Pit black demon

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POHLove Story
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The pit black demon features in the Wise Old Man's player-owned house during the quest Love Story. Zenevivia redecorated the house adding a dungeon full of traps, as well as many pit creatures to guard the dungeon.

After the quest, black demons may be "built" in your player-owned house with 89 Construction and 300,000 coins. Despite dropping infernal ashes in the Wise Old Man's house, it does not drop anything when in a player-owned house. Killing it in a player-owned house doesn't yield any experience or count towards Slayer assignments.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When challenge mode is off, the pit black demon uses its old graphics. When it is on, it uses the current Black demon model instead. This may be a glitch.
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