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Xil'gar Trog is a Tsutsaroth demon from the late Second Age.

History[edit | edit source]

Xil'gar was stationed at Kharid-et to assassinate Zarosian leaders stationed there. Although he was not skilled in assassination, he was chosen simply because he was conveniently positioned there when the order was called out. He took the task, believing that it was his duty to fight against an oppressive regime that supported the injustices against his people.

When the fort's commander, Prefect Livia Drusilla, assembled the troops alongside Praetor Trindine to inform them of Zaros' defeat by Zamorak, Xil'gar Trog immediately charged at the two, intending to kill them. However, he was intercepted by the numerous centurions assembled there, and was quickly pinned by them, preventing him from simply destroying his physical form and returning to Infernus.[1]

Following the foiled assassination attempt, he was charged with the crimes of treason and attempted assassination, where he was sentenced to solitary confinement for all eternity.[2] Because he existed in the physical plane as a projected demon form, and because Zaros had been betrayed by Zamorak roughly a week before his imprisonment, the custodian in charge of the prison, Stepan Jovkai, was forced to request aid from a cultist in order to prevent Trog from simply destroying his physical manifestation in order to return to Infernus.[3]

At a later point the fortress began to suffer a food shortage, which especially affected the prisoners under Stepan's custody. Though he compromised and offered them freedom and food in exchange for their service in defending the fort, he notably refrained from extending Trog the same offer, deeming him too dangerous to set free.[4]

The imminent Zamorakian attack was repulsed by the Zarosian garrison, and in the end Trog was left forgotten by enemy and friend alike, his body unable to move and his mind unable to sense his surroundings. In order to avoid going mad from his prolonged imprisonment, he detached his conscious self, necessitating that whoever found him needed to reminded him of his identity in order to awaken him.

In the intervening time between his imprisonment and the rediscovery of the fortress, his own contract had become voided, meaning that he no longer owed allegiances to anyone.

Trog would not make contact with anyone again until the Sixth Age, when Kharid-et was rediscovered by archaeologists. The World Guardian soon found a strange device held in solitary confinement and could only be accessed with a Legatus pendant and Pontifex signet ring. Using the notes discovered while excavating, they soon reminded him of his identity.

Once reminded of his identity, he then asked the World Guardian to free him. The World Guardian was initially hesitant to do so, due to their encounters with demons often resulting in backstabbing, although Trog stated that he would not do so, having sensed that they were on friendly terms with several demons. He requested a portable phylactery - a smaller version of the prison he was held in, which would allow him to see and sense his surroundings. He then formed a loose contract with them, not asking for anything in return until they decided to smash the phylactery, in which he would form a pact to follow their commands for all time, until they dismissed him from his service. The World Guardian agreed to his first set of terms, and freed him from his prison. Trog was grateful for their actions, taking his time to reform his physical form, hoping that by the time he did so, he would obtain their trust, or at least assuage their concerns.

The World Guardian informed Azzanadra of the discovery, who was surprised by their double decision, but told them that once they made the phylactery, they should give it to him to see if he was trustworthy. Upon being given the phylactery, Azzanadra conversed with Xil'gar, realizing him to be a tsutsaroth demon, but stating that all would be known in due time.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Transcripts Xil'gar Trog speaks in:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although Xil'gar is classified as a Tsutsaroth demon, his chathead is that of a Byzroth.

References[edit | edit source]

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