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Prison log

Herein contained are details of the current population of Kharid-et's brig.

-Custodian Stepan Jovkai

Name: Custodian Percival Rogers
Race: Human (male)
Inmate ID: SH-598
Crime(s): Insubordination
Remaining sentence: Awaiting sentencing
Notes: Talking back to a superior officer

Name: Xil'gar Trog
Race: Demon (tsutsaroth)
Inmate ID: IC-355
Crime(s): Treason, attempted assassination
Remaining sentence: Eternity
Notes: Solitary confinement (demon trap)

Name: Sergeant Cyrus Ward
Race: Human (male)
Inmate ID: BL-599
Crime(s): Dereliction of duty
Remaining sentence: 6 months
Notes: Found asleep during night watch

Name: Pontifex Genevieve Shadum
Race: Vampyre (female)
Inmate ID: SH-203
Crime(s): Overfeeding
Remaining sentence: 4 months
Notes: To be fed animal blood while incarcerated

Name: Aurora
Race: Icyene (female)
Inmate ID: SM-32
Crime(s): Heresy
Remaining sentence: 5 years (pledging allegiance to Zaros would commute sentence)
Notes: Preached the virtues of Saradomin within confines of the empire

Name: Lamistard
Race: Mahjarrat
Inmate ID: SH-2
Crime(s): Sedition
Remaining sentence: Awaiting sentencing
Notes: A praetorian should be coming to claim him soon.