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The RuneScape Road Trip was a series of mostly members-only events that had taken place during May of 2014 and 2015. Players are able to speak to Challenge Mistress Fara or Heriau to receive a road trip journal, which contains 20 tasks that may be completed during the month of May.

In 2014, tasks ranged from completing minigames, such as Heist and Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza, to smithing a stack of bars. In 2015, tasks ranged a gambit of styles consisting of skilling, combat, social and minigame related feats, and other miscellaneous tasks. Rewards for both years included experience lamps, the cosmetic hiker outfit, and the Partyhat Firemaking skilling animation.

Before attempting a task, it first had to be activated in the journal. Only one task could be completed per day by the player. One extra task per day could be completed, or "stamped", with the assistance of a Jagex Moderator; for a maximum of two tasks per day. Periodically during the event, a system message announced the stamping event at a particular location on particular worlds, or a partial schedule of stamping sessions could be found in the Jagex forum.

Jagex Moderators stamped players individually at that location, provided they had selected a task in the journal for Jagex Moderator assistance. The journal did not need to be in the player's inventory for the stamping. The task was marked as completed and rewards provided as per player-completed tasks. The player receives a message in the chat box indicating the name of the JMod that stamped the task. The reward would appear in the player's inventory, though for the task of surviving 10 minutes in the Wilderness as well as the task to complete a Dungeoneering floor, the player would be notified that the reward could not be placed in the inventory and must be obtained from Challenge Mistress Fara.

Player completed tasks ended on 31 May in both 2014 and 2015. However, due to technical issues that players experienced in 2014, Jagex Moderators lead stamping sessions until 2 June that year.

2015[edit | edit source]

Tasks[edit | edit source]

The RuneScape Road Trip 2015 task list
The RuneScape Road Trip 2015 information interface

Any challenge could be skipped by spending a chit. Chits could be obtained once per day by attending a JMod event, however, there was no limit placed on the amount of chits one could use per day. This functions the same as the stamps from 2014.

Finishing a task yourself or via a Chit gives the messages:

  • You have completed a RuneScape Road Trip task!
  • You have been given a reward lamp!

Finishing a task in the Wilderness, inside the dungeons of Daemonheim, or with a full inventory will not allow the lamp to appear in your inventory and instead give the message:

  • You have been given a reward lamp, but you cannot collect it now. It can be recovered from Challenge Mistress Fara in Burthorpe.

RuneScape Road Trip 2015 Task List:

Title Task
Heim Walkin' Here Complete a Dungeoneering floor on complexity 6.
The Absolute Limit Gather your daily limit from Divine Locations.
Urn Deux Teleport two filled urns of any sort in a single day.
That's A Ton Of Stuff Use up to a combined total of 100 bars and leather by normal skilling in a single day.[1]
Jack of All, Redux Train 15 different skills in a single day.[2]
Title Task
Gratuities Murder Complete a Slayer task.
Ghost Down Easy Summon and destroy the Fragmented Spirit, which is attracted to death.
Win-Win Situation Kill or die to another player in the Wilderness.
Someone Your Own Size Kill a creature of at least your combat level.
Dual Task Completion Duel another player at the Al Kharid arena.
Title Task
The Dirty Rascal Play a round of Castle Wars.
Still in Sink Complete a Sinkhole.
Cosy Companionship Gain a health boost from a player made bonfire tended to by at least 4 other players.
Burst of Many Pop a balloon at the Falador party room.
Why Hello There Enter someone else's POH.
Title Task
Stuff In The Ground Complete a Treasure Trail.
Progress A Quest Complete a quest or Tears of Guthix.[3]
The Dailies News Complete a Daily Challenge.
Left in the March Visit the Grand Exchange while you have 6 Buy or Sell offers active.
An Excuse For A Baaad Pun Find the Idol of Billy the Goat.
  1. ^ Using gold bars to craft jewellery doesn't appear to count toward this task.
  2. ^ The amount of skills trained resets back to 0 after using a chit. Which means you will need to start over if you did not complete the task yet.
  3. ^ Could also be completed by successfully defending or prosecuting a defendant in the Court Cases D&D.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A mound of earth, you can hear something moving beneath it.
The RuneScape Road Trip rewards interface.
  • An experience lamp for each task completed, for skill of choice.
  • Hiker outfit: The boots and gloves were obtained when the journal was received, the backpack was received on completing Miscellaneous, the leggings on completing Social/Minigames, the tunic on completing Combat, and the hat on completing Skilling.
  • Explorer's aura, an aura obtained after completing a category of tasks, upgrade by tiers when more categories are completed.
  • Fluffie, a follower pet version of a cute creature, and a large explorer's lamp, obtainable by searching using the compass (the compass was obtained by combining 4 pieces from completing 4 categories of tasks)
  • Partyhat Firemaking, a skilling animation for firemaking obtained after completing all tasks.

Each reward lamp grants experience equal to


where x was the level of the skill on which you use the reward.

Bonus weekends[edit | edit source]

Players are able to take part in five bonus weekend events. Each event starts and ends at 1pm BST (12:00 UTC) on the listed dates, with the exception being the Minigame Weekend which started at 12:00 UTC and ended at 14:00 UTC. These event are:

  • Dungeoneering Weekend (8 - 11 May)
    • Double tokens from floors and Sinkholes
    • 50% more experience in sinkholes
    • Deaths within Daemonheim do not incur an experience penalty
  • Slayer & Boss weekend (15 May - 18 May)
    • +50% base Slayer XP.
    • Double Slayer points.
    • Expanded drop tables for Kalphite King, Giant Mole and Barrows - Rise of the Six.
    • All charm drops offer an extra charm.
    • Double amounts of all rare drops, and the ring of Wealth doubles in effectiveness.
  • Special Ports Bonus (15 May - 1 June)

2014[edit | edit source]

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Players are able to complete one of these challenges a day plus one additional task with Jagex Moderator "stamp" assistance for a total of two a day. They can be done in any order. Each of the tasks has to be set as the active task first. It was recommended to set the task as active, bank the journal and then proceed.

A player completes a RuneScape Road Trip task.
Complete a Dungeoneering floor (Complexity 6).
Complete a Slayer assignment.[1]
Complete a Treasure Trail (any difficulty).
Equip a full outfit that has no stats.[2]
Do a dance on every bridge over the River Lum.[3]
Fletch 100 unfinished bows.[4]
Smith 100 bars into items.[5]
Turn 100 pieces of rune essence into runes.[6]
Complete a quest (or Tears of Guthix).
Take a minute out to rest.
Complete a full round of Heist.
Complete a full round of Castle Wars.[7]
Burn 100 logs (any type).
Run from Shantay Pass to Sophanem Gate with no water source.[8]
Bury 100 bones in the Salve Temple graveyard.[9]
Kill a demon or goblin flash mob (or a goblin raid boss).
Survive the Wilderness for 10 minutes without leaving.[10]
Complete a round of the Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza.
Feed 10 breadcrumbs to a duck in less than 20 seconds.[11]
Gather your daily limit from divine locations.
RuneScape Road Trip - Shantay Pass to Sophanem.png
  1. ^ The May task could be activated before fighting the last monster of the Slayer task.
  2. ^ The head, body, legs, feet and glove slots need to be filled; e.g. Mime clothing or Zombie outfit. Does not work with H.A.M. or builder's outfits.
  3. ^ There are seven bridges. Only works with the Dance, Headbang, Jig and Twirl emotes.
  4. ^ Works with any type of logs.
  5. ^ Making cannonballs, smithing inside Daemonheim, or smithing Burial Armour does not count.
  6. ^ Pure essence also works.
  7. ^ The task could be completed after joining a game part way through, as long as you stay to the end
  8. ^ At the Shantay Pass, you need to click on "Go through Shantay Pass"; just running through doesn't count. Enchanted water tiara counts as a water source. You may walk. Desert robes can be worn.
  9. ^ Paterdomus is west of Canifis. The graveyard is north of the temple.
  10. ^ This journal task must be set to active before entering the wilderness. The reward for the task must be obtained from Challenge Mistress Fara.
  11. ^ It's easiest to feed a duck in the pond, since it doesn't move as much. Equip a bow without ammunition to avoid accidentally killing it. It may also help to move the inventory box to be close to the duck to reduce cursor movement. A good place to find ducks is the Fisher Realm.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • An experience lamp for each task completed, for skill of choice.
  • Hiker outfit. The boots and gloves are obtained when the journal was received, and one of the remaining four pieces was obtained for every fifth task completed.
  • Cheeky monkey, a pet obtained after completing all tasks.
  • Partyhat Firemaking, a skilling animation for firemaking obtained after completing all tasks.

Each reward lamp grants experience equal to


where x was the level of the skill on which you use the reward.

Bonus weekends[edit | edit source]

Players are able to take part in five bonus weekend events. Each event starts and ends at 1pm BST (12:00 UTC) on the listed dates. These event are:

  • Slayer Weekend (3 - 4 May)
    • Double Slayer points (does not work with the Tuska mask)
    • 50% bonus Slayer experience
    • Improved drop table
    • Additional charm drops (1 additional charm was dropped along with the original amount if the monster was capable of giving charms)
    • Increased benefits from the ring of Wealth
  • Second Mini-game Weekend (17 May - 1 June)
    • 30% extra trade goods and resources from Player-owned ports and extra voyages each day (Though the name states this was a weekend, it actually persisted through the end of May, even during weekdays.)
  • Dungeoneering Week (26 May - 2 June)
    • Double tokens from floors and sinkholes and 50% more experience in sinkholes

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • patch 26 May 2015 (Update):
    • Players will no longer receive a Road Trip lamp upon completing a quest in New Varrock. It will now be held by the Challenge Mistresses.