The Forgotten Prisoner

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The Forgotten Prisoner is a mystery as well as an achievement.

Alignment Zaros symbol.png Zarosian
Dig site Kharid-et Dig Site
Required items These items can be obtained before and/or during the mystery.
Rewards 54,000 Archaeology experience

Steps[edit | edit source]

  • With the solitary confinement area in the prison block of Kharid-et Dig Site open, players will now be able to explore the area. The only area of interest is a maximum security barrier with a strange device behind it. To bypass this barrier players must have both a pontifex signet ring and legatus pendant, either equipped, on their toolbelt, or in their inventory. A pontifex signet ring is obtained from carcerem debris, which requires a legatus pendant in order to access.
  • Interact with the strange device, who will request its identity. If one of these options are incorrect, players will need to start over from the first question.
    • Tell it its name is Xil'gar Trog. (Chat 4)
    • Tell him he is a demon soul. (Chat 2)
    • Tell him that he is in a prison. (Chat 5)
    • Tell him he committed treason. (Chat 1)
  • Once all four questions are correctly answered, the strange device will realise who it was, and introduce himself as Xil'gar Trog. Realising he would go insane if he did not do anything, he separated his mind from his body and waited for someone to come and remind him of his identity to keep his sanity. Grateful for the player's assistance, agree to help him further and enter a pseudo-contract in which the player agrees to free him, although the remainder of it will be discussed later. He will request the player bring him a portable phylactery so he may be transferred into it.
  • The portable phylactery can be obtained by excavating ancient magick munitions. Once repaired, bring it to him to receive Xil'gar Trog's soul.

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