Zarosian training dummy

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For the damaged version, see Zarosian training dummy (damaged).
Zarosian training dummy detail.png

A Zarosian training dummy is a Zarosian artefact that can be restored with level 17 Archaeology at an archaeologist's workbench.

It is required to unlock Katarina in Archaeology research.

The Zarosian training dummy in the journal.
Zarosian training dummy
Chronotes[art 1] 244 (97)
Alignment Zaros symbol.png Zarosian
Description This dummy, likely used to drill legionaries within the castra, are fashioned after what appear to be chthonian demons. Being the chthonians were also citizens of the Zarosian Empire, this styling comes across as an odd choice.
  1. ^ This is amount for trading in the artefact at the listed collectors. A part of the collections give an additional amount of chronotes upon completion. The amount in the parentheses is the amount obtained when donating to the museum donation bin, which will give only 40% of the amount one would get from a collector.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Zarosian training dummy.png Zarosian training dummy
Archaeology-Hourglass.pngMake-X GE icon.png
520.5 XP-10 (6s) / 8 (4.8s) [recipe 1]-
Archaeology Archaeology level17
Archaeologist's workbench Must be performed at an archaeologist's workbench
F2P icon.png Free-to-play
Zarosian training dummy (damaged).pngZarosian training dummy (damaged)1N/A-
Third Age iron.pngThird Age iron162,63342,128
White oak.pngWhite oak141,57722,078
Total price64,206
  1. ^ When wearing the master archaeologist's outfit.

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

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