Transcript of Custodian's log page 4

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The Prefect has ordered me to 'deal with' the food shortage with regards to my prisoners. I've worked hard to present to her that I am a rational being, yet she still seems to view me as a monster. I'm not just going to 'kill two birds with one stone' as she suggested, and just eat them. I have principles, damn her, and I take my role as custodian seriously. I am responsible for the wellbeing of those in my care, criminals or not.

No, I shall extend to each of them an offer - if they would serve us in the defence of this fort, they shall be freed, and then they can earn their rations. It should be simple enough with Cyrus and Percival, for while they are far from model soldiers, they are of the empire, and both have family here.

Genevieve is a different matter, especially considering her crime. I will suggest to the Prefect to just cut her loose as an ad-hoc venator. She can get her fill on the enemy, and not be a burden on fort supplies. It's effectively a death sentence, but then so would it be to leave her locked up.

And then there's the icyene, your typically stubborn and pious Saradominist. There is no way she will renounce him and embrace our Lord Zaros, and even if she did, I would never trust it, even though I know such creatures do not employ subterfuge.

Trog, however, can remain in solitary confinement and rot in the trap for the rest of eternity for all I care. Responsible though I may be, we all have a line, and he has crossed mine.

-Custodian Stepan Jovkai