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For other uses, see Pylon (disambiguation).

The pylons are two objects found at the main fortress at the Kharid-et Dig Site.

When fully charged, the pylon provides the Protection of Zaros buff, which gives an additional 10% Archaeology experience, a 5% increase to your mattock's precision, and access to the Shadow Realm. These effects only apply inside the Kharid-et fortress and are lost if the player leaves, although they are reapplied upon re-entry.

While in the Shadow Realm it is possible to claim the reward from the ghost legionaries without needing a ring of visibility. This only applies to the legionaries corresponding to the shadow anchors the player has activated. If the player has not activated any of the shadow anchors then a fully charged pylon will not make the ghost legionaries appear, preventing the player from skipping the activation of the anchors and claiming rewards prematurely.

Excavating at Kharid-et while a pylon is at 100% charge is required to complete the achievement Warm Glow.

Charging[edit | edit source]

Each pylon battery adds 0.001% to the total charge and the total charge of the pylon is increased by all users in all worlds as a combined effort, including ironman accounts. Each pylon battery awards experience scaled to the player's Archaeology level. A 10% boost to experience is awarded if the player contributes 10-99 pylon batteries, and a 20% boost is given for contributing over 100 batteries at once. A single player cannot contribute more than 0.15% charge (150 batteries) to the pylon in a single contribution, regardless of the number of batteries contributed.

At 100% charge the pylon becomes active for 30 minutes, granting the following bonuses for the Kharid-et interior:

While the pylon is active, it is not possible to receive pylon batteries, although they can still be used on the pylon for experience. Doing so does not extend the duration of the pylon event.