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Livia Drusilla was a human that lived during the Third Age.

She was given the rank of Prefect in the Zarosian Empire, and served as the commander of Kharid-et.

Following Zaros' betrayal by Zamorak, Livia was informed by that Zaros was personally coming to visit the fortress. Although she viewed it with suspicion, she nonetheless took the time to ensure all of her men were well maintained and disciplined in anticipation of his arrival. [1]

Instead, she was visited by the Pontifex Maximus and a Praetor, relieved that it was the friendly one and not the sadistic clown. She learned from the Pontifex Maximus that Zaros was defeated by his Legatus Maximus. She found it hard to believe, but accepted the truth as fact after seeing the Pontifex Maximus break down over his defeat. She then decided to inform her centurions of this, knowing that morale was necessary to keep her men together and prevent a mutiny. [2] The Pontifex Maximus then left to inform other fort commanders, but he left the Praetor and her praetorian guards as reinforcements.

While informing the centurions of Zaros' defeat with the Praetor, an Avernic demon charged at them in an assassination attempt, but was easily repelled due to the discipline of her men and the lack of skill from the assassin. She then interrogated the prisoner for answers, although it did not yield much results. Regardless, the assassination attempt prompted her to increase the fort's defences in anticipation for an incoming attack. [3]

Preparing for an imminent attack, Livia soon sent exploratores and speculatores out on every direction; the former to search for supplies and allies, and the latter to track enemy movements. [4] The exploratores were able to bring back a few supplies, while the speculatores discovered a massive Avernic war party converging on the fortress. [5]

Due to these preparations, Kharid-et was able to withstand most of the demonic attack, although their food supply began to run dangerously low, despite rationing among the garrison. Trindine ordered the civilians out to lessen the burden, although this was still not enough. She then ordered the prison's head custodian, Stepan Jovkai, to deal with the prisoners in any way possible. [6]

Realising the lack of intelligence their demonic enemies had, and with no other choice, Livia and her officers decided to intentionally weaken part of the fortress walls, and deactivate the shield pylon protecting the fortress to lure the demons in. Although there could be fighting in other, more secure areas of the fortress, it was the only way to repel the war party, and her officers anticipated heavy casualties. [7] Pater Lucius Castillius also informed her of a plan he had in the works and that he would fully disclose it to her, although she had been killed in the battle against the demons before he could tell her. [8] Fortunately, the plan was successful, as the war party was routed.

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