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The Nipper demon is a miniature pet version of a Ripper Demon that can be unlocked with a parasitic orb, which is obtained as a drop from killing ripper demons. The odds of receiving the item are 1 in 30,000, or 1 in 334 from their elite variant, Slasher Demons. After the item is used, the Nipper Demon can be summoned from the pets tab in the hero interface. It is able to override Summoning familiars.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It was created by Mod Shogun as part of the 2018 Game Jam.
  • When the Nipper Demon is dismissed, it will perform the same animation that a ripper demon uses with its last-ditch struggle attack.
  • Its dialogue refers to Venom, the black symbiote from The Amazing Spider-Man.