2008 Thanksgiving event

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A player doing the Give Thanks emote.

The 2008 Thanksgiving event consists of two parts, the Hidden Turkeys and the Turkey Carnage. It was available from 26 November to 1 December 2008. Although considered an actual "Holiday Event" there was no notice in the Behind the scenes message.

Hidden Turkeys[edit | edit source]

There were ten turkeys in disguises around some corners of the free-to-play world. It was played in a similar way to Penguin Hide and Seek.

To start the search miniquest, players had to talk to the Cook's brother in Lumbridge. He would then give players a turkey book, which was used to record the turkeys found so far. If players spotted one (by spying on them in exactly the same way as a penguin), they would give a hint to find another turkey. Once players had found all ten, they were rewarded with a cornucopia, which can 'store' up to 140 life points by means of combining healing effects of any foods. After killing a certain amount of turkeys, players were also rewarded with the "Give Thanks" emote.

Turkeys in the minimap were shown as yellow dots. However, if players needed a hint as to the location of the turkeys, they could get a book from the brother of the Lumbridge Castle Cook (who was located next to the Lumbridge Castle Cook).

A list of the turkeys' whereabouts.

Turkey locations[edit | edit source]

Locations of the turkeys to spot (The turkeys roamed around!):

# Place Disguise
1 In the Al Kharid mine with scorpions (Near the mouth) Cactus.
2 Near the Al Kharid castle (Can be found anywhere around the castle - sometimes in the general store, too) Cactus.
3 Lumbridge (Around the sheep pen) Bush.
4 Lumbridge Swamp (At Zanaris entrance). Toadstool.
5 Behind Draynor Manor (North side inside the enclosed area) Barrel.
6 East of the Mining Guild in Falador (Around the fountain) Bush.
7 Near the entrance of the Edgeville Dungeon (South of the bank) Crate.
8 Varrock south of the west bank (Near the anvils) Bush.
9 Mudskipper Point (Near the fairy ring AIQ) Rock.
10 Near the Edgeville Monastery Bush.

The hidden turkeys were different to normal turkeys - their heads were covered with objects mentioned above, but their tails can be easily observed.

Turkeys in disguises
A turkey in a barrel. A turkey in a bush. A turkey in a cactus. A turkey in a crate. A turkey in a rock. A turkey in a toadstool.
Barrel Bush Cactus Crate Rock Toadstool

Examine texts[edit | edit source]

  • Barrel - "The most delicious barrel you have ever seen."
  • Bush - "It rustles deliciously." or "Who would have thought that leaves could smell so edible?" or "You feel a strange urge to pour gravy on that bush." or "Did that bush just pour sauce on itself?
  • Cactus - "Are those spines or feathers? Either way, it looks delicious." or " Prickly, but strangely tasty-looking..."
  • Crate - "A crate. But delicious."
  • Rock - "Now that's a rock I'd try to make into soup!"
  • Toadstool - "A horrible fungus, but there is something strangely tasty about it."

Turkey Carnage[edit | edit source]

If players preferred a more direct approach to get to the turkey drumsticks, they could find groups of undisguised turkeys waddling about in groups throughout the previously mentioned places, notably south of Falador. Killing the turkeys would drop raw turkey or raw turkey drumstick or (rarely) a cornucopia.

A cornucopia is still dropped by slaying certain birds.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • The main rewards were the cornucopia and the Give Thanks emote.
  • Players could keep the turkey book, raw turkey, cooked turkey, burnt turkey, raw turkey drumstick, cooked turkey drumstick, and burnt turkey drumstick.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first Thanksgiving-related "event" in RuneScape.
  • The release date of this event follows the Thanksgiving holiday of the United States, while the holiday takes place on the second Monday in October in Canada, and is not celebrated at all in England, where the Jagex company is based.
  • On the release of the event, the number of scenes for the "log-in screen" were expanded to include several new areas.
  • When you examined the turkey hiding as a rock, it says "Now that's a rock I'd try to make into soup!", this is a reference to the folk tale "Stone Soup".
  • This event let free players try penguin hunting by replacing penguins with turkeys.