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This article is about the second page. For other pages, see Custodian's log page.
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Custodian's log page 2 can be obtained from legionary remains, castra debris, administratum debris, praesidio remains, and carcerem debris at the Kharid-et Archaeology dig site. The other pages for completing the achievement Prison Break are page 1, page 3, and page 4. The page was once part of the log of Zarosian custodian Stepan Jovkai. Showing pages 1 and 2 to Liam will give the player a broken dial, which needs to be put back into place to be able to open the door.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Prison log

Herein contained are details of the current population of Kharid-et's brig.

-Custodian Stepan Jovkai

Name: Custodian Percival Rogers
Race: Human (male)
Inmate ID: SH-598
Crime(s): Insubordination
Remaining sentence: Awaiting sentencing
Notes: Talking back to a superior officer

Name: Xil'gar Trog
Race: Demon (tsutsaroth)
Inmate ID: IC-355
Crime(s): Treason, attempted assassination
Remaining sentence: Eternity
Notes: Solitary confinement (demon trap)

Name: Sergeant Cyrus Ward
Race: Human (male)
Inmate ID: BL-599
Crime(s): Dereliction of duty
Remaining sentence: 6 months
Notes: Found asleep during night watch

Name: Pontifex Genevieve Shadum
Race: Vampyre (female)
Inmate ID: SH-203
Crime(s): Overfeeding
Remaining sentence: 4 months
Notes: To be fed animal blood while incarcerated

Name: Aurora
Race: Icyene (female)
Inmate ID: SM-32
Crime(s): Heresy
Remaining sentence: 5 years (pledging allegiance to Zaros would commute sentence)
Notes: Preached the virtues of Saradomin within confines of the empire

Name: Lamistard
Race: Mahjarrat
Inmate ID: SH-2
Crime(s): Sedition
Remaining sentence: Awaiting sentencing

Notes: A praetorian should be coming to claim him soon.

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