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Crablet Plunder was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
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Crablet Plunder was an Arc-themed event that began at 00:00 UTC on Thursday 1 September 2016 and lasted until 23:59 UTC on 30 September. It was available to members only.

Players were able to participate in Crablet Plunder by clicking the Crablet Plunder icon on their ribbon or by speaking to Classie the Crablet by the Burthorpe lodestone. This would open the Crablet Plunder interface.

Every day the player had three choices out of five randomly generated experience options and bonuses. These could be experience in a single skill or, more rarely, an experience multiplier or a bundle of experience in up to four different skills.

After selecting three of the options the player had to press the "catch" button. They were then shown a break down of how much experience they would receive and in what skills it would be given. The player then had the choice to either choose a different set of boosts or to accept and receive the current reward.

Playing Crablet Plunder on consecutive days added an additional 5% experience for each day, up to a maximum of 5 days and 25% additional experience. Playing on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) guaranteed the player at least one rare experience multiplier or skill bundle. Missing logging in any day would reset the bonus back to 5%. Missing Crablet Plunder on any day but having still logged in on that day would continue the bonus.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Skill upgrades[edit | edit source]

A crablet representing any of the skills would appear. The experience rewards were same for all skills, the base value being 1.5 times that of a small XP lamp in the respective skill. This was always boosted by at least 5% as that was the lowest possible multiplier from consecutive days of playing.

Crablet types[edit | edit source]

Different types of Crablets could be selected, if available, to boost the daily login bonus additively. Multiple Crablet types could be combined at once, but at most three upgrades could be selected; only two could be benefitted from at a time.

The following Crablet types were available:

Crablet Boost
Rusty Crablet 10%
Scarlet Crablet 20%
Azure Crablet 30%
Silver Crablet 40%
Gold Crablet 50%
Chromatic Crablet 60%

Skill bundles[edit | edit source]

Skill bundles yielded the same amount of experience as a single skill upgrades but compressed many skills into one slot.

The following skill bundles were available:

Bundle Skills
Warrior Bundle Attack, Strength, Defence and Constitution
Ward Bundle Magic, Constitution, Defence and Ranged
Ironborn Bundle Mining, Hunter and Smithing
Quartermaster Bundle Fishing, Farming and Cooking
Timber Bundle Firemaking, Fletching and Woodcutting
Mystic Bundle Runecrafting, Prayer and Summoning
Rogue Bundle Dungeoneering, Thieving and Slayer
Knowledge Bundle Divination and Invention
Support Bundle Construction, Agility and Herblore

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