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Concept art of an unknown House Jovkai vampyre.

Stepan Jovkai was a vampyre from the late Second Age. He was the custodian in charge of the prison in the fortress of Kharid-et, where he not only contained the prisoners, but also designed the lock of the prison block's gate. Though he took his job very seriously, he was frustrated by the incompetence of his subordinates, who constantly forgot the access code.[1] Among the inmates under his custody were two human soldiers, Xil'gar Trog (a Tsutsaroth demon), Genevieve Shadum (a vampyre pontifex), Aurora (an Icyene preacher) and Lamistard (a Mahjarrat tribune).[2]

Because Trog existed in the physical plane as a projected demon form, and because Zaros had been betrayed by Zamorak roughly a week before his imprisonment, Stepan was forced to request aid from a cultist in order to prevent Trog from simply destroying his physical manifestation in order to return to Infernus. He had resolved to keep him contained by any means necessary, even if it meant breaking some of the prison rules, in order to punish him for his crimes against the empire.[3]

The fortress was later besieged by an Avernic war party following Zamorak's betrayal, which especially affected the prisoners under Stepan's custody as food supplies began to dwindle. The Prefect, Livia Drusilla, ordered him to deal with his prisoners accordingly, though in his notes he implies that she wanted him to 'kill two birds with one stone' and eat them, which he refused out of principle since he felt responsible for all the inmates in his care, criminals or not. He compromised and offered them freedom and food in exchange for their service in defending the fort. In Genevieve's case he suggested to Livia that she be set loose as an ad-hoc venator to feed on the enemies of the empire: this would not only lessen the burden on the fort's supplies, it was an acceptable alternative to letting her starve to death in her prison cell (even if it was effectively a death sentence). He was highly skeptical that Aurora, being a Saradominist, would take the offer (at least honestly). He notably refrained from extending Trog the same offer, however, deeming him too dangerous to set free.[4]

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