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This article is about the ghosts at Kharid-et. For the Zarosian military unit, see Legionary.
Not to be confused with Ghost praetorian.

Ghost legionaries are the spirits of dead human soldiers who lived during the height of the empire of Zaros.

Players can find them by adding ten pylon batteries to some of the shadow anchors in Kharid-et. If the player has not activated any of the shadow anchors then a fully charged pylon will not make the ghost legionaries appear, preventing the player from skipping the activation of the anchors and claiming rewards prematurely.

The ghosts gift the player with some noted materials the first time they are interacted with. The ghosts in north-western barracks and southern barracks give 20 noted imperial steel and 20 noted Zarosian insignias, the ghosts inside the chapel and south-west of the chapel give 20 noted ancient vis and 20 noted samite silk, the ghost in eastern kitchens gives 30 noted blood of Orcus and 30 noted imperial steel, and the ghost north of the chapel gives 30 noted goldrune and 30 noted tyrian purple. In total all the ghosts give 70 imperial steel, 40 Zarosian insignias, 40 ancient vis, 40 samite silk, 30 Blood of Orcus, 30 goldrune, and 30 Tyrian purple.

Interacting with them after the first time causes the player attempting to communicate with them, but the ghosts are too lost to respond.

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