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Lucius Castillius, also known as Pater Dis, was a priest from the late Second Age.

He was a faithful, dutiful and loyal man that took his duties seriously. He was also known as "Pater Dis", which roughly translated to "Hell Father".

Like many others loyal to Zaros, he found it hard to believe that he had been defeated, but was confident that he would return and exact revenge. He was secretly a necromancer of the Cult of Orcus, stationed at Kharid-et to protect its secrets should the local garrison fail in doing so. When the Praetor and her personal guard arrived, he saw that the Praetor and some of her guards bore the Cult's mark, and attempted to privately speak with the Praetor to find out if she was there for the same reason as him.[1]

Knowing the duties he had to perform, and that he was to protect the secrets of Kharid-et even if it meant his own life, Lucius would use his necromancy skills to revive the fallen as additional reinforcements. However, he had some guilt about reviving the dead to fight once more, and thus performed the Ritual of Shadows to remove his sentiment and morality.[2]

The vampyre warden Stepan Jovkai requested his assistance in order to contain the Tsutsaroth demon, Xil'gar Trog.[3]

When the Avernic war party beseiged the fortress, Father Lucius informed the Prefect, Livia Drusilla, that he had a plan in the works and would disclose it to her when all the preparations were made.[4]

Although the garrison was able to repel the war party, almost all of the Zarosian defenders were killed, including the Prefect and her soldiers. Lucius, Trindine and a few of the praetorians were all that was left of the survivors. [5] Trindine headed into the Vault of Shadows to seal the Vault of Heriditas, which was her primary objective; Lucius let her be.

Father Lucius, along with the remaining praetorians that were part of the Cult, then began to raise the fallen once more, as they were to protect Kharid-et's secrets with their own lives. He was able to lure a force of Saradominist icyene to the fortress; once the icyene entered, he would use the defence pylons to trap them, while he, the rest of the praetorians and the dead would overwhelm them. He hoped that this would be enough to make the place so forsaken that no one would dare attempt to explore; the plan was successful, with Kharid-et not being discovered well until the Sixth Age.[6]

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References[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His epithet, "Pater Dis", could be translated as "Hell Father" in the Infernal Language.