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2011 RuneFest logo

RuneFest 2011 was announced on 10 June 2011, and took place over two days from 29 October to 30 October 2011.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Map of Runefest 2011.

Venue[edit | edit source]

RuneFest was held at Old Billingsgate in London (1 Old Billingsgate Walk, City of London, Greater London, EC3R 6DX) which is a three floor venue overlooking the river Thames.

Tickets[edit | edit source]

Tickets went on sale on 13 July 2010 at 7PM BST and were £59 for a one day pass or £99 for the weekend.

There was a Hallowe'en after party costing £49 which is open exclusively to RuneFest attendees aged 16 and over.

For the first time VIP tickets were available. Jagex have said that the VIP tickets will be "a truly individual weekend with priority seating for all presentations, private insider sessions with senior developers, signed concept art and a private J-Mod staffed area with your own VIP bar". VIP tickets also guaranteed access to the Hallowe'en after party and costs £179.

Runefest Hood 2011[edit | edit source]

RuneFest 2011 hood chathead.png

The Flagstaff of festivities was not renewed for the 2011 attendees, but instead a new dragon-themed headgear item was released, the Runefest 2011 hood. The design for the RuneFest hood was decided in a competition held by Jagex called the Awesome-RuneFest 2011-Item-Headgear-Concept-Competition. The winning design was revealed on 8 September 2011 and was designed by Marikdebie.

At the event[edit | edit source]

Gift Bag[edit | edit source]

The Runefest Bag 2011.

Attendees received a free gift bag, the items inside the bag included:

  • A RuneFest Bag
  • A RuneFest 2011 Hood Unlock Code Card
  • A RuneScape Hat
  • Leaflet about the new T. S. Church book, Legacy of Blood.
  • RuneFest Pen
  • RuneFest Dragon Pin

Skilling Chips[edit | edit source]

Skilling chips were awarded for various activities completed around RuneFest, with 8 tokens in total. Upon collecting all 8 and you would receive a golden token, and a free RuneScape keyring from the store.

Skill Method to Obtain
Dungeoneering Playing the Dungeoneering Puzzles in the Dungeoneering area.
Cooking Pumpkin carving or making a gnome cocktail.
Crafting Making a leather bracelet.
Hunter Playing the penguin hide and seek puzzle throughout the RuneFest building.
Strength Playing RuneScape in the Gaming Pits.
Magic Throwing a rubber chicken into a hole with a picture of the clan citadel portal on it, in the clan camp area.
Ranged Playing the range game on the PlayStation 3 in the Gaming Pit.
Agility ?
Penguin Hide & Seek Card.
Skilling chips

Ardougne Market Place (Floor G)[edit | edit source]

Ardougne Market Place

Food & Drink[edit | edit source]

  • The Chillderness Cafe
Severing Drinks, Snacks, Sandwiches, Salads & More.
  • Thurgo's Pie Shop
Serving a Selection of Pies & Mash with Gravy.
  • Pigzilla Rolls
Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Drinks
  • Rantz Rotisserie
Serving Roasted Pork & Chicken roll, with crackling & all the trimmings.

Cocktail Making (Grand Tree)[edit | edit source]

a Fruit Blast
  • Fruit Blast
Lemon Juice
Pineapple Juice
1. Add the Pineapple Juice into a cup
2. Add a Squirt of Lemon Juice
Tip: The more Lemon Juice is added, the more the Drink has a "Blast" Feeling to it.
3.Add the Lemonade into a cup, and stir gently.
*Warning* If you are mixing this method in a cocktail mixer, please don't add the lemonade until after the mix, else it will explode.

Main Stage (Floor G)[edit | edit source]

Saturday[edit | edit source]

Time Topic
11:00AM A Decade of Gielinor
12:00PM The Biggest Update
1:00PM Breaking The Bots (Deathcon @ RuneFest: A Cryptic Cross-Convention Conundrum)
2:00PM 5v5 Tournament
3:00PM You Be The Judge
4:00PM A Character Is Born - Part 1 (development of Sunfreet)
5:00PM Break Into The Industry
6:00PM Golden Gnome Awards (GGVAs)

Sunday[edit | edit source]

Time Topic
11:00AM Question Time
12:00PM Secrets Of The Mahjarrat
1:00PM Community Matters
2:00PM The RuneQuiz
3:00PM Greatest Glitches
4:00PM A Character Is Born - Part 2 (development of Sunfreet)
5:00PM RuneScape 2012
6:00PM Birthday Celebrations

Mini Insider Session (Floor 1)[edit | edit source]

Saturday[edit | edit source]

Time Topic
11:00AM Games Design Workshop
12:00PM Future Sounds Of Lumbridge
1:00PM A History Of Distractions & Diversions
2:00PM Questions & Answers With QA
3:00PM The Future Of RuneScape Combat
4:00PM Stories Of The Year

Sunday[edit | edit source]

Time Topic
11:00AM RuneHQ
12:00PM Sounds Like A Creature, Feature
1:00PM The Art Of The Myreque
2:00PM Graphics - Tools
3:00PM Stories To Come
4:00PM Clan Workshop
5:00PM Things You'll Never See In RuneScape

Clan Camp (Floor G)[edit | edit source]

Clan Camp

This description is taken from the RuneFest 2011 lanyard, given to players upon entry to the venue:

"If you've spent time in the Clan Camp just north of Falador then you've a pretty good idea of what you'll find at RuneFest's Clan Camp - there's probably no better way to meet with fellow clan members, recruit for new blood or settle old scores.

The Sergeant at Arms, the Scribe and the Captain of the Guard will all be on hand to guide you and introduce you to their creators and the clan community's curators.

The clan tent is the perfect venue for clan meeting. Clan promotions and to show your rival clans who's boss.

And if you feel that no trip to the Clan Camp is complete without the exhilaration of launching a chicken or two. Well, we've got that covered too."

Gaming Pit (Floor V)[edit | edit source]

The Gaming Pit
Jad vs Chickens at Runefest 2011

Saturday[edit | edit source]

Time Event
10:00AM Free Play
11:00AM Free Play
11:30AM RuneFest vs RuneFest
12:00PM A_Matt's 99 challenge with Andrew Gower
1:00PM Free Play
2:00PM RuneFest vs RuneScape
3:00PM Fishing Trawler
3:30PM Jagex vs The World
4:00PM Free Play with Andrew Gower, Paul Gower & MMG
5:00PM Closed
7:00PM Late Night Gaming with J Mods (Party Ticket Holders Only)

Sunday[edit | edit source]

Time Event
10:00AM Free Play
11:00AM Free Play with Andrew Gower & MMG
11:30AM RuneFest vs RuneFest
12:00PM Free Play
1:00PM A_Matt's 99 Challenge with MMG
2:00PM Free Play
3:00PM Fishing Trawler
3:30PM Jagex vs The World
4:00PM Free Play with Andrew Gower & Paul Gower
5:00PM RuneFest vs RuneScape
6:00PM Closed

CM Bar (Floor V)[edit | edit source]

Saturday[edit | edit source]

Time Fansite
10:00AM RuneHQ
4:00PM Zybez

Sunday[edit | edit source]

Time Fansite
12:30PM RuneHQ
2:00PM RuneZone
4:00PM Sal's Realm & RuneWise

Dungeoneering (Floor V Via Ardougne Marketplace)[edit | edit source]

Gather a party of up to five people and then embark on a journey into Daemonheim!

Complete puzzles and tasks that will truly put your Dungeoneering skills to the test. If you are able to answer the final RuneScape riddle. Then prizes await.

Gielinor's Picturehouse (Floor G)[edit | edit source]

Check out some of you vibrant video community's finest work in the Gielinor Picture House. If you're looking to vote in this year's Golden Gnome Video Awards then this is the ideal place to hand out and view the finalist's films in their full glory.

Gielinor's Recording Studio[edit | edit source]

Make some noise for the RuneScape Audio team! No really, head over to the sound booth. Pick a sound from the menu and moo, scream, cluck and roar your way into the RuneScape history books. The recording studio is also hungry for your RuneScape memories and messages. Want to reach out and be heard? Good. Because we want to listen!

HR Tavern (Floor V)[edit | edit source]

Raise your skill levels and unlock the ability to enter the games industry at the HR tavern. Our HR mods are available from 10:00AM - 5:00PM on Saturday & Sunday in The Hair of The Dog Pub located on Level V.

Other Distractions & Diversions[edit | edit source]

Postie Pete's Gallery (Floor 1)[edit | edit source]

The Runefest 2011 Cake

Featuring a variety of player art which has been specially commissioned for RuneFest - browse at your leisure & enjoy!

Artisan's Workshop (Floor 1)[edit | edit source]

Build your skill levels in Artisan's workshop by creating your own leather bracelet or carving out a RuneFest Pumpkin - it is Hallowe'en after all!

Meet the Maker (Floor G)[edit | edit source]

Is there a quest you want to know more about? Maybe you've a question about an update you've been dying to ask. 'Meet the Maker' and 'Pitch & Feedback' sessions give you the opportunity to meet the team, one on one.

Pitch & Feedback (Floor 1)[edit | edit source]

Is there a quest you want to know more about? Maybe you've a question about an update you've been dying to ask. 'Meet the Maker' and 'Pitch & Feedback' sessions give you the opportunity to meet the team, one on one.

Pub Quiz (Floor V)[edit | edit source]

Grab a Pen, find some brainy looking fellow RuneFestonians and prepare for The Hair of The Dog Pub Quiz. Your glorious host will begin bellowing the questions at 3PM on Saturday & Sunday.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • RuneFest 2011 was historically important for the game's development; the event saw the origins of the Evolution of Combat after developers' discussions with players. It was also the event where a well known bot developer showcased their defeat of Jagex' recently released bot nuke. The bot developer was promptly hired which lead to the ultimate defeat of botting in 2012. The event also released one of the rarest and most controversial items in RuneScape history; the golden scythe.