2019 April Fools

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The 2019 April Fools event was a members event where players could add humans to their player-owned farm. Players could obtain the title [Name] the Fool by finding every human.

Players who logged in anytime during the event received a lost property (bulky) (April Fools 2019), granting a J-mod collection list and an unchecked human.

More humans could be collected by killing various humanoid NPCs or by trading with other players. The humans had different appearances when they were grown, had special flavour texts, and may had humorous traits that other animals do not have.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The items involved with this event were more hidden than some previous events, with earlier item IDs being repurposed for the new items (new items are usually just appended to the end of the current IDs). The lost property and collection list are at IDs 3941 and 3943, and humans are spread out around the 3945-3951 and 24464-24481 ranges; the other items introduced in the 25 March 2019 update (Update:Firemaking Week & PvM Revitalisation) were in the 47685-47734 range. This seemed generally successful at preventing the event being leaked on social media, though not perfectly.