  • "We've has some peculiar deliveries this year. One egg was even for Saradomin! Of course, nobody in the warren knows where Saradomin lives, so we just had to deliver the egg to a statue of him."
  • "One egg was meant to be delivered to the dwarves under Falador, but it never arrived. Maybe the delivery bunny took it to the wrong mine. He wasn't gone for long, so it can't be too far away."
  • "One rabbit said they mislaid an egg at a drop party. Always was a bit of a party animal, that one."

The eggs could have been found in the following places:

South and east:

  1. In the middle of Rimmington mine on a wheelbarrow.
  2. On the mysterious statue west of the Port Sarim fishing store.
  3. Port Sarim on a barrel on the boat to Karamja.
  4. On a rock north-east of Port Sarim near the stone wall.
  5. The 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of Wise Old Man's house in Draynor, on a book shelf.


  1. The gem store in Falador, on the counter.
  2. On a shelf in the furnace room in Falador.
  3. The 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Party Room, at the bar.
  4. On the outstretched hand of the Saradomin statue to the north of Falador.

(The three locations in italics are closest to the hole).

Returning the eggs[edit | edit source]

After the players had found the 3 eggs, they had to return them to the Easter Bunny's hole. He explained that the critters have eaten the chocolate while he was gone and that he needed to make more eggs from the eggs the players have brought him. He said that he was going to make a 'Choc-atrice'.

Hatching the chocatrice[edit | edit source]

The Chocolate mixer in the Easter Bunny's warren.
The interface used to show temperature.

Players grabbed a cockatrice egg from the pile nearby and dipped it into the large bowl of 'Molten Chocolate' (resembling a chocolate pool in the middle of the room), in turn receiving a chocatrice egg. They then had to incubate their egg in the eastern area of the warren. In order to accomplish this, players had to fill the incubator with 12 buckets of water and 12 buckets of coal, adjusting the temperature so that the chocatrice would hatch.

Messages while adjusting temperature:

  • Contains your freshly-made egg.
  • It looks like your egg is started to grow.
  • It looks like your egg is getting much larger.
  • It looks like your egg is ready to hatch.
  • You have hatched a chocatrice. Well done!

Once the egg has hatched, its occupant promptly ran away into the Main Warren.

Getting the chocolate chunks[edit | edit source]

A player being transformed.
The chocatrice turning rats into chocolate.

The Easter bunny said that he wanted the players to go into the Main Warren. However, since the entrance to the warren was too small for the player to enter, he transformed you into a bunny so that you could fit through the hole. Once the player was transformed into a bunny, they entered through the hole. Immediately upon entry, they had a conversation with their Chocatrice. It gets angry with you, and nearly turns you into chocolate, but in the end obeys you. You had to move through the tunnels, all the while targeting the Chocatrice's special ability on mice, rats, spiders, snails and cockroaches, turning them into chocolate, which were collected for the Easter Bunny.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

Once they had 12 chocolate chunks, players worked their way back through the tunnels to the entrance and exit. Talking to the Easter Bunny changed the player back to into a human, they added their chunks to the chocolate mixer near the Easter bunny to receive a chocatrice cape.

Event complete!

After completing the event, if players hadn't unlocked the Bunny-hop emote yet, they had to talk to the Easter Bunny after getting the cape. He would say that if you collect 10 more chocolate chunks, he'll give you an extra special reward. Once you collect the chunks, turn them into chocolate, and you'll have unlocked the bunny-hop.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A player operates his chocatrice cape.

The rewards are:

  • For 12 chunks - The chocatrice cape
  • If they had not unlocked the bunny-hop emote, for 10 extra chunks they would get the bunny-hop emote.
  • 8 chunks - A chocolate egg
  • 6 chunks - A second chocolate egg
  • 4 chunks - A third chocolate egg

If players added more chunks to the chocolate mixer, they would receive a message that said: "The Easter Bunny beams down at you as you helpfully bolster his chocolate stockpile."

In order to get all rewards, players needed a total of 30 chunks (or 40 if they didn't have the bunny-hop emote yet). On 31 March 2008, the chocolate eggs rewarded were turned into dust.

When you Operate the chocatrice cape, you will do the Giant Easter Egg emote.

Chocatrice anger remarks[edit | edit source]

The following is some remarks your player said as a rabbit to fuel your chocatrice's anger so it would turn the creatures to chocolate. They all start with 'Hey, see that [rat/spider/cockroach/snail/mouse] over there...'.

  • ...It said you can't even wear bronze armour!
  • ...Oh dear, it said you've never finished a quest!
  • ...It thinks you probably taste terrible!
  • ...It said you still burn shrimp!
  • ...It said you lost your tinderbox and cried!
  • ...It's threatening to melt you into hot chocolate!
  • ...It says you still try to wear Goblin armour!
  • ...It says it took you three months to finish Tutorial Island!
  • ...It read your diary and said it was boring!
  • ...It said you put it off chocolate milk for life!
  • ...It said you're just an egg on legs!
  • ...Oh my, I think it is staring at you menacingly!
  • ...It said I must have dropped your egg!
  • ...I heard it plotting to pull your feathers out!
  • ...It's going to chop you up to make a selection box!
  • ...It said you couldn't even do the Cook's Assistant quest!
  • ...It said you're even afraid of butterflies!
  • ...It says it saw you die in Lumbridge cow field!
  • ...It said you're thicker than toffee!
  • ...It said you would probably get owned by a chicken!
  • ...It said you're just a jumped-up piece of candy.
  • ...It made up a song about you and it wasn't very nice.
  • ...It said its going to make you into a Chocolate Cake!
  • ...It said it's going to leave you out in the sun to melt!
  • ...It just said you look stupid.
  • ...It looks like it's going to eat you.
  • ...It said you're the ugliest creature it's ever seen.
  • ...It said you probably couldn't even cast wind strike."

If you target your own chocatrice, you will receive a message: 'The chocatrice refuses to target itself. How smart!'

If you try to target another chocatrice you will receive a message: 'The chocatrice is not interesting in targeting that.'

Music unlocked[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • patch 8 July 2009 (Update):
    • Prevented a few issues with the emote from the Easter 2008 holiday event.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This was the last holiday event in the graphical style of RuneScape 2 before the ultimate switch to RuneScape HD a few months later.
  • This event was the one and only time when free-to-play players had a Summoning interface screen, during the time of the event when having to turn other animals into chocolate.
  • If players brought all 9 eggs to the hole, the guard would ask "Are you sure you aren't the Easter Bunny in disguise?".
  • The 2008 Easter area was the same area as the 2007 Easter event. The part of the chocolate chunks was the area where the player entered the hole and the part with the chocatrice egg and the Easter Bunny was the bowling area.
  • If the player tried to hit another player with a snowball in the bunny hole, they would receive a message that said "This is Easter, not Christmas! You don't see the Easter Bunny interfering in Christmas events now do you?"
  • If the player tried to request assistance whilst being a bunny, it would say "You can't request assistance while in bunny form".
  • It was impossible to trade while inside the warren.
  • The Guard Bunny was mentioned in the event.