Duke Mantus

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Duke Mantus was a Chthonian demon serving under Zaros. He led the tenth of the twelve demonic legions given to Zaros by Hostilius. By the time Damaged letter was written, the Tenth Legion was marked as destroyed, leaving Duke Mantus' fate unclear.[1]

At the end of the Kharidian - Zarosian War, a group of Zarosians that returned from the Unquiet Sea brought back intriguing fungi and grew it, creating Croesus. They had worked so well that it broke out of containment twice, threatening the city of Senntisten. During the second breach, Mantus was recalled with the rest of his legion to combat the fungi, burning miles of city in an attempt to stop it. These attempts failed and the Legion was nearly wiped out by the time Zaros intervened.

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