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Cook's brother only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
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The Cook's brother is the brother of the Lumbridge Castle Cook located within the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle during Thanksgiving events. He gave players a book to keep track of the turkeys they spied on during the 2008 Thanksgiving event. After the event, he and the turkeys were removed from the game. Because only he can give out the turkey book, and it could only be re-obtained from him, his disappearance made it impossible to reacquire the turkey book after the event, making the book a discontinued item. Diango does not return the book if a player loses it.

He is also the starting point of the 2009, 2014 and 2015, and 2016 Thanksgiving events. During the 2009 Thanksgiving event, he fed the turkeys a special mix of foods that was meant to make them lean and tasty, but instead made them very strong and aggressive. To defeat the turkeys so that they can be roasted and feasted upon, he gave the player some Fabled Gravy of Turkey Slaying taken from the Gravy Boat of Saradomin, giving the player increased damage to turkeys, allowing players the ability to hit up to 200 damage, although giving no experience. In the 2010 Thanksgiving event, players can hit up to 2,000 damage, also giving no experience.

Gravy Boat of Saradomin[edit | edit source]

The Gravy Boat of Saradomin is a vessel in which the mystical and magical gravy of the god, Saradomin was kept and is a legendary item for the fabled gravy contained within it will give immense power to whoever drinks it.

The Gravy Boat has been referenced to only in the 2009 Thanksgiving event in RuneScape, in which the player must drink the gravy in order to defeat a vicious Turkey army with ease. Apparently, the item is very valuable, and the Cook's Brother is reluctant to give it to the player. When drunk and attacking said Turkey(s), you will be able to hit a maximum of 189 damage, (It would currently be 1990 damage), no matter what your Strength level and bonuses are. However Void Knight Equipment could boost the max by 20%, up to 238 (It would currently be 2388 damage).

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He physically resembles his brother; however, his shirt and trousers are differently coloured.
  • You could have suggested to him the idea of a vegetarian menu, since the turkey one clearly failed. In response, he would angrily mutter to you, ""Vegetarian" is a dirty word around here." If you proceeded to tell him that a garden salad should not go amiss, he would have told you, "Get out."