Trindine's memory (book)

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Trindine's memory is a transcription of a memory of Trindine. The memory can be found in Kharid-et Dig Site during The Vault of Shadows mystery. After solving the vault's four puzzles, players can operate a shadow engrammeter within the vault to receive the memory. Players must then return it to Dr Nabanik, who will transcribe it into this book.

After Dr. Nanabik gives the player a copy, it can be re-obtained from the player-owned house bookshelf.

Obtaining the memory will cause two ghost praetorians to appear; one in the praetorium and another in the culinarum, provided that the player has the ability to see into the Shadow Realm.

Book info[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Trindine's memory (book).
The vault is hidden in shadow, an unfortunate side effect of which is that I too am stuck within it. I know that I should enter a state of stasis, so as to preserve my power in case this location is discovered. If I am not strong enough to defend this place's secrets, then what was any of this for? And yet my nature is one of inquisitiveness - in part, a reason I was chosen as a praetorian - and I find myself with an opportunity to delve deeper into the Shadow Realm than any before me. Perhaps even deeper than Sliske himself, the self-proclaimed 'Master of Shadow'. I shall note down my methods and findings here, should I not survive long enough to pass on this information.

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