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Demons are a class of creature including several different races, who all have in common that they at some point have lived on and ruled the demon world Infernus. The three known races of demons are Avernic, Chthonians, and Infernals.

With the release of the Demon flash mobs and Mod Osborne's comments, it has become clear that demons can sense that the gods have a greater influence on Gielinor "they're sniffing in the air, and they can smell a change is coming",[1] this is further evidenced by Ux's ability to sense things after The World Wakes (as is shown in the The Book of the Godless).

They are generally considered to be fairly strong, except for imps, and have low defence and strength. Imps fight by using melee, but more prominent demons are known to use ranged and magic. Demons usually fight barehanded, save imps and some of the most powerful demon generals. Common demons are generally weak to ranged, but resistant towards melee; stronger and unique demons generally tend to have different weaknesses. The magical swords Silverlight and Darklight are enchanted to be especially effective against demons. Holy Water is a powerful ranged weapon against demons.

According to Zaros, demons on Infernus are organised; they have a society, laws and a hierarchy. He also said that most demons on Gielinor are Zamorak Avernic slaves besides flash demons.

Due to their society, demons often lay out various contracts when discussing deals with other parties. These contracts are constantly rewritten until both parties agree to the terms outlined. The contract then holds for as long as the terms state, in which both parties cannot break the contract's terms. Doing so can cause various consequences, such as recall, or in the case of more complex contracts, death. Demons are generally portrayed as evil, sinister beings by Saradomin's followers, using their trickery and cunning to force others to unwillingly do their bidding, though this is not necessarily the case. Despite their cunning nature, demons have been tricked themselves before, such as Dagon the Gatekeeper.

If a demon is not under a contract, then they are free to do whatever they wish.

Most demons that exist on Gielinor partially reside in the plane - their physical bodies are actually manifested, which their soul inhabits. If the demon dies or has to kill itself for whatever reason, they do so in a magical explosion, causing their soul to return to Infernus where they begin the process of creating another physical body. Rarely, the soul may split into multiple bodies, of which all of them share the same soul. The only two known examples of these are the Twin Furies (originally triplets) and the twins Castyx the Lascivious and Gready the Corpulent.

Depending on the type of demon slain, they tend to leave behind ashes in the form of impious, accursed or infernal ashes, which are used for both the creation of incense sticks and prayer training. As a result of this, killing a demon for good can be particularly troublesome, but demons can die normally like other races, in which they leave actual remains behind.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • With 11 different bosses, demons are some of, if not the most common quest bosses.
  • According to Evil Dave, hellrats are demons and are the lowest form of demon, weaker even than imps. Players cannot kill hellrats, but pet cats can.
  • Reldo in Postbag from the Hedge reveals that all demons have true names. They do not reveal their true name, however, because "names have powers". Demons that reveal their true names are usually so powerful that the name cannot bind them anymore; K'ril Tsutsaroth is an example.
  • True demons used to drop regular ashes as their 100% drop. After an update, they now drop corresponding ashes of their type (imps, icefiends and pyrefiends drop impious ashes; death spawn, greater demons and lesser demons drop accursed ashes; and abyssal demons, nechryael, black demons, demon bosses, tormented demons, the three demons from the Underground Pass and K'ril and his bodyguards drop infernal ashes).

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Mod Osborne about the abilities of demons to sense the gods involvement

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