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Cagnazzo is a guardian gargoyle and the Infernal Source’s 1st member of the Malebranche. It is found by entering the Aries portal on the Vestibule of Futility, the uppermost level of the Infernal Source. Cagnazzo is one of the thirteen Malebranche that must be freed during the Contract Claws mystery.

To free Cagnazzo of his contract, you must step through the portal with any dog or puppy follower (including the Corgi, the Lorehound, the Abyssal hound, or Blue). He will reward the player with ramblings of a gargoyle, sequence 1 and gives the player a hint to get angry before being able to enter the Taurus portal.

Obtaining all twelve ramblings of a gargoyle pages is required to complete the Contract Claws mystery.

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