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This article is about the second page. For other pages, see Pater's log page.
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Pater's log page 2 can be obtained from excavating at the Kharid-et Dig Site at the Kharid-et chapel debris, pontifex remains or Orcus altar excavation hotspots. Recovering this page along with pater's log page 1 and pater's log page 3 is a requirement for completing The Cult of Orcus mystery.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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I find myself thinking back to my earliest days in the priesthood, about how when I started, I was so filled with faith in our Lord Zaros and the joys of spreading the truth of the empire. I recall when I was hand-picked in secret to join the Cult of Orcus, and the feeling that I was part of something greater still. The necromantic magic I learned, though, was always distanced from me - the entities I raised were abstract and foreign.

That is not the case here, though. I find myself wrestling with the concept of raising a legion of undead filled with priests whom I have counselled, soldiers who have protected this fort, families that I have preached the word of Zaros to. I know there is no difference - a body, any body, is just flesh to shape - and just having lived and worked with these people, to have known them in life, should not change my plan nor keep me from performing my duty. Still, it plagues my thoughts.

To this end, I have begun to perform the Ritual of Shadows in order to allay myself of these thoughts. I fear that if I do not rid myself of this pesky sentiment and morality, I will not be able to perform the duty I know I must. The secrets of Kharid-et must be kept, even if the cost is my own soul.

-Pater Lucius Castillius

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