2016 Thanksgiving event

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The 2016 Thanksgiving event was a holiday event where players find turkeys around Gielinor, in a manner similar to Penguin Hide and Seek.

Ten turkeys are available to free players and another 15 available to members. Rewards are given for 10, 20, and 25 found turkeys.

To start the event, players can talk to the cook's brother in Lumbridge Castle to receive a turkey book from him, which records the turkeys found by the player.

In order to receive the rewards players must speak to the cook's brother again after finding the relevant number of turkeys.

Turkey locations[edit | edit source]

Turkeys have a small wander radius and show up as yellow dots on the minimap. They are disguised as scenery, similar to undercover KGP penguin agents.

A turkey in a barrel A turkey in a bush A turkey in a cactus A turkey in a crate A turkey in a rock A turkey in a toadstool
Barrel Bush Cactus Crate Rock Toadstool

Free-to-play[edit | edit source]

Turkey Turkey book hint Location Disguise
Turkey Timbo somewhere where there are many dead trees... The backyard of Draynor Manor Bush
Turkey JD lost somewhere near Draynor Manor. Among the trees in front of Draynor Manor Crate
Turkey Shauny lumbering around the Lumbridge Docks. Near Wizard Chambers, on the east edge of Lumbridge Swamp Barrel
Turkey Kelpie near Mudskipper Point. Mudskipper Point Rock
Turkey Pi lost in a dimension of runic energies. Low-level Runespan Cactus
Turkey Doctor where hospitals heal wounded warriors. Duel Arena Rock
Turkey Jon found his way into a bar listening to the local music. The Rusty Anchor in Port Sarim Bush
Turkey Krista in a garden where anniversaries are celebrated. The 15th year anniversary party garden north of Falador Rock
Turkey Tomb in a place where security is enforced. First floor of the Stronghold of Security, near Count Check Rock
Turkmini northeast of Karamja. Among the banana trees at Musa Point Rock

Members[edit | edit source]

Turkey Turkey book hint Location Disguise
Turkey Easty lost somewhere near Baxtorian Falls... Otto's Grotto Cactus
Turkey Hunter mesmerised by a whirlpool. Bridge leading to the whirlpool into the Ancient Cavern Crate
Turkey Deg lurking around The Heart. At the entrance to Heart of Gielinor, on the surface Rock
Turkey Mohawk lost somewhere around Eagle's Peak. On the path leading to the peak of Eagles' Peak Crate
Turkey Kalaya at the gate where worlds form. World Gate Barrel
Turkey Neena spying on fishermen. Catherby Crate
Turkey Raven found in a swampy area... The middle of the Mort Myre Swamp, east of the eel fishing spots, south-west of fairy ring bkr Bush
Turkey Manti admiring the sights of the Eastern Lands in Waiko. Waiko moai Rock
Turkey MattHe shipwrecked on Waiko. Shipwreck west of Waiko centre Toadstool
Turkey Orion looking for a way to get to the Uncharted Isles from Waiko. Northern docks of Waiko Toadstool
Turkey Maylea admiring the falling snow near a tent. Top of Ice Mountain near the Oracle (The turkey does not spawn here on free worlds, even though it's a free area.) Bush
Turkey Curse on a mountain where wolves reside. Next to the Gnome Glider on White Wolf Mountain Rock
Turkey Wolf trapped in a maze. Southwest corner of Tree Gnome Village maze; quickest to get to from northwest entrance Bush
Turkey Chaose some say the ZMI control the cave this area resides in. Near the altar by the Ourania Cave entrance Rock
Turkey Sayln on the back of the world devourer. Tuska's corpse Rock

Rewards[edit | edit source]

10 turkeys

20 turkeys

25 turkeys

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All the turkeys are named after Jagex Moderators.
  • 14 of the turkeys used in the previous Thanksgiving events returned, while 11 new ones were added. This year had 5 additional turkeys as opposed to the previous years bringing the total to 25.
  • After spying on exactly 20 of the turkeys a hint for next one was not given.