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The Baby impling is an impling that can be caught in the Impetuous Impulses minigame, and is located throughout Puro-Puro and Gielinor. The player needs at least 17 Hunter to capture this type of impling.

They could be caught with a butterfly net, magic butterfly net, sacred clay butterfly net, or volatile clay butterfly net.

In Puro-Puro, a net and empty jars are required to catch any implings.

In Gielinor, they can also be caught barehanded or while wielding any item, with or without an empty impling jar. Without an empty jar the player will immediately receive the loot from the impling, instead of the impling itself.

Once these requirements have been met the player simply needs to click on the impling, and the character will attempt to catch it, though there is a chance of failure, in which case the character will continue trying to do so until it is caught. Bind, Snare or Entangle could be cast on implings to prevent them from moving for different periods of time.

When the impling is finally jarred the player can either trade with Elnock Inquisitor or can free the baby impling from the Baby impling jar, which will leave an item behind. By trading with Elnoch, the player can either get 3 Impling jars for one baby impling or, with 2 young implings and 1 gourmet impling, can get a can of imp repellent. Capturing a baby impling will grant the player either 20 (if caught on Puro-Puro) or 25 (if caught on RuneScape) Hunter experience.

Many players ignore these implings when encountered, even if they have the hunter level to catch them, for obvious reasons related to the poor value of their drops. However, the respective impling spawn point will not generate a new impling until the baby or young impling is caught. Players looking for rarer implings would do well to catch any low level implings they see in order to encourage the spawning of higher level implings. The reverse is also true: that catching only higher level implings will result in mainly low level implings wandering around largely ignored.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Item Members Quantity Rarity GE price High Alch
Chisel.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Chisel with rarity Common in quantity 1ChiselF2P icon.png1Common378
Thread.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Thread with rarity Common in quantity 1ThreadF2P icon.png1Common142
Needle.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Needle with rarity Common in quantity 1NeedleF2P icon.png1Common240
Knife.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Knife with rarity Common in quantity 1KnifeF2P icon.png1Common10415
Cheese.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Cheese with rarity Common in quantity 1CheeseF2P icon.png1Common2534
Hammer.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Hammer with rarity Common in quantity 1HammerF2P icon.png1Common2927
Ball of wool.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Ball of wool with rarity Common in quantity 1Ball of woolF2P icon.png1Common1,6623
Bucket of milk.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Bucket of milk with rarity Common in quantity 1Bucket of milkF2P icon.png1Common3827
Anchovies.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Anchovies with rarity Common in quantity 1AnchoviesF2P icon.png1Common779
Flax.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Flax with rarity Rare in quantity 1FlaxF2P icon.png1Rare1043
Seaweed.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Seaweed with rarity Rare in quantity 1Seaweed (m)P2P icon.png1Rare261
Silver stone spirit.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Silver stone spirit with rarity Rare in quantity 1Silver stone spiritF2P icon.png1Rare61Not alchemisable
Sapphire.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Sapphire with rarity Rare in quantity 1SapphireF2P icon.png1Rare197150
Lobster.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Lobster with rarity Rare in quantity 1LobsterF2P icon.png1Rare137160
Soft clay.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Soft clay with rarity Rare in quantity 1Soft clayF2P icon.png1Rare5231
Mud pie.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Mud pie with rarity Very rare in quantity 1Mud pie (m)P2P icon.png1Very rare1,74232
Air talisman.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Air talisman with rarity Very rare in quantity 1Air talismanF2P icon.png1Very rare4152
Spice.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Spice with rarity Very rare in quantity 1Spice (m)P2P icon.png1Very rare232138
Hard leather.png: RS3 Baby impling drops Hard leather with rarity Very rare in quantity 1Hard leatherF2P icon.png1Very rare6590