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The divine impling is an impling located throughout Gielinor requiring 79 Hunter to catch. It can give the player divine energy, signs, elder charms or nightmare muspah pouches when caught.

All drops barring portents of life, signs of life, signs of death, nightmare muspah pouches and elder charms are scaled based on your Divination level. One batch of energy is always received, and it is common to receive another item with the same jar, unlike most implings. The energy or other scaled rewards are most commonly the highest tier the player can gather or create.

Hunter info[edit | edit source]

Loot[edit | edit source]

100% drops[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m One set of energy is guaranteed per divine impling. The tier of energy depends in part on your Divination level.

Main drops[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m The tier of divine energy awarded will depend on your Divination level.