Transcript of Commander's log page 3

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As if the defeat of our Lord were not enough...

I addressed the centurions this morning to break the news. At the moment I spoke of Zaros's defeat, an avernic assigned to my fort screamed a cry of defiance and made an attempt on the lives of the Praetor and myself.

Thankfully, my troops are well-trained, and the assassination attempt was thwarted. Being that it's just a projection - as the cowardly avernic tend to employ - after its attempt, it tried to destroy its physical form so that the demon soul within could return to the Heart of Pandemonium. My soldiers managed to wrestle it to the ground before it could do so, however, which is just as well, for that place seems beyond our justice at this point, and I want answers.

Based on what the Pontifex Maximus told me and now this, I fear for how widespread this uprising is. I had better have the fort prepare for the worst...

-Prefect Livia Drusilla, Fort Commander, Kharid-et