Genevieve Shadum

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Pontifex Genevieve Shadum was a vampyre from the late Second Age and a Pontifex from the Zarosian Empire that was imprisoned in Kharid-et for at least four months due to overfeeding. She was fed animal blood while incarcerated.[1]

When there was an food shortage, Genevieve was freed to serve the Empire once more as a venator so she could feed upon the enemies of the empire until she would be killed. While this was effectively a death sentence, the end result would be the same as if she had been left to starve in Kharid-et's prison.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Custodian's log page 2, written by Stepan Jovkai, RuneScape. "Name: Pontifex Genevieve Shadum
    Race: Vampyre (female)
    Inmate ID: SH-203
    Crime(s): Overfeeding
    Remaining sentence: 4 months
    Notes: To be fed animal blood while incarcerated"
  2. ^ Custodian's log page 4, written by Stepan Jovkai, RuneScape. "Genevieve is a different matter, especially considering her crime. I will suggest to the Prefect to just cut her loose as an ad-hoc venator. She can get her fill on the enemy, and not be a burden on fort supplies. It's effectively a death sentence, but then so would it be to leave her locked up."