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The Infernals are a species of demon that once ruled Infernus until their subordinates, the Chthonians, rose up and rebelled. They are the first known rulers of Infernus and are incredibly ancient, claiming memory of the previous cycle of the universe.[1][2] The true form and nature of the Infernals remains a mystery, as the only ones encountered so far are actually possessing bodies they have stolen from Avernic demons. This Avernic "shell" which the Infernals inhabit is considered deeply uncomfortable, but they appear unable to rid themselves of it for the time being.[2][3]

When the Chthonians rose up against them, many Infernals were killed, although a significant number managed to escape and avoid detection. A group of these Infernal demons, led by Kal'Ger the Warmonger, would reorganize themselves into the Kal'Gerion. There are also smaller groups of Infernal demons that are not affiliated with this group. The Mahjarrat Bilrach was interested in allying with the Infernal demons and eventually managed to find the Kal'Gerion on an unknown plane.

Like many of their lesser brethren, Infernal demons are capable of creating demonic pacts, although such pacts are considered to be extremely rare and valuable, due to the lack of Infernal demons that were active on Gielinor during the Gielinorian God Wars. Dagon the Gatekeeper, one of the few Infernals known by name, was tricked into forming a pact with the Order of Dis during the early Third Age. Where he was before is unknown. Dagon also claims that Infernals are demons of their word.[4]

Despite their knowledge of the previous revision and the element of smoke, the Infernals know almost nothing about Erebus.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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